Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Something" is happening to me - what do I do?

Q: I have to say that this is very hard and that I have already gone through most of my fears I had and whole lot of anger. My whole body shivered like a leaf in the wind when I am breathing, now not so much, is this expected?

A: It is your experience and therefore it is valid.

Q: Also when I am not angry I feel like a helpless little boy completely insecure will this pass?

A: Everything does, sooner or later?

Q: What do I do?

A: Nothing.

Q: I am really not making any resistance and it is almost like there is a current running through my body. I have times of feeling so much lighter but I am almost constantly in some sort of non-ease, and do not feel in any way stable or in control.

A: Be with this without condition. It is obviously required otherwise it wouldn't be happening.

Q: Also my whole body is almost pulsating from my insides to my heart and everything, I change emotions 3- 4 time a day do you have some tips for me to make it easier.

A: This work is not about feeling better - it is about getting better at feeling. So, feel what is happening to you right now.

Q: And maybe the most important question will I know that I have reached some sort of joy stability or ease.

A: I am sorry to be the one to break it to you - but if you are seeking "a destination" - there is seldom any joy. Joy is "a journey" consciousness. Joy arises when we stop seeking to get somewhere other than where we are right now, and when we stop trying to experience something other than what is happening to us right now.

Q: Please tell me what to do.

A: No. But I recommend validating your experience by approaching it as if every moment of it is valid. Because it is.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Have others had success in integrating sexual abuse through TPP?

Q: Have sent email to you before about being hesitant on starting The Presence Process because of being abused sexually as a child, wondering what might be relived... Well, I started on it anyway... The first day of the second session, while walking into a coffee shop, a guy rams right into me and keeps on walking as I repeat ''I Acknowledge my reflection in the world'' Does the sexual abuse issue get worked on with this work? What have other victim's gone through?

A: Yes. And, it is not required to relive any childhood memory - only to consciously engage with the related charged emotion through unconditional felt-perception. Do not be concerned about "what others have accomplished". This is a mentally-driven avoidance and distraction tactic. Only your experience is your teacher. Only yours is valid for you. Only yours contains exactly what you require for causal integration of your discomfort. Only yours is customized for your personal evolution.

Until we embrace our experience as valid - all of it - as our teacher, as deliberately custom-designed for our evolution - progress is slow and and staggered. Embracing our experience as valid neutralizes the victim and victor mentality which eats us from inside out. The Presence Process is designed to assist accomplishing this. However, it is our unfolding experience, exactly as it is revealing itself to us in each moment - which contains all the ingredients, insights, and capacities for liberation from past trauma. Engaging with our experience from this "point of you" is what The Presence Process teaches.

This is what happens when I am breathing...

Q: During tonight's CB I started feeling grief, deep sadness connected to not being able to make my voice do what I want it to....not having the power to change what was happening to me in my childhood...not being able to make it be what I want it to be. My breathing turned into a moan, not stuck in my throat but coming through my nose and resonating in my cheek bones - what I'm trying to feel in singing and what I can't do singing, which is humming. But, the moan is low and I felt the child sound wanting to come through me and that's what's stuck in me, the higher sound of the child's moans and cries. The bridge of my voice is where I'm stuck - moving into the higher sounds. I did make a jerking sound higher which felt more like the angry child...as if I were stamping my feet and making that sound. And when I make that higher sound, my larynx jumps up closing off the air so I'm not open emotionally, either. The rhythm of the inbreath and outbreath brings up these deep emotional feelings. Also, I'm alternating between moving into these deep places and numbing out, avoiding them. Any comment from you would be welcome.

A: Your experience is valid.

Why do I get a headache during the vibrational practice?

Q: Why is it that when I put my attention on my eye center [during the vibrational practice offered on the website] I get an intense headache? Well this go away after I’ve done this technique consistently for a while?

A: Make sure you are not "doing something" - as in forcing your attention to be there. There is no trying or effort or tension when we rest at the eye center. Trying takes us away and causes tension. We be there - not do something to get there. When we close our eyes and are present - we are already at our eye center. No tension is involved at all. If you are getting an intense headache - it is most likely your attention has become "at tension". Make sure your physical eyes are relaxed when your awareness rests at the eye center. The physical eyes have nothing at all to do with the eye center and are to remain completely at ease. Being at the eye center is not about a physical location of the forehead as much as it is about remaining in presence awareness while having our eyes closed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am now going to contain myself...

Q: This is not a question, and I will try my best not to let things slide into "cawfee tawk". Rather, this is a little feedback and a sharing of my intention. I've just finished my re-read of "The Presence Process" after my 3rd time through. Also, for the past couple of weeks or so, I've been practicing more containment (including not e-mailing you questions or comments). It was amazing how much more I could see just by practicing a little more containment. It dawned on me that it would be beneficial to go through the Presence Process without continually taking the lid off the pressure cooker. (I'm OK with having done that, because I don't believe I could have done better, but now I'm eager and also afraid to kick things up a notch.) So I am going to commence another journey through the Presence Process tomorrow (Monday), and practice containment throughout. For me, this includes no questions/e-mails to you. And my concept of the journey includes the re-read of the book, so that means around 3 months of zipping the lips. However, I do look forward to visits to "The Presence Portal". I find the Q&A blog quite helpful, and also wanted to let you know that I appreciate the revision of "Consciously Approaching Vibrational Awareness, which seems much more direct now, and that I enjoyed "Navigating Our Experiences", which I read recently for the first time, and which I've shared with another. Your response to this is most welcome, as today is a day of "Pre-Process Completion" for me.

A: Containment isn't something we mentally decide upon - it is an energetic capacity we develop gradually, organically, and because of our projection addiction - something we fail at hopelessly and continuously. Enjoy all your failures - they are stepping stones toward mastery.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have done the procedures on the website, yet nothing helps...

