Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Body Awareness and Parasites.

Q: Is there a similarity in consequence between the approaching the vibrational practice and the activating emotional body awareness practice with the salt baths? And, after doing the activating the emotional body awareness practice one time, is it possible to accumulate those parasitic presences back again?

A: The emotional body awareness practices in Being Our Companion open the way for increased awareness of what unfolds through the Consciously Approaching The Vibration practice.

When we learn how to energetically close a door to parasites - and so to contain the energy for our own vehicle's development - it does not mean we do not have the capacity to open that door again. This is why responsibility is one of the themes of this work.

Once we assume responsibility for our energy field - then we are responsible for it.

Relying on doing anything "one time" is destination-consciousness.

I don't understand the question...

Q: Sorry, but I didn't understand your question. Can you explain please?

A: It is a simple question: "Do you recognize your ongoing experience as being valid - or do you unconsciously dismiss it because you are searching for an experience you assume you are supposed to be having?"

Our experience, exactly as it is in each moment, is what is required for us individually. If we in any way dismiss it, like saying, "I have been doing The Presence Process, but nothing is happening...", then we are stuck. To be able to say, "nothing is happening" requires an intensity of felt-numbness. It means our capacity for felt-perception is severely subdued. This condition is exaggerated by "thinking", because we cannot think and feel at the same time.

If we are doing this process and also thinking about it intensely - we are not experiencing it at its causality - which is on the level of felt-perception. If we are doing this process in hopes of having specific experiences we have though about - then we are immune to feeling what is currently unfolding. We leap-frog over this moment into our future expectations. This is the side-effect of destination-consciousness.

We are so fixated on having an experience sold to us by others that we miss the one we are currently having. In my rewriting of The Presence Process I have removed all language that invalidates the moment. We do ourselves a great disservice when we dismiss the moment we are in as being invalid.

So, the question is very simple: "Are we aiming for an experience - at a specific thought-out outcome - to the point we are unable to recognize the one we are already in?" Because the experience we are already in, exactly as it is, is the portal into everything we seek. It is what is required of us. It is the door. When we embrace it accordingly, we are the door.

It is not that we cannot intend having a greater awareness of peace than we are experiencing right now - or an experience of more love in our lives. These are healthy intents, as long as they do not cause us to dismiss the experience we are currently in.

It is only by integrating what is happening to us now - not by dismissing it - that we evolve into the capacity to feel subtler vibrations like peace and love. If we feel "nothing is going on" - it is not our experience that is at fault - it is our capacity for felt-perception which is lacking.

This human experience is so saturated with vibration that to let it all in may be overwhelming. We say we want to know God, but cannot yet stand sitting in a room with people who appear completely different to us. Imagine sitting in a room with everything, and feeling it all at once.

Don't be in a hurry on any level with this work. Trust the process - not just in terms of The presence Process - but in the process of life itself. First we intend to become open to consciously containing the experience we are in right now - exactly as it is. If it is nothing we feel - then we develop the capacity to be at peace with the numbness of nothing. Feel the nothing without condition. Accordingly, what initially appears to you as numbness is allowed to move freely and so reveals itself as full of vibrating life.

Nothing is happening in this process, what do I do?

Q: Ok, let me just say that I have read all the q&a on your website. I know you said that whatever happens during the breathing process is supposed to happen, but I am not experiencing almost any emotional or physical intensities, let alone the need to cry or something that extreme. I mostly feel normal during the breathing: I feel a little need to move and not stay still, and my mind wonders frequently. I am on the fourth week BTW.

A: No matter what experience you are having, it is valid. The real question is: Can you recognize your own experience, or are you so fixated on "having an experience other than the one you are already in" that you have become numb to what is?

Monday, September 28, 2009

My thoughts seem to come before the emtional signatures attached to them...

Q: I've had many questions percolating as I repeat TPP. I'm on the second round, week 7. It seems that I can be feeling rather 'neutral.'

A: Then be with this feeling. It is valid.

Q: A disturbing thought comes to me. Then I feel the negative charge associated with it. I know the emotional body is causal but often the thoughts seem to 'cause' the disharmony. Any insight into that? One example is upon awaking in the morning. I'll often feel pretty good. Rested. I'll lie in bed for a few seconds and BAM - a thought of a person who I'm sad about. Then my heart aches. It seems that it happens in that order.

A: Yes, when we occupy primarily a mental frequency, we perceive the story and our addictive analysis of it way before we engage the emotional signature driving it. And, for most of us, unless self-trained in this work, we miss the emotional signature altogether - because when we believe the story encasing it - we are driven into projective behaviors which take our attention outward toward physical reactivity.

This is because The Pathway of Awareness, as it moves toward causality, goes from physical, to mental, to emotional, to vibrational. We naturally engage with our imprinting from where our awareness is currently anchored. Most of us are still mentally anchored - so we get the story first - then we act it out. Consequently, by acting it out, we are moving along The Pathway of Awareness in a direction away from causality.

What is causal to there being discomfort within our human experience only becomes evident when we respond to our experience - when instead of allowing the story to drive us toward physical projection - we allow it to awaken us to emotional integration.

