Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don't want to lose my confidence.

Q: The Presence Process has made my body less numb, which means I feel a lot, even anxiety's. For example, today I had my first presentation ever before an audience and I was shaking, it was strange though, because it was like there were two me's. I don't want to lose my confidence, please shed some light on this.

A: Now you know how you are really feeling inside. Be with this anxiety whenever it arises, just as it is; it is the road leading you authentically into your own heart. Once you become comfortable being in your heart, no matter what the emotion arising, you are authentically confident.

Confidence doesn't come from from controlling how we are feeling; it comes from being at ease with whatever it is we are feeling - including anxiety.

Do you know that Bono of U2 throws up before every concert. Yet, he can still walk onto a stage in front of 1000's, or into meetings with world ambassadors. Does he not appear confident to you when appearing in public? He experiences as much anxiety as you - if not more.

Maybe you simply have no clue what confidence is? It is definitely not "being in control of your emotions". Confidence comes through being at ease with our vulnerability.

This work is not about changing or controlling what it happening through us - it is about being at ease with what is happening through. As long as we continue the journey of confiding with our heart, by feeling what it is transmitting in each moment, we develop authentic confidence.