Q: I don’t understand the process or Alchemy. After listening to your audio's and following the alchemy work for 40 days, it’s been around 30 days, inconsistently. I don’t get that everything I do keeps getting worse, no matter what it is, everything keeps back firing, from small things to major things, I am at a point where I just want to end it, I can not see a way out of this constant misery, loneliness and pain, if I wasn’t so cowardly and afraid I would just end it. What is the point of this? I know my parents were dreadful, I know my childhood was terrible and full of abuse, why have I got to relive everything? And why it is everything I do or try just goes wrong, please don’t say, “read my work”, I already have many times.

A: Your "lack of consistency" is a clue that whatever you are up to is not assisting you to impact your predicament causally. Have you completed The Presence Process experientially? If so, and you are still not clear on what any of this is about, then this work is obviously not for you. Seek elsewhere.

Sometimes our predicament is such that we first require an active release modality before we are able to engage in resolution response. I recommend you contact Judith Kravitz judithkravitz@aol.com at The Transformational Breath Foundation http://www.transformationalbreathing.com/ and ask her to recommend a facilitator in this modality who lives close to you. Through facilitated Transformational Breathwork we are able to efficiently release our pent-up fear, anger, and grief in an accelerated manner empowering us to calm down sufficiently so that we are then able to approach resolution/containment work. It is obvious you are in a very uncomfortable state - and sometimes - while in this "point of you" - a more intense, personally-facilitated approach is beneficial.

Unless we enter this work experientially - there is no authentic progress. This is why I ask if you have actually gone through The Presence Process experientially? Listening to the audios and reading the writings on the website when not entering this work at its causal point - which is The Presence Process - is like standing on the sidelines of a game. We accomplish little on the sideline other than shouting and waving our arms around. Doing some of the given procedures on website, when we have not yet completed The Presence Process experientially, is like training for a game that we are not actually playing. It is frustrating. The game is The Presence Process - everything else on the website supports this causal point.

This is why a structured experiential vehicle like The Presence Process is available - so we have a tangible way of "getting into the game". Unless we get into the game we remain spectators - and this is extremely frustrating - even if we are diligently "working out" via applying the different procedures shared to support The Presence Process.

Sometimes we are afraid to even step onto the field and this makes us angry at the game. The game is what we make of it - but we have to enter it to know this. Your "understanding" about alchemy, or any of this, cannot help you if you have not taken the time to experientially explore the roots out of which this particular alchemy plant grows.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Applying "Navigating My Experience" morer efficiently.

Q: I just finished practicing my vocal exercises for the first time with Navigating My Experience [available on writings page of website]. After re-reading your article and instructions, I went through the steps of emotional, mental, physical - feeling my anxiety of even starting because of how awful my voice has sounded and how hard physically it is to even make a sound. I stayed with that for a few minutes then asked myself how would I like to feel at the outcome - buoyant, light, loose, my voice open. I remembered a time when I felt like that singing in a jazz church vespers where my voice soared in the rafters. I began my warm up exercises, with a few bumps and then behold! My voice got it! The sound that came through me was totally different from all the hard work sound from before. My voice was light, lovely, more on pitch, open, emotionally alive but not shaky (filled with "drama"). Navigating My Experience is how I will be practicing from now on and looking for how to apply it in all of my life.

A: Yes, this procedure is efficient. Remember that "buoyant, light, loose, my voice open" are not feelings - they are a string of mental concepts. Make sure when you again ask yourself how you want to feel at the outcome, that you engage with your answer as pure, non-mentalized, 'felt-perception'. This relates to a conversation I was having the other day about therapists. The best thing a therapist does is ask: "So, how did that make you feel?" Then, they completely mess up by allowing the person they are facilitating to actually verbally reply to their question. Because the appropriate reply to such a question is not a string of verbalaized words delivering a series of concepts - it is a silence in which the inquired resonance of felt-perception is experienced. The therapist does not have to be informed of this for it to be valid. Feeling is the validation. The accurate answer is "a feeling", and feeling this feeling, not talking about it. So, trim the fat from your next navigational experience by not answering yourself with words, but with pure felt-sensations. A feeling is only a feeling when felt - not when discussed. Approach your navigational intent this way and perceive the enhanced capacity of this perceptual tool.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I feel angry since finishing the procedure - do I still use The Emotional Cleansing Procedure?

Q: I finished the Presence Process on Monday 22nd June. Since then I have felt so angry inside. Strangely enough, this feeling didn't come up at all during the process. Can I still use the emotional cleaning process now I've finished? I have tried it once, but I almost feel panicky. It's a strange experience. I would like to thank you for writing this book. It has been the hardest thing physically and emotionally, but also the most awesome I have ever done!

A: You obviously went through the procedure with commitment to bring this anger into awareness. The Emotional Cleansing Procedure's main intent is to open the The Pathway Of Awareness from the physical, through the mental, and into the emotional, so we have access to deeply suppressed emotional patterns. You have obviously accomplished this task well. Continue applying the Emotional Cleaning Procedure if this is what you feel you require. However, if the anger is now right beneath the surface, you require no other procedure other than "being with it without condition". Feel it fully and allow it to be. This felt-aspect you name "anger" is the time-trapped presence of you as a child coming to you as an adult for resolution. Hold this child with your compassionate attention whenever it shows up [through feelings of anger] without judging or making any demands upon it. It's anger is valid. Your anger is valid. Anger is valid. However, containing and integrating it is what is called for now - not our old addictive patterns of projecting it. "Being in anger" is what you now require for this blocked energy to once again enter healthy motion. If this is your first time through the The Presence Process procedure, my recommendation is you leave the book alone for about three weeks. Then dive back in as if you had not read it before. Beneath this anger awaits grief.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If we stop at some point in the procedure, do we restart from the beginning?