We can keep changing the story forever - and analysing it to death - and then nothing ever changes. The story is not causal to the quality of our experience - it is a mental expression of an energetic predicament which at its core is to be "felt" for its causality to be realized.

This realization of what is authentically causal does not come through discussion, debate, or any understanding arising from such mental activity. It comes from in-sight - seeing within through the eyes of felt-perception. This insight is a direct consequence of experiencing integration through the alchemy of felt-perception.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Presence Process and the experience of oneness.

Lately, in my emails, there have been an increased suggestion to discuss the experience commonly referred to as 'Oneness'. The problem with entering a discussion on oneness is it requires more than one.

These questions and comments about oneness are likely being initiated by Jordan Shafer's The Daily Now printing of excerpts from Being Our Companion [which is available on Free Downloads on the website]. I wrote this book about five or six years ago - and have not read it for a few years.

I would rather place my contribution to this discussion from the point of view of how I experience it now. This is best shared by placing an excerpt from the newly revised, The Presence Process Recreated. This book is currently being edited by David Ord of Namaste Publishing - who has told me he is making it more palatable for the readers. So, what is printed here is my pre-Ord-edited version. It unwraps oneness through the expression, "the unified field". It is just words, but I prefer this point of you.

I pop this excerpt into the unified field as my contribution to deepening our direct experience of oneness. However, discussions of the subject, for me, are a funny paradox.

This is also the first time an excerpt from the new book is being shared. Enjoy. It will be available sometime early in 2010 from Namaste Publishing.

Cause and effect states that “what we seek, we find” and “what we ask for, we receive”. Therefore, the automatic and unfaltering consequence of this is, we always see exactly what we are looking for, and the experiences we have in each moment are exactly what we have asked for. Our life and the way we experience it is therefore an ongoing answer to questions we continually ask and an ongoing revelation of what we are seeking.

The reason why this predicament is not clearly apparent to us is because most of our seeking and asking takes place unconsciously, driven by the emotional charge imprinted into our energy field as children. If we had the felt-capacity to peer inwardly and feel the sum of the charge of our current imprinted condition – and if we had the felt-capacity to then peer outwardly and feel the sum of the felt-resonance emanated by the emotional, mental, and physical facets of our current life experience – we would realize they are a precise match.

Therefore, when we are not in harmony with the quality of what we are now experiencing as “our life”, it is our responsibility to integrate the imprinted condition which is causal to this predicament. No one can accomplish this for us. Having the capacity to accomplish this for ourselves is what free will is. This is what The Presence Process procedure gives us the opportunity to accomplish: TO LIVE ON PURPOSE WITHIN THE UNIFIED FIELD OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Let us explore how this may be practically applied within the context of our day-today life experience:

There is a gap between us and every other human being. This gap is the space we perceive between us. This gap appears authentic because of our physical body-vehicle. In the gap between everyone else and us is where the world manifests. Our world is this gap.
Because our physical body-vehicle leads us to believe this gap is real, we believe we can be separated from others. We believe our body-vehicle is separate from the body-vehicles of others, and that we therefore have our own private physical sensations. We believe we have our own private mental body, and therefore our own thoughts. We believe we have our own heart, and therefore our own felt-states. We believe we have our own vibrational body, and therefore our own vibrational insights and revelations. This segregated perception leads us to believe that when we are not in the company of another human being, we are therefore completely on our own. Having a physical body-vehicle allows us to believe we may be totally alone in the unified field.

Yet, we all have experiences proving this is not so. Let us call these, “unified experiences”. We have seen others physically hurt themselves and immediately felt their pain within our own physical body-vehicle. We have thought about another, and then shortly thereafter, bumped into them or received a phone call from them. We have felt something behind us, and turned around to discover someone watching us. We have found that as we are about to utter a thought, someone standing next to us has expressed it exactly. We have been about to confide in someone as to how we feel emotionally, when they have pre-empted us by revealing they too are having the same emotional experience. We have also had vibrational insights and revelations we assumed unique to us, only to hear others verbalizing their encounter with the same insight and revelation.

We may call these unified experiences being psychic, transference, intuition, empathy, telepathy, and the consequence of being sensitive. It does not matter what label we give them – what matters is we adjust our perception about the nature of our paradigm according to the ongoing proof being laid before us by these unified experiences. The proof inherent in these unified experiences reveals that:

· Our physical body-vehicles, though appearing separate, are not. They are intimately, energetically, connected to each others body-vehicle.
· Our mental body is not the physical brain in our head. Its capacities extend beyond the confines of our physical body-vehicle to any distance we care to think about.
· Our emotional experience is not confined to us alone. They are shared by the world around us.
· Our ongoing and unfolding vibrational awareness is not personal and exclusive. It is universal and inclusive.