Q: My question is what if you take a break from the process for whatever reasons and then want to come back to it is it recommended to start from the beginning again or continue where we left off. I am asking because I have started it earlier and then took a 15 week break due to work related issues (not sure if it was my ego fasciliating this or nor although I guess there are good chances that yes). Anyway I have now started again from the beginning and just wanted to ask if you think that is a good idea. (I previously only got up to session 5.)

A: Many of us start this procedure and then stop around Session 5, 6, and 7. This is because this is the point at which we are approaching deep-seated emotional imprinting. Sometimes we are not ready, and under these circumstances, any excuse will do for walking away. In actuality, we are simply not ready to face certain aspects of our imprinted condition. However, what we have accomplished up to this point is significant and it is likely we return to the book at some point. My recommendation is that if we have taken a break for more than two weeks - we start from the beginning of the book.

Q: Also one more question: Is it normal that while breathing and trying to just concentrate on it to start thinking about other (past) things. I always thought this was meant to happen unconsciously, but I find myself quite consciously reliving past experiences or revisiting important questions.

A: Yes, it is perfectly normal. Our experience is always valid as we move through this procedure. Our story about "why" we are experiencing what we are experiencing may at times be suspect.

Do we need to center and ground our chakra system before we start the vibrational awareness technique?

Q: Do we need to center and ground our chakra system before we start the vibrational awareness technique?

A: If this is something which feels necessary to you, then yes. The vibrational practice automatically has centering and grounding impact without us having to become mental about it. However, experiment and see what works for you. Let your experience always have the last say. Don't get too distracted by such metaphysical intricacies - or as I like to call it - mental-physics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How do I apply the breathing practice to other areas of my life, like singing?

Q: I'm trying to access how to practically apply your Continuously Connected Breathing to speaking (which is also difficult for me in a natural way), and to singing (since that's a place of stuck-ness for me now) besides the sitting twice a day for 15 minutes.

A: It is only necessary to apply it to the breathing practice twice a day for 15 minutes. This is enough for the intent of the procedure. Approach the procedure with diligence, and the rest of your life is impacted. Try not to overdo anything [usually as sign of desperation and destination-consciousness], or your efforts shall invariably become undone. Let the 15 minute breathing application bleed into the rest of your life like osmosis.

Is there a correct way of doing the process?

Q: Do people ever question whether they are doing the process correctly?

A: Yes, all the time. However, the answer is always, "No". We cannot do this process "correctly" or properly. Aside from following the instructions as best we are able, there is no correct or proper way of doing it. There is only our way of doing it. And, the way we approach and move through it is no different from the way we approach and move through our life currently. However, by the time we complete it, we have perceived and integrated something inwardly about how we are living outwardly. This inner shift adjusts our way of outer living, which means the next time we move through TPP, the manner in which we apply our self to the task is also adjusted. And so it goes, and so it goes.

UPDATED/How do I consciously approach vibrational awareness?

Q: How do I consciously approach vibrational awarenes?

A: I have now placed the step-by-step procedure for this practice on The Presence Portal's Writings and Current page. CONSCIOUSLY APPROACHING VIBRATIONAL AWARENESS Onward, inward, and upward then...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What about making a recorded audio to support us during our 15 minute breathing practice?

Q: I would love to have an audio tool to share with our students to practice the Process with. To have each weekly activation statement, with 15 minutes of breathing built in and perhaps some good breathing music in the background. It would be amazing to have the developer of the process lead the sessions. I would love to have these available as soon as possible as I feel the Cd's will support folks stay focused and follow through.

A: You are welcome to go ahead and make such a CD for your students. I am however not in favor of such a tool as it actually goes against the intent of The Presence Process - which is to not rely on outer tools during the actual practice - but instead to gradually develop specific inner emotional muscles [capacities] through self-discipline and self-reliance. In all the resource materials I have compiled, I have deliberately stopped short of making such a tool as you have described. Gaining the emotional capacity to do the breathing practice without outer support is necessary for the next stage of the journey: our conscious approach and entry into vibrational awareness. When we rely on an outer tool during our breathing practice, we simultaneously deprive ourselves of the capacity to develop the muscles of intent and attention which are required to hold us fast upon the vibrational current which becomes evident once a certain amount of emotional processing is accomplished. It's like giving people credit cards when they have not yet learnt about managing resources based on what they have, not on what they want: It robs them of a capacity to manage their own financial state and ends in tragedy - the consequences of which we are now collectively confronted through unfolding world recession.

I prefer that people coming to this work are challenged by their lack of intent and attention, rather than artificially supported because of it. You may have a different point of view, which I respect, and so may require different tools for your students.

There is a great CD already available to support this work called A Walk Through The Presence Process - available form Namaste Publishing. It deliberately stops short of being an actual tool susceptible to outer reliance. It also demonstrates the breathing practice in an efficient way.

What is the difference between The Presence Process, Buddhism, and meditation?

Q: In Buddhist breathing meditation there is the recommendation to focus the attention on the breathing; when the mind wanders, the meditator has to acknowledge it and return the attention to the breathing. In your Presence Process there is no recommendation like that. Why?

A: This is all about "intent". The short answer is: I am not a Buddhist and The Presence Process is not Buddhism. Your assumption that is should be, and should align itself with such a religion, is a common mistake made by people who approach this work bringing with them past religious convictions and unresolved religious imprinting. The Presence Process is useful in empowering us to integrate our religious imprinting by revealing the difference between "belief" and "knowing".

Q: Don't you believe this is an important issue?

A: No. Once we become familiar with emotional processing work we realize that "thought is not God". It is not a causal point of the human experience - the vibrational is - and until this vibrational awareness is consciously accomplished - the condition of our imprinted emotional body is.
Our thinking arises out of and is a reflection of our emotional condition - not a cause of it. Many religions still use thought as a means to storm the vibrational without integrating the causal foundation of why we currently have little or no vibrational awareness - our emotional imprinting. Buddha - judging by his appearance and the immense mental gymnastics spurned through his teachings - appeared to have done the same thing. This is why Buddhism is so mental - it has to be one of the most mental religions on the planet. It is obvious to anyone who confronts their own emotional content, and consequentially perceives its role on the the quality of their experience, that Buddha did not appear to completely integrate the emotional. His appearance of physical obesity is evidence of severe emotional suppression. The guy clearly had issues. He most likely did not resolve his immense guilt about being born wealthy amidst poverty. He reacted to this and this reaction is what we today call Buddhism. This is why the majority of Buddhists subsist in self-denial and poverty-mentality. This is simply religious imprinting. One can, through techniques of severe sedation and control [disguised as spiritual practice], enter vibrational awareness without acknowledging the emotional aspect of the journey. However, this leads to a religious philosophy which is overtly mental and requires vasts amount of physical intricacy, mental study, self-denial, and places "understanding" as a necessary step to make any real progress. The proof is that most celebrity Buddhists of the West become and are acknowledges as "great intellectuals". This is way too mental for the heart. This mentality is the invariable fall-out of all male-manifested and mental-body dominated approaches to vibrational awareness. Don't misunderstand me. I am very fond of Buddhism. Of all the manifestations of our unintegrated religious imprinting on this planet - it is one of the more palatable.

Q: Doesn't it matters if the mind wanders?

A: No - not when attending to the breathing practice in The Presence Process. This is because the only thing that really "matter" [materializes] are the projections inspired by our unintegrated emotional imprinting. What matters therefore is our imprinted emotional condition.
When we impact the causal point of the quality of our experience - which is a direct consequence of consciously connected breathing - one of the consequences is the stirring up of our deeply suppressed emotional content. Because we have little to zero felt-perception, this stirring up of the emotional makes itself known to us as increased mental activity. To now attempt to stop this mental activity is to engage with the effect - not the cause. This increased mental activity is a positive barometer that we are indeed impacting our suppressed emotional content. To then fiddle with these arising thought forms is in-effect-you-all.
It is useful to repeat an affirmation like, "I AM HERE NOW" while breathing - to assist our mental alignment with the breathing. However, the focus while breathing is on keeping the breaths connected. This is primary. Once we integrate our emotional signatures, the thinking arising out of them automatically dissolves.
In the revised edition of The Presence Process I am recommending that during all breathing sessions - from Session One to Ten - we repeat "I AM HERE NOW" - regardless of what session we are on. The specific Presence Activation Statement for each week's session is then only mentally repeated while moving about in our daily experience - not during the breathing practice.

Q: Another point: What is the difference between The Presence Process and the current forms of meditation?

A: The Presence Process is not meditation according to my personal perception of meditation. Meditation for me is any practice intended to reawaken and engage directly in vibrational awareness. A better word for meditation is "mediation". Whatever practice empowers us to mediate between our emotional, mental, and physical expressions, and our authentic vibrational essence, is meditation.
Engaging in vibrational awareness is not the primary intent of The Presence Process. The primary intent of The Presence Process is emotional integration. The techniques offered are designed to bring awareness to our imprinted emotional content in a manner empowering us to responsibly integrate them. Once we have made some headway in this part of the journey - we automatically become meditative. We then seek out disciplines whose intent is assisting us to consciously mediate between our outer expressions and our inner point of vibrational causality. Hence, we are naturally drawn to explore meditation. In this light, The Presence Process may be viewed as a preparatory step to meditation.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isn't present moment awareness just another belief system?

Q: Is becoming aware of the moment and following the practices to gain this awareness not just again another belief system?

A: This moment and what it contains - which is everything we require [not necessarily want] for this moment - is the only aspect of our experience in which something is actually unfolding. We are in its unfolding whether we choose to believe in it or not. When we live in the mentality of "yesterday and tomorrow" we remain, for the most part, unaware of the resonance of this moment. This eternally outwardly unfolding, and yet inwardly unaltered moment exists in spite of all our beliefs.

My definition of belief is: The concepts and thought forms I have received from others, or that I have made up myself through my thinking and analysis, which I blindly hold as being true. Beliefs seldom have any validity to them - they are only valid as a head-space - as a activator for impotent ritual - as a promise yet to be fulfilled.

Knowledge, on the other hand, is vibrational in-sight gained through direct, integrated, personal experience. Knowledge is birthed from having a direct integrated emotional, mental, and physical encounter. Belief is purely mental in content. Belief then manifests as activity which is empty of any impactful resonance because it does not arise out what we know - but out of what we hope or wish is true. Belief also tends to lean on the past and the future as its point of validation. "I am doing what I am doing now because I believe Jesus existed in the past and will come back in the future - because the Bible [or the priest] tells me so." Just because I believe something - even if I believe it with all my feeling, thinking, and doing - does not make it true. It is only true when I experience it directly.

The present moment as a vibrational terrain is beyond belief. To those who prefer to rely on belief systems - the validity of the present moment remains unbelievable. Also, whether any specific practice empowers us to enter present moment awareness cannot be validated by thinking or discussion - for then one is simply turning it into yet another belief. Only when we apply such a practice experientially - physically, mentally, and emotionally - do we real eyes whether it is valid or not. This application - which is the bridge we cross from believing into knowing - is what we call faith. When a practice empowers us with added present moment awareness - with added awareness of our own vibrational presence - it becomes something we know as true. It is no longer a belief.