Aside from these obvious unified experiences, which the mental body dismisses as quickly as possible, what keeps us believing we are having a separate experience from others is our inability to clearly communicate what is happening to us. We do not yet realize that when explaining ourselves to others, we are constantly verbalizing the same experience to each other. We do not realize this because we are focused on our personal interpretation of the experience we are having – the mental story – and not on the felt-resonance of the experience itself. The moment we mentally interpret any experience, we personalize it, and in doing so turn it into an individual and therefore separate and seemingly segregated and isolate incident. When others cannot comprehend and relate to what we attempt mentally communicating to them, we feel a sense of separation and alienation. This then reinforces the illusion we are separate from others and may therefore have “our own experience”.

The obstacle we place before us when attempting to communicate our physical, mental, and emotional experience to each other is we are too focused on what our experience means, and not on what is happening within us on the level of pure felt-perception. Because of differing belief systems (mental stories) about the nature of experience, a specific occurrence means different things to different people. In accordance with our beliefs, we naturally see what we are looking for – which means we consistently bend the interpretation of what we experience to confirm that what we believe is true.

Another problem which occurs is when what appears before us does not fit into our personal mental story of what is possible. We then find a way to explain it away. This is the same as not seeing at all. This is the reason why the mental body continually explains away unified experiences – because they do not fit in with our present collective story which states our physical body-vehicle separates us from each other.

Therefore, there is no point in entering a debate and discussion on whether we are unified and not. Because, according to our personal stories, what “being unified” means to one person differs from what it means to another. It is more productive therefore to ignore what we think about being unified, and focus rather on what the experiences we have of being unified are already revealing to us. Let our experience be the proof. Let our experience be our teaching. Let our experience be embraced as valid.

If we think of someone and they immediately phone, why do we continue to behave as though we are separated from them? Is the overriding the proof within these blatant experiences that we are unified not enough?

As we now consciously approach the unified experience, which is the intimate connectedness of Presence within each other and all life, we also remember to what extent we are still unconsciously and perceptually enslaved by ancient imprints which are diligently passed down through the generations. These imprints translate mentally into age old beliefs systems which support the consciousness of separation. From the moment we entered our present experience, we inherited these ancient imprints through our parents – just as they inherited theirs through their parents.

Let us begin, therefore, by acknowledging that by their nature, these ancient imprints and the beliefs they spawn about “how the world is”, are out of date. Even though they are familiar and therefore comfortable to the mental body, they are ineffectual. We may acknowledge that they may at one point in our evolution have served us, but now they no longer do. Now they limit us and maintain the mistaken illusion we are separate from one another, that we may be alone, and that we have to “go out and get ours” or else we go without.

These imprints and the outdated belief systems they support are the foundations of much of our current suffering as a species. They, through the separation, segregation, racism, nationalism, and class society consciousness they encourage, are the foundations of eons of fear, anger, and grief. With the proof our current unified experiences place before us, maintaining the perception of being separate from each other on any level is madness. It is delusion and denial. It is the same as believing the earth is flat when we clearly perceive the curve of the open horizon before us.

An efficient and accelerated way to approach the updating of our perception, so we may accommodate the actuality of being unified, is to consciously invite encounters with of this unified paradigm to flood our awareness. We experientially initiate this updating by choosing from this moment onward to behave as if we are one with all life around us. In the same breath, we invite daily occurrences supporting the unified paradigm to impact our personal experience.
Ask and receive.

We activate this through cause and effect by consciously looking for experiential evidence that we are one unified body-vehicle, one unified mental matrix, one unified heart, and one unified vibrational field. By consciously looking for evidence of it, we perceive it, because cause and effect states we perceive what we are looking for.

Seek and find.

However, all of this asking and seeking hinges upon an agreement we make with ourselves: That when the experiential evidence is placed before us, we do not allow our mental body to explain it away. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to apply a procedure called containment:
When experiential evidence of our unified paradigm is presented to us within our daily encounters, we are not to reveal or explain it to others. By revealing or explaining these unified experiences to others, we are seeking acknowledgement that what is happening to us is valid. Yet, no one can ever confirm our personal experience of the unified field as valid. This is because the act of explaining an experience of being unified to someone else is an immediate acknowledgement of separation. The moment we explain “being unified” to another, we go from being one to two! Explanation of a unified experience between two individuals requires and reinforces the consciousness of separation.

Another’s agreement or disagreement with us has no bearing on the validity of what we experience. When we do not attempt explaining these unified experiences to others, they cannot be explained away. When we have a unified experience, and instead contain it, we digest it. The nutritional benefit of holding these experiences within is our faith in the unified paradigm grows into “a knowing”. This knowing permeates our awareness and behavior in spite of what the world’s ancient imprinting propagates. Faith does not require outer support – only belief does.
Anyone verbally informing us that “we are one” speaks from a point of segregated consciousness. Authentically being unified is a feeling that extends naturally into our behavior – not a conversation seeking validation, debate, or discussion.

After agreeing to contain and digest our experience, we can then accelerate the process of inviting this unified paradigm to flood our awareness: We accomplish this by taking an active step towards having this paradigm confirmed – we choose to live this way on purpose. Accomplishing this is simple. Accomplishing this is what The Presence Process procedure leads us toward. This is the invitation inherent in experiencing Presence. Being unified is the terrain of Present Moment Awareness, because experiencing unification with all life forms is only possible in the present. The present is the unified field.