So, one can sit on the sideline, amidst a mountain of belief systems, and discuss and debate these eternally. Or, one may experientially apply a present moment awareness practice and ascertain for oneself whether it is efficient or not. Initially, this step may require some belief. From this point of view, such practices are possibly empty beliefs. Because if they do not work - they are yet another belief.

However, the present moment as a "this, here, now" trinity of beingness exists - just as does the past and future as a "that, there, then" trinity of doingness. The one shows us what we forever are. The other shows us what is temporary and passing. It is our choice with which state we choose to identify and embrace as the point of causality for our current experience.

The bottom line is this: Your direct experience is the only barometer of validation useful in answering your question.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do I have to see those who hurt me as "perfect"?

Q: I am in week 6. I started seeing a therapist before the process, and now I don't know shall I continue. I started using the mirror and being there for myself, but I remember you said we shouldn't make any significant changes during the process. On one hand she's pushing my buttons, but on other she makes me feel good, and I really want to start containing it.

A: Firstly, this work is not about feeling good - it is about getting better at feeling. Having our buttons pushed is useful when we respond to the experience - as opposed to react. I am not going to tell you what to do.

Q: Is it really possible to sit with my uncle and father who verbally, physically and sexually abused me and say they are perfect? How could I know it's not because there is some fear left? Or needing to be loved. Do I need to understand it mentally to move on to the next step? Is it possible to do this work next to them and is it quicker then?

A: Who is asking you to say they are "perfect"? You do not need to sit with them to feel the consequence of your past encounters with them. These felt-consequences are within us wherever we are. By integrating our own emotional imprinting we realize through experience that all are driven unconsciously by childhood imprinting. This teaches us to discern between a person and their imprinting. We are not our imprinting. When we experientially realize this by integrating our imprinting and perceiving the profound consequences, we are able to forgive ourselves. When we are truly able to forgive ourselves through this realization - we are able to forgive everyone - because we are all in the same boat. This work has nothing to do with 'perfection' - it has to do with participation. This has to do with experiential awareness of what is, as opposed to what we tell ourselves based on our imprinted past. Integration requires we do not have to go and sit with anyone who reflects our imprinting [by bringing up an emotional charge in us]. We are only required to be with this emotional charge without condition - which is in us - not them.

Q: There is no such thing as a free will.

A: If you say so.

Q: There is nothing I can do to affect of my life, just accept it (and for past 3 years it kinda sucks).

A: If you say so.

Q: But then I get depressed at how there is nothing I should do, because what's the point, it's going to happen anyway.

A: It will benefit you to read the article, Revelation Of Being on the website. This assists us to discern the difference between doing, not-doing, action, responding, and reacting. Not-doing is not inactivity. The one has nothing to do with the other.

Q: Every time I look at my horoscope, it's all there. I live isolated in a foreign country (UK). I tried to look for work but am paralyzed with fear. So I sit at home, stuck. And, my money will run out in 2 months. Horoscope wise, shit will hit the fan in August. If you have anything you want to share (I read your 2009 letter about where's your water), please let me know.

A: Why do you think its called "a horror scope"? Read Revelation Of Being.

Blah, blah, blah. Now please correct me if I am wrong.

Q: I had a similar question as the one posted yesterday about how to tell whether or not a negative and unconscious energetic pattern is caused by emotional imprinting, or parasites. I was a bit concerned that I view something as a "parasite" because I don't want to own it--don't want to take responsibility for it. But it hit me that I have to take responsibility for everything -parasite or no. So if I yell at someone, or whatever, it doesn't matter whether it is "me" or a parasitical entity - I allowed it all the same. Either way, integration is what matters. So even though parasites are real, destructive behavior is destructive behavior, whatever the cause. Being with what is without condition will allow us to integrate our emotional signatures, and see and rid ourselves of parasites, both. We do not have to understand, we just have to integrate. Kindly correct me if I'm off.

A: Okay - you asked for it. You see, you are doing exactly what I said people do. You want to discuss and debate - are writing for the sake of interaction - rather than having direct-experience be your validation. You appear to be having a discussion with yourself that you insist I listen to. What does your experience tell you? You do not have to reply to me on this either - rather tell yourself. Your experience, whatever it is, is valid - whether I agree with you or not. This work is not about agreeing with each other - it is about doing the work and allowing the consequences to be the barometer of what is valid or not. Dogs have ticks and fleas. Do they sit around with each other discussing whether ticks and fleas are real? No. They do their best to get rid of them by rolling in the dust, scratching, and nibbling with their teeth. Honestly, now you are writing to me just for the sake of being read. This is not a question - this is cwaffee-twalk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How does one discern between the feelings of emotional imprinting and the feeling of a parasitic energetic entity?

Q: How does one discern between the feelings of emotional imprinting and the feeling of a parasitic energetic entity? Both energetic experiences drive us to tell negative mental stories and to act “reactively”. Whereas emotional imprinting is best handled by being with it compassionately without condition, you’ve advised to deal with alien presences by using the ICU method and with “spinning”. The latter form of “not doing” seems to be something a bit different in intent from “being with the feeling without condition”.

A: It is my experience that we are more interested in understanding and discussing parasites than in actually delousing ourselves of them. This fascination serves and feeds the parasite and is more often than not being deliberately triggered by parasites. For example, discussions about 911 avoid paying any attention to the causal nature of such events - which is the continual vulnerability of humanity because of our unresolved, imprinted fear, anger, and grief. We still seek a physical causal point for these outer setups. How many papers have been written, websites created, talk shows hosted, or organizations formed to inspire others to resolve the collective emotional imprinting which leaves humanity vulnerable to this deliberately staged mass-milking by parasites? None that I have seen. Instead, all discussions about 911 breed fearful, angry, and heartbreaking resonance around this topic - which in turn continues to feed the energetic entities responsible for such events.

Parasites are no different than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not "good" or "bad" - they are mosquitoes - and it is their nature to pierce protective human skin and drink blood. They must feed to survive. Sometimes their feeding is simply annoying - causing little red bumps which we scratch. Sometimes their feeding is devastating, causing malaria which leads to a life of weakened organs or physical death. Sometimes they feed as individuals and sometimes in groups [swarms].

Parasites feeding on us humans prey on our imprinted emotional charges. They prod these unintegrated energetic states using well-calculated stories and perfectly reflected physical events. Whereas we make up stories as a means to move our awareness away from the discomfort of our emotional imprinting, parasites deliberately tell us stories to trigger this awareness within our field. We prefer to suppress our inner discomfort - they require us becoming aware of it so they may feed off the energetic emanations arising through our felt-encounters of the arising fear, anger, and grief. These parasites work in groups and as individuals. They are as complex within their organized activity as humanity is in its. They have leaders and followers. They skillfully herd us into family structures, political organizations, religious groups, all levels of social status, sporting sides - whatever it takes to maintain a 'them and us' mentality designed to trigger and inspire conflict.

Parasites treat us exactly how we treat livestock. Sometimes we farm, sometimes we go hunting - sometimes for food - sometimes for sport. As above, so below. As below, so above. If you seek to understand parasites - go to a dairy farm and see how we deliberately arrange cows so we can suck off them indefinitely. Just like us, parasites justify their parasitic behavior because they perceive no other possible paradigm in which to sustain themselves. They have lived this way for millions and millions of years. So have we. This well established parasitic paradigm is what we challenge when we declare, "I am choosing to take responsibility for the quality of my experience". Easier said than accomplished.

When we are preyed upon by parasites, we too become parasitic in nature. We are all parasites now in one form or another. Our daily drama - whether it be accident, injury, illness, or basic emotional outburst - is bait used to suck in emotional sustenance [energy] from others because we do not have the capacity to give it to ourselves. Some of the emails I get are from people not actually wanting to know the answer to a question [by exploring their own experience], but rather who are just trying to get some attention. They do not even know they are doing this. Even if my reply is just short of rude - they still say, "Thank you Michael". Why, because by replying I give them some attention - now they feel better instead of having gained the capacity to get better at feeling. Then, having juiced up, they think up another question so as to keep the food flowing. Most of the time I have the compassion to respond, and in the process, do my best to gradually bring their awareness to their parasitic intent. However, sometimes I wish I had a fly-swatter that reached across the globe so I could splatter a few mosquitoes. [I am only human after all.]

I have also discovered that the more I provide insight into parasitic behavior, the more detailed questions I receive on the subject. This is why I stopped the Actuality Fiction Series. Also, there is no real point alerting people to parasites if they have not yet at least committed to the task of taking responsibility for the quality of their experience. There is no point exploring this subject when all it accomplishes is making others fearful.

Yet, the bottom line remains obvious and simple: We are only susceptible to parasites because we are emotionally imprinted. Integrate the emotional imprint and the source of food is eliminated.

Yes, I have prescribed various techniques in The ICU writings and in BEING OUR COMPANION. Yet, these do not in of themselves remove parasites - they simply piss them off so as their cover is blown and our awareness of them awakened. This awareness is a necessary step, because we have lived with parasites since childhood. All families are herded by a group of parasites from generation to generation. A family is like a little dairy farm - the milk provided comes from the shared family imprinting. We have been preyed on by these entities for so long we now mistakenly identify their presence as being what we are. All self-hatred arises from identification with parasitic energy. So, the first step is to be able to discern their presence around us. I don't care what "the oneness folk" say: Parasites are real. Usually, those who deny such a reality do so because they themselves have found a way to feed through such denial. Every so-called spiritual teacher who likes the idea of having followers or students or disciples is a parasite in a pretty white disguise. They are the worst kind of parasite because they prey on others in the guise of somehow "feeding" them. All celebrity spirituality is parasitic.

Parasites are seamless in their presence. It is an acquired skill to perceive them. We can commence this ability by first observing the nature of our own parasitic behavior and our own parasitic thinking. Yet, to perceive the parasite itself requires developing felt-perception. They live in the human blind spot: the dismissed felt-aspect of our experience. We see them by feeling them. So, the various practices such as ICU are provided to assist us to perceive them. When we are able to perceive them, we simultaneoulsy commence disempowering them. We then piss them off by depriving them of a comfortable food source - and predictably they become rattled. Just like removing an addicts fix causes their behavior to become increasingly erratic.

However, when we seek to remove them completely from our field, we are to apply "being without condition". We are to identify their presence through felt-perception, then to "watch them" [as opposed to being unconsciously driven by them] with this felt-perception without any agenda other than to reveal to them they are clearly seen. The challenge is as they become annoyed by this deprivation, we then intimately feel their reaction [because they are nested within our field]. The challenge then becomes to not react to their reaction. Just like our priests, politicians, and profiteers - nothing causes parasites to increase their attempts at manipulation than sudden transparency [the trance becoming apparent]. However, when we stand our ground and refuse to be herded into reactivity, their hunger grows to a point they have to detach in search of another food source. When a chicken escapes from a cage the hungry farmer is only prepared to expend a certain amount of energy trying to catch it. The farmer eventually throws their hands in the air and goes off to slaughter another.