Let us now place our attention back into the gap we perceive existing between us – the gap in which the world exists. In this gap between us, there is stuff – plenty of it. We know what the stuff is in the gap between us because we agree upon the names we give to the individual components.

For example, when we place a pen into the gap between us, we both know what it is because we agree about what we call this particular item and what its purpose is. Because of this agreement, we may then say, “Please pass me the pen?” or “Please refill the pen with ink for me?” Because of this agreement, we understand each other without debate and discussion. We understand each other because we are not debating and discussing what the pen is and what its purpose is. We agree upon these things.

This is the nature of all the items found in the gap between us – they all have a name and a purpose. The names of the different items appearing in the gap between us are mostly agreed upon. The names may change, because the person using the item may speak a different language, but beyond making the translation, we generally agree a pen is a pen, a car is a car, and a house is a house.

Where difference of opinion occurs, where the meaning of the item becomes relevant in the experience of the user, and where debate, discussion, and possible misunderstanding may occur about any particular item, is in the nature of its purpose. The pen itself, like all items appearing in the gap between us, is neutral. Of itself it has no purpose, and therefore no meaning. The user provides meaning and purpose, and it is at this point which the experience becomes shared or separated.
For example, a pen may be used to write a love letter or sign a declaration of war. The pen itself is not fueled with love or hate – it is wielded by it. Whether we support love or hate determines whether we share the experience of the person using the pen or not. The pen is there to facilitate experience.
To continue this line of examination – we are now invited to suspend our ancient beliefs about separation so as to consider the predicament this idea of separation places us in. We may easily accept there is a gap between other human beings and ourselves. We may also accept it is in this gap in which the world as we know it exists.
What The Presence Process now invites us to consider is this: That this gap between us, the one in which the world exists that we have named and given purpose, is the very thing standing between us and our experience of what our shared Presence is. What The Presence Process invites us to consider is, that the distance we perceive between any other human being (or any living creature) and ourselves, is the exact distance which lies between us an our experience of Presence. In the same breath, we are invited to consider that in any given moment, the significance we place on this gap is what prevents us from realizing that it is always Presence looking directly back at us from the other side of the gap.
It is beneficial to reread the above paragraph again slowly with intent of allow our heart to feel and digest the words.
The Presence Process procedure is inviting us to perceive that this gap between us – this world we have made – is a veil thinner than a butterfly’s wing and more transparent than a breath of air. Yet, because of the significance we place upon the items within the gap, and upon their meaning and purpose, we forget how to perceive what is “authentic”. We forget how to look across the gap and recognize what is authentic – that which never changes.
All the items in the gap keep changing. Therefore, the gap and all it contains cannot be defined as having any lasting reality to it. When – through developing felt-perception – we recall how to perceive what is authentic – what is eternal – we realize that the Presence peering at us from the other side of the gap is always the same. By engaging solely with what is inauthentic – with the gap and its contents – we focus on the expression of Presence, and not upon Presence itself.
To be able to look beyond the gap, we require remembering how to perceive beyond the trinity making up the structure of the transience of our human experience. We require training ourselves to place no overriding significance on the behavior, appearance, and life circumstance of the expression of Presence before us in any given moment. Why? Because these aspects of Presence are constantly changing and therefore not authentic. They are not causal and not to be perceived as such. They are part of the veil of illusion between us and what is forever unchanging. When we – through felt-perception – look across the gap and perceive what is beyond these changing expressions, we realize it is always the same Presence before us. There is only one Presence. Presence is shared – it is us, unified.
Being able to “see” this takes the development of felt-perception – and this felt-perception is accomplished by integrating the emotional chargers imprinted into us during childhood. While our emotional charges remain unintegrated – and while our felt-perception therefore remains undeveloped – we automatically believe our mental story that our behavior, appearance, and life circumstances represent our authentic identity. We therefore also mistakenly identify others in this way. While we cannot, through felt-perception, connect with Presence within ourselves, we struggle to connect with Presence within others.
Consequently, we do not realize we are one body-vehicle, one mental matrix, one heart, and one vibrational essence. Fortunately, choosing to dismantle this illusion only requires the wielding of intent. There are only two options before us in any given moment: We are either opening the gap between us by living according to our ancient imprinting, or we are closing it by opening ourselves to the unlimited possibilities of being Presence unified. We either value the gap and what is in it, or we value Presence on the other side of the gap. It is this simple. It is this obvious. It is our choice to make.
For example: When we pay for our groceries, we either focus on the items we purchase, or on the cashier who is ringing them up for us. We either fret about the prices of the products in front of us, or we greet the cashier warmly. We either worry about whether we have purchased the correct ingredients for our dinner, or we ask the cashier about their weekend. We either open the gap by focusing on the items within it, or we close the gap by acknowledging Presence on the other side of it. It is this simple. It is this obvious. It is this easy. It is a choice.
When we only focus on the stuff of life, on the world we have built between us, the gap widens. When we focus on the Presence on the other side of the gap, the gap closes. Each human encounter is one in which we either open or close this gap. Opening the gap is a reaction to life, while closing it a response. Each moment we live through is one in which we either support the veil of separation, or consciously part it in the name of remembering our unified, shared PRESENCE.
Opening and closing the gap is not “a doing” – it is a state of being. There is no specific time, place, and job description which makes opening the gap possible or impossible. It is a point of view – one which recognizes “a sacred point of you”. It is living from within the heart. It is a consciously chosen level of awareness. It requires only Present Moment Awareness.
Our interaction and relationship with the items in the gap also determines whether we are opening or closing the gap. We may use the items of this world to serve either purpose, because the items have no inherent purpose of their own. We may agree that everything in the gap we call “the world” is neutral, because it is. A bomb is a lump of stuff until we assign its purpose. A rose is just another flower until we give it to someone we love. We may agree the items are neutral because the user supplies the meaning and purpose of the items found within the gap. The user decides whether a pen writes love letters or hate mail. When we write love letters – we close the gap. When we write hate mail – we open the gap. The choice is ours, and our ongoing experience of life is a consequence of the choice we make and intent we set. It is this simple. It is this obvious. Or not.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can The Presence Process cause harm when coupled with three hours of yoga a day?