The biggest parasitic attack on humanity currently is called "swine flu". Millions have now been terrified and are now considering making themselves available to being injected with parasitic Nano Technology called vaccine. Once this vaccine is ingested we may then actually have "the great pandemic" we are all being scared through. The trick in all of this is personal responsibility, and a large dose of grace. Parasitic delousing is one of the most complex subjects and predicaments facing humanity. It is the blind spot out of which all humanities misery flows. Yet, the causal approach to delousing ourselves remains unchanged. We are to use whatever activity efficient to awaken to the unintegrated emotional imprints which these parasites skillfully prod to provoke the reactive behavior which emanates the energetic states of fear, anger, and grief upon which they feed. As we bring these unintegrated emotional states into our awareness and commence radiating the love-light of being without condition upon them, we regain an awareness of our authenticity and integrity, and gradually cease behaving as a food source for others. As we cleanse vampiric experience from within, we cleanse ourselves of behaving towards others outwardly in this manner. There is nothing easy about this. This is the nature of "the battle for the soul".

Some of the greatest parasites currently preying upon humanity are adored by us. They have convinced us they are our saviors and we have accepted the invitation to their banquet. Except, our unintegrated emotional states are what is on the menu.

I am glad you asked this question. Everything required to integrate this predicament and to empower ourselves by doing so is already available on The Presence Portal. Integrating the emotional imprinting which makes us energetically milked livestock is the journey we commence through The Presence Process. If we require more understanding on the subject than this - we are simply feeding into the parasitic tactic which leads us to believe liberation comes through "understanding, talking, discussing, etc". We have been discussing 911 for 8 years and no one has yet stood up and directed our attention toward the causal point of such deliberate parasitic setups.

Become aware of the unintegrated emotional signature being triggered by parasitic activity - be with the energetic pattern without condition. This is the only approach which is efficient. In other words, love the mosquitoes - love them to death.

A simple indicator of whether we are hosting parasites within our field is our incapacity to say "no" when we mean "no" and "yes" when we mean "yes". Our inability to energetically stand our ground and to communicate honestly with others is evidence of parasitic infestation and alliance. Yes, it is "an alliance". Allowing ourselves to continue being hosts to parasites is a way of validating our justifications for our continuing to behave this way towards other life forms. We humans are parasites. What we are gradually realizing is that the natural world is endowed with very efficient fly-swatters. Delouse or duck, if you have the will...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Presence Activating Statement do I use in between experiential journeys through TPP?

Q: I've completed the process ten days ago and feel pretty much just like the person asking "Should I do the procedure again?" in the q&a section of your portal. Mainly, I feel fear all the time I'm awake. I'm doing the best I can to be aware of it and not to sedate or suppress it. Although I finished the process, I kept doing breathing exercises and I feel a bit confused and lost during breathing: Since I lack the statements from exercises, I find myself playing mental ping-pong - saying "I appreciate myself, choose to experience the moment, restore balance" etc. all at the same moment, while trying to focus only on breathing. I feel I should do the process again right now, but at the same time intuition tells me no to dive in again immediately. Can you point me to how long should the pause between entering the process be? Can I use the ICU technique in this "I don't know where I am and what to do" fear driven moment?

A: This fear-driven moment you are currently moving through is the face of the emotional imprinting which you have been deliberately unearthing through The Presence Process procedure. Engage with it by feeling it without condition so it may organically unfold to a point of integration and resolution. This takes as long as it takes. This fearfulness is also evidence you attended well to the procedure. This fearfulness has been with you since childhood and now you have successfully excavated that imprinting so it is now available, moment to moment, right at the surface of your awareness. This empowers you to consciously participate in integrating it through being without condition. This conscious response is all you require to keep yourself vulnerable to integration.

My recommendation is you give yourself at least three weeks break from the book before re-entering it experientially. This space is grace and allows for digestion of your experience to commence. My recommendation is also that while moving through this intermediary stage, you use the following mental Presence Activation Statement, not only during your breathing practice - which you are to continue attending to twice a day for at least 15 minutes: "I AM HERE NOW." Use it in this manner: In-breath on "I", out-breath on "AM", in-breath on "HERE", out-breath on "NOW, in-breath on "I", and so on. Synchronize your breathing with this Presence Activating statement so both your breath and mental statement move in harmonious rhythm with each other. Then, as you go about during the day, when not mentally active, repeat this same Presence Activation Statement and connect your breathing as you do. This is one of the instructions and tools to be added to the revised edition of The Presence Process.

Also, after each 15 minute consciously connected breathing session, make sure you allow yourself some time and space to simply sit quietly, feel what is - whether it be bodily sensations of emotional states - and also to simply listen to what is - whether it be outer world sounds or inner world vibrational frequencies. This intentional 'feeling' and 'listening' are both means for developing the necessary 'felt-perception' required for us to become explorers of our vibrational authenticity.

You are welcome to use the ICU procedure from the website while not journeying through TPP procedure - and even while journeying through it. It definitely supports this work.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What does "space is grace" mean?

Q: You say “space is grace” [on the recordings of the live teachings available on the website]. I am experiencing this statement on my loving relationship, but isn’t it (space) equal to I am afraid to let you into my day to day life? I am not ready to have you on all my planes, I am not ready to share this part of my life with you because I am afraid of letting you in (my heart)?

I would love to see into your eyes and feel the presence process live in you. Are you giving any conference in America soon?