Q: I would like to know if intensive yoga, 3 hours daily, could intervene with the presence process as in cause any potential mental, physical danger - or result/experience wise? And, if It couldn't cause any harm, would it be safe for me to do the yogic exercises, both physical ( Hatha ) and Tratak ( for concentration - one pointed focus )?

A: Only when we approach The Presence Process with desperation driving our intent - to try and "get somewhere as fast as possible" - can we become destructive toward ourselves through it. Because then we unnecessarily add things to it because we do not really believe it is efficient. We assume more hours and effort attain more and quicker results. The Presence Process is not about results - it is about consequence.

If I brush my teeth for three hours straight because I want to remove years of stains immediately - my gums bleed and I make them so raw that I am not able to eat, and I also open myself to unnecessary pain and infection.

If doing three hours of yoga a day is already part of my daily beingness, like brushing my teeth, then The Presence Process cannot possibly couple with it to cause harm. If I brush my teeth five minutes longer twice a day with the right tooth paste there are favorable consequences.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When will I achieve clarity?

Q: At some point do things become more clear? I no longer trust my emotions (what I thought was love is more like fear/anxiety etc.) and my thoughts & beliefs are equally dodgy as they're based on the past. I don't trust myself to make decisions; does clarity come at some point? And if so, how would I recognise it, and know what to trust? Things are what they are, but when I am required to make a choice what do I base it on?

A: Clarity is not a destination.

When we are aware of the felt-aspect of each experience we move through - and are committed to responding to each felt-experience as it arrises by being with it without condition - then we continually birth activity from within this attitude of response.

In each moment our arising responsive activity reflects the requirments of the unique unfolding moment we are currently in. Therefore, when we commit to responding to the causal point of the quality of our experience - through unconditionally feeling the felt-aspect of the moment we are currently in - we are achieving clarity.

The present moment contains all there is, was, and shall ever be. Responding to it unconditionally through felt-perception taps into this fountain of enernity and radiates into our entire experience accordingly.

Activity arising out of response is imbedded with insight - and thus resonantes as "clarity".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I asked to integrate everything and now I am going mental...

Q: I need some help, may be just a kind word from somebody who could understand what I'm going through. At this time I sometimes question my sanity, and it certainly looks that way to others. I can't talk to anybody without be taken to mental hospital after it. In December 2004 I've undergone shocking spontaneous awakening. One late evening my body on its own assumed lotus position, something exploded in my head and spread like unearthly Peace. I realized I'm Buddha without knowing anything about Buddhism. Boy, next day I ran to the library for certain books. But it was Ekhart Tolle's teachings that helped me understand what has happened. Life from misery became a fairy tale with wonderful changes. Some experiences still troubled me,so you can't imagine what excitement for me was to find your book.I went through the journey experientially several times, and my life felt more and more like heaven. I started the first time 2 years ago.I was so inspired, I didn't think much. It's kind of nice. But then there was an abrupt end to my short lasting heaven existence.Without any spiritual maturity I dared to state an intention to dissmantle the entire imprinting before my last journey. Soon enough I got deadly pesticide poisoning and in a blink of an eye from a super healthy person became gravely ill.It happened on July 5 (like a joke - Got Independence? I mean imprinting) That event brought me to face Death. The experiences I had I won't dare to tell anyone except you.It throw me back into unconsciousness almost completely. I could hardly feel the Presence that occupied my whole essence before. I struggled with family , with doctors and others with their "help".But what is now most horrifying is the intensity of emotions. Like I've never did any inner work. It's so horrifying, all this time I'm out of work. Anguish, torments are unreal.And this torture lasts and lasts. It was so intolerable that my family forced me to take some medication. Now after 3 weeks I tried to get rid of it, but couldn't. It was dreadful. Many times I want to die which will end my sufferings. You told we are not given more than we can handle. But I seriously doubt if I am able to stand this ultimate test I asked for myself.I read all the time your writing about Kiss of Grace. It supports me,comforts me, makes me sit with my intolerable emotions and feel them fully again and again. It works but then a trifle can easy trigger a hurricane again.I really feel like Irina has died, there is no adult in sight and I'm a little girl scared to death to live. The imprinting turned out to be deadly: sickness, abandonment, unreal fear-panic to name a few.Thank you dear Michael just for listening to me. I know you understand my predicament. I know also that I'm the only one who can help me. I gave up all treatments, all "help" and surrendered to the Being, who can determine the outcome. I feel that some encouragement from you can uplift my Spirit to continue inner work no matter what.

A: In our naivety we are able to become irresponsible. Your situation is the consequence of this single sentence from your email: "Without any spiritual maturity I dared to state an intention to dismantle the entire imprinting before my last journey." Rather ask for gentleness, and to be able to receive what is being given, rather than to get carried away with trying to get what you think you want.

Reshape your intent accordingly - and include the word "gentleness" in there somewhere. Who stated it is your task to clear all your imprinting in one go. This is not about destination. This is not even about "perfection" - it is about full-participation. When we take one aware heartfelt step at a time, all of creation takes ten for us. Stop behaving as if you are alone in this, and therefore that you can decide what should and should not be integrated. When we behave as if we are alone in this experience - as if we can decide what is necessary - in complete disregard of all who enter and exit our environment - then we are behaving like a cancer cell in the body of all there is.

Each day we are each given enough to digest - asking for a whole lifetime of meals in one sitting is foolish. Realign your intent from "wanting and getting" to "giving and receiving".

You have glimpsed The kingdom. Remember that the resonance of entry in The Kingdom is "responsibility". Not responsibility for everything and everyone - like dictators assume they are - but rather responsibility for the felt-aspect of each encounter within the life flowing through your experience. Meet life exactly where it meets you - rather than leapfrogging into a "place" you "think" you are supposed to be in.

Everyone is already in The Kingdom - no one ever left - and realizing this is inevitable. This life experience is what it takes to enter consciously and responsibly into the realization. We require acquiring this experiential resonance of responsibility so we do not mess with those who already gather joyfully in The Garden. If we gain entry by forcing ourselves to integrate everything immediately - then we impose this attitude upon those who are already at peace within their experience.

Apparently, they don't allow such adult behavior in The Garden of God's children. Saint Peter stands at the gate and asks each of us a question. If we answer as an adult- we get sent to the back office for deprogramming until we are able to giggle again. If we giggle at the question, we are given an all access pass.

Returning to The kingdom is wonderful - to be sure. However, to miss the mysterious and magical journey through the a-maze-ment of our approach - because we are in a hurry to "get somewhere" - is to miss the point and pleasure of the play. We are already here - "Be still and know that I am odd" - an this too is wonderful.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I am feeling great heartbreak. Do I let the tears flow during my breathing sessions?

Q: After reading "Naked" I realized (or assumed) you know heartbreak, so thought you'd have insight into my question. I am struggling with the loss of a woman who is precious to me. The emotional distress is so intense and constant that I need hardly start TPP breathing before tears of absolute anguish are flowing. As a result I don't know if I am tapping into the deep well of hurt that the breathing is meant to reach, or what is current. They seem interrelated but I don't know for sure. I wonder if the breathing exercise induces feeling the sorrow that is with me now, rather than cathartically digging into what is under the surface. And I also wonder if it helps my pain to integrate quicker or actually prolongs the process of grieving?

A: The heartbreak you have recently experienced is in itself a surfacing of a memory. It is something that has reoccurred in your life previously. It is something passed onto you through your parents. It took your recent encounter with "being with someone you wanted", and then experiencing the loss, to activate and bring this ancient memory to the surface.

It has nothing to do with this person you perceive yourself to have lost. She was simply the Angel who came to cleave this deeply hidden hurt from the center of your heart and pull it out into the light of your awareness. To focus upon her, or what happened to cause this sudden eruption of grief, is to misaligned your attention and intent.

The feeling of grief is your only hope now. Whenever the tears arise - cry. Do not let reasons and stories and self-assessment flow through these tears. Allow yourself to cry because you feel the grief of something deeply ancient that you cannot put words to. Sink into it unconditionally whenever the opportunity presents itself and you will realize, when you are able to let go the story, that it leads from "your grief" into "our grief". It only appears to be your grief while you are stuck in the "y". Let go the "y" of "your" and all that is left is our.

This is not personal - although - for you to engage with it and play your part in the integration of the collective human imprint - it comes to you as something that appears to have deeply personal impact. So cry tears as long as the body and heart gives them to you to cry. There is no schedule here.

The flow of these tears washes you into the realm of felt-perception in which the heart of The Kingdom is felt as a reality. Then the person with whom this heartbreaking encounter occurred is revealed as the Angel sent from within The Kingdom to facilitate your return. Your tears are valid. Honor them accordingly. Whatever it takes, for heaven's sakes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When I really relax I start shaking, what is this?

Q: Whenever I really relax, my body shakes. I can stop it any time, so I am not worried about it, but I am curious to know what causes it. Is it stored physical stress being released? Is it my emotional body trying to communicate to my mind? Is it my unconscious reacting against the introduction of presence? Thank you.

A: Your experience is valid and, because it is happening, required. It is an intimate teaching for you coming from within your direct experience. What you are likely encountering is a primal communication coming from within what I call "our indigenous self". This "shaking" is wonderful, integrating, and well worth exploring. Surrender to it and allow it to lead you.

Not being any authority on "shaking medicine", I recommend you explore the profound work of Bradford Keeney at Many individuals coming to The Presence Process discover it awakens this primal aspect of their experience. My insight is if The Presence Process naturally initiates this, then be curious and explore it. Bradford Keeney is impeccable in his approach and teaching about this aspect of our humanity. He is an Elder of Shaking Medicine, and acknowledged as such by the its keepers across the planet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am in the 4th week and am bored because I am alone and have no friends.

Q: I am in the 4th week of my second time through and my situation has changed completely this round. I recently became unemployed, live with my mom, and I don't really have any friends. My basic needs are taken care of, so I have all the time in the world 'to do' or to 'not do' whatever and whenever I want. I am finding it HARDER THAN EVER to stay committed to the process. The breathing sessions have pretty much become apart of my life. My trouble is with the presence statements and the perceptual tools. I am alone 90% of my time and I feel like I would be repeating the statements for 16 hours a day if I was to repeat them when I am not mentally engaged. I do sit with my feelings and my Inner Presence for about 2 hours a day and I have a couple hobbies but there seems to be no relief from the boredom and the mind chatter. Any insights?

A: Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or charity organization. The Presence Process is not a job or social activity. If you treat it as one you will feel immense resistance.

My distrubing family encounter...

Q: Having had a family reunion of sorts, sisters and niece and some of my children and grand was very strange to say the least. Some of my children (all adults) had very negative reactions to me, mostly after I left and I am feeling like being done with them. I went inside and embraced the part of me they were reflecting (the addict, the liar, the gossiper) and would love there to be more harmony, and yet I feel like I have reached my limit with those behaviors. Even with my boyfriend there was no physical attraction there. I feel clear and empowered , and yet was hoping for this wonderful deep bonding with them. Emotionally I am good, feeling more and connecting to Spirit more...I appreciate any insights. I love all the children that have come through me very much and yet feel we are not resonating.. and am a bit shocked at the stories their minds are telling about me.

A: It is important you take these reflections to heart - in that they are offerings to you from all the family you encountered. The only valid aspect of the experience is your direct felt-experience of it. Understand that your family bring you this salad of felt-discomfort [dismiss all story] because you are the only one among them who has the training, capacity, integrity, and willingness to render them into the fire of alchemy. You are the family alchemist. The peace is already spoken for. However, right now, as our human journey enters the portal of our becoming, time is short. We are here now. We are at the door. Much is to be integrated in a short space of time before the door handle moves and the light of The Kingdom radiates through. We are now integrating more in a day than our grandparents did in an entire lifetime. Do not view this uncomfortable encounter with your family as a failure - but as a barometer of how successful you are at your work. They bring to you what only you have the capacity to integrate. They do not bring peace and harmony - because this is already given - they bring you the last bits of laundry that require washing before the adornment of our collective divine destiny. Feel it all with as much desire to change it as you would when watching a bird in a tree: We see the bird, but we do not try to pin it down or direct its movement with our attention. We watch it in a manner that allows it to fly free - without any interference - no entering fear about it. Your current encounter with your family is a set up to show you intimately what of the collective family imprint still requires bathing in the alchemical fire of unconditional love. Now you are clear about this residue. You feel it intimately within your own body. Be with it as if it is the current of love itself - awakening from the long sleep of time - and so shall it reveal itself to be. Within the intimacy of your own felt-experience you bless it with your unconditional felt-awareness. Nothing to do - everything to be.

Be patient. All is as it is required to be. You have not been brought this far to be let down - only to be raised up. By feeling all this discomfort within yourself you now have the experiential capacity to stand at the door and speak for your family with the love you feel for them in your heart. And so they are also taken through.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can I get rid of 5 years of chronic pain in one week?

Q: Hi, I have had chronic pain and discomfort for 5 years. The pain covers the entire side of my body and switches from side to side. It is only on one side at a time and is there all the time. The sensations are different on each side; left side a pressure and pulling type pain and discomfort and the right side a prickly burning type pain. I also get migraines which feel to cover the entire side of my body. I am on the part of the process where you have to sit and be aware of your pain and emotions. I read an answer you gave in Q & A and I just wanted to know if at the end of that week the symptoms you have should be gone? Or might that occur later on in the process? I am actually struggling with this part of the process.

A: Until you are connecting with the emotional signature underlying the pain - you are not yet at the level of integrating the causality. Accomplishing integration of 5 years of chronic pain in one week is unrealistic. I see no evidence in your email that you are even slightly aware of your authentic emotional condition. You are still fixated upon symptoms - which is a natural place to enter this work when in chronic pain. However, it is recommended you elevate your intent so as to rise above being physically and mentally transfixed. Being physically-transfixed is all about manipulating our physical circumstances to feel better. Being mentally-transfixed is all about tying our experience to schedules, agendas, plans, and time allotments. None of this relevant to emotional body integration. Symptom-mentality is destination-consciousness. This work is not for fast-food mentality - it is a journey into personal responsibility. When "personal responsibility" becomes the color of our intent - then we becoming increasingly vulnerable to integration of symptoms.

I know you have pain now, but, in spite of this, do your best to focus on "personal responsibility as a way of life" - rather than symptom eradication as a planned agenda. Comprehending the word "current" may assist you to realign your intent:

When we focus on symptoms we are a tin can regarding the can opener as our enemy. Our pain is the can opener - it is occurring within our experience to open us up to the possibilities of "being a conscious vibrational presence currently residing in the physical, mental, and emotional realm".

Once we connect with the causality of pain - which is the emotional felt-experience underlying it - and are able to be with this unconditionally - we are in training for accomplishing a profound level of personal responsibility. Once we truly accept this responsibility - regardless of the experience which is currently unfolding - acute symptomatic conditions no longer have foundation for manifestation.

We cannot fool the body. The body is a manifestation of what is current - and until our imprints are integrated - it is a manifestation of what is resisting what is current. Nor can we fake the resonance of authentic personal responsibility. In this light, symptoms are our honest teachers. They remain steadfast until the insight is fully received and consciously digested. The insight is not about the tin can getting rid of the can opener, or about the tin can perceiving the can opener as an enemy. In this light, pain is our friend. Because it only occurs in the moment, it keeps us in the present moment. Pain is always current.

Examine the word "current". It has a double meaning: It means "now" as much as it means "vibrational flow". When our awareness is current - our awareness is aligned vibrationally. This is what the pain comes to teach you - to consciously become current.

Showing up in what is current does not take a week. It is an art form. "Though ART in heaven." We were taught that, "Heaven is now at hand" - or, translated into updated vocabulary, "The Vibrational Realm is accessed through being current". Vibrational awareness is not accomplished because we grasp the necessity mentally. It, like any art form, takes consistent application. It takes learning and practicing the procedures which hook us into what is current until we become masterful. We only become masterful when we no longer require these deliberate procedures - when we are being current as a way of life.

We live upon a planet where our awareness of current is exponentially increasing toward a crescendo. Like a birthing. Unless we remain current within the focus of our awareness, we are likely experiencing this exponential increase in awareness of current as chaos, conflict, upset, a sense of dismantling of our safety measures, symptomatic pain, fear, anger, and grief. When consciously riding the current - by keeping our attention unconditionally aligned with our felt-perception of what is - we experience this unfolding journey as waves - as inflows of energy arising cyclically within our experience like tides rolling in - then moments of emptiness/nothingness which allow space for integration - which when integrated deliver deepening insights about what is - and then more waves rolling in again. And so it shall continue for the next few years. If we cannot contain what is current - we cannot hold onto our physical vehicle. Accordingly, The Final Judgement is not a religious thing at all - it is determined purely by our capacity for conscious, unconditional containment of what is.

You are experiencing these increasing waves as pain. Your pain is current calling you to become current. The current does not want you to fix or understand it - it seeks your unconditional embrace of it so it may deliver you from The Boredom into The Kingdom.

The more we develop our capacity for containment - for being unconditionally within the flow of current without turning the experience into a mental story - the more ease there is within the experience.

The can opener is a gift of current - it opens us up to what is current. When our intent is aligned accordingly - and when we choose not perfection - but full-participation - our major symptomatic indicators integrate. All pain is current being perceived through the perceptual matrix of our ancient emotional imprints. There is only current - and current is love.

Intend to love your pain without condition. Become current.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is it okay if I cannot help moving about during the breathing practice?

Q: While I am doing the breathing I often experience fear, anger, grief, or some mixture of these three. At times my hands clench, arms reach out or want to hide under my legs or behind my back, my legs start to clench together or stretch and writhe and kick out. A friend (who introduced me to the PP book) and who has done the PP twice through, told me that one isn't supposed to move during the breathing but rather contain all of the energy that is arising. The movement that I experience is spontaneous and is not initiated consciously on my part, but if I try to prevent it, I feel like I am manipulating my body with my mind. Is the movement okay and will it resolve itself as I continue to do this work? Is it meant to be done sitting perfectly still right from the start?

A: Good question. Your movement is valid. Allow it. The capacity to sit still while breathing comes as we integrate the emotional charges underlying the drive to move - whether this drive feels spontaneous or not. You will however discover, as you proceed, that by not moving - you fast enter into felt-contact with the emotional charge underlying your inability to sit still. But do not force stillness. Movement is release. Stillness promotes resolution. Often, some release work is required before approaching resolution is possible. So, be with your experience as it is, and allow it to unfold from movement into stillness. It will do so as required. Be patient.