A: You misinterpret the expression "space is grace" according to your personal unintegrated emotional signature. "Space is grace" refers to the space we allow each other so we may integrate the consequences of the experience of being close to each other. People driven into relationships via their unintegrated emotional signature do not wish to give the other all the space they require - for they fear that given space means the other is off somewhere doing things without them and maybe being exposed to others who may be more suitable, etc. With explorations into intimacy, the experience of "being together" becomes causal. When we chase and attempt to hold onto others because of our unintegrated needs and wants - and through this chasing and holding - pen them into what we call "a relationship with us" - we do not seek to give them space. Instead, we bind them, manipulate them, feed emotionally off them, become dependent upon them, and eventually addicted to them. This we mistakenly call "love". Under these circumstances our "doings together" are not causal - they are an effect of us not having taken care of the unintegrated emotional signature which drives us into these sticky circumstances in the first place. When we instead come together with another to "see deeper into ourselves" - to explore into-me-and-see [intimacy] alongside them - our 'being together' is causal. And, like all causal activity - we require time-out, space away, so we may digest the nutrition gained through our interaction with each other. This nutrition is digested alone. Accordingly, an exploration into intimacy with another expresses itself as a tidal experience - we flow into each others company - then we flow out. And, even this flowing in and out is not planned or scheduled, because it is a natural pulsating facilitated by our inner vibrational resonance. When we are mature enough to respond to this out-flowing - to this necessity for space between us - the consequential aloneness becomes the vessel into which grace of insight is poured. And so, space becomes grace.

As to your comment about seeking to look in my eyes - again - such a statement flows out of our lack of emotional development and from within our false religious/spiritual programming. When we believe we are able to see in another's eyes something which is not already available within our own - we are still lost to the truth of our own divine Inner Presence. When we seek and gain such an experience from another - we become addicted to finding it outside ourselves. Then, we are lost in great delusion. This is where many so-called "spiritual teachers" capitalize on the naivety of others. Such a relationship becomes parasitic, disempowering, and gradually robs us of the inner resources given specifically for our own progress. My recommendation is you create some space in which you sit before a mirror and gaze into your own eyes [as instructed in the mirror work writings on NAKED]. Such space becomes a vehicle for grace. Better still, sit quietly, close your physical eyes, and peer inwardly without condition. Be without condition within your own inner terrain, and be blessed by the grace of in-sight which comes with honoring such a divine space.

There are currently no teachings scheduled for anywhere any time in the future.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am having vibrational experiences that are scaring me, what do I do?

Q: Thank you for your first response in advising me to let my vibrational experiences and their consequences be my teaching. I am trying to do this, but I can't help but ask for guidance again as I am getting a little "freaked out" at the intense vibrational experiences I sometimes have while sleeping. Last night, this started happening to me before I went to bed and I felt that I would have a powerful experience once I slept, which is exactly what happened. The force of this experience is quite overwhelming. I am not so much afraid of it as I am confused although, when in the midst of the vibrations, I am a little frightened as it feels to be so much out of my control. If there is any insight you could give me.

A: What you are encountering is indeed vibrational experience. As you have also stated, this is "out of your control". We humans assume we can control everything, and when we discover we cannot, we become afraid, angry, and grief-struck. Out of our fear, anger, and grief we then construct stories. These stories are all our religions, spirituality, metaphysics, sciences, philosophies, and countless conceptualized "points of you". However, it is all very simple: We all contain within us something that is shared: Vibration. This vibration flows through us as does electric current through an electrical wire. However, through projection we are more enamored with the appliance this current fuels than with the current itself. If I am born in India I may call my approach to comprehending this inner current, Hinduism. If I am in Israel I may call it Judaism. If I am in Tibet I may call it Buddhism. If I am in Afghanistan I may call it Islam. If I am in America I may call it Christianity. If I am in Peru I may call it Shamanism. If I am a scientist I may choose to call my examination of it Quantum Physics. If I am a psychologist I may say my approach to comprehending it is Freudian or Jungian. Whatever I call it and however I approach it is determined by my religious and cultural imprinting. This imprinting keeps me feeling safe and secure - because it somehow convinces me "I am in control of it". However, none of what I call it is true. It is all story. The Presence Process is one tool useful in untelling these stories. We begin this untelling by resolving imprinting related to our childhood experiences. This leads us into becoming aware of imprinting related to our family relationships. This leads us into resolving imprinting related to how we approach intimacy with a lover. Eventually, we come face to face with the imprinting related to whatever story we have told to sedate and control our awareness of the vibrational. All of these levels of resolution strip away the energetic blockers we call grief, anger, and fear, which are imprinted within our energy field as we enter this experience. Once stripped away, we are left with a simple realization: We are vibration. This vibration enter what we regard as creation along a Pathway of Awareness. It initially becomes energy in motion which we encounter through felt-perception. This energy in motion is then translated into thought form, which we encounter through thinking. This form then manifests as solidified matter and tangible circumstances, which we encounter through our senses. All our emotional, mental, and physical encounters are therefore a graduated and accumulated expression of the vibrational. The only truth remaining unchanged within it all is the vibrational. What you are experiencing as you enter the relaxed and sometimes unguarded state of sleep is called 'you' or 'us'. Do not be afraid of yourself. Do not try to control or sedate this raw and primal encounter with what you/we are. Celebrate it. Do you know how many have told such intricate stories that it consequently takes them years and years of austere practice to have an encounter that you are describing? You are blessed in that you simply go to sleep to your waking story and naturally awaken to an encounter with what flows beneath all story. The fear you are feeling is the surfacing of your religious imprint related to your religious and cultural imprinting. As with all aspects of integrative processing, the ultimate approach to resolving this aspect of your imprinting is the same: Feel it without condition. In other words, "do nothing about it". Also, you may now intend to engage more consciously with the vibrational so as to diminish these seemingly unconscious encounters with it. I intend at some point to make such a practice available for those who seek to explore themselves in this manner. But for now, embrace your experience as valid, as grace, as a dose of the best medicine available.

What happens when my experience contradicts what you state in The Presence Process?

Q: I’ve had the experience of having a thought which awoke feelings of distress, or fear, or anger. As per your approach, I’ve treated these thoughts as “messengers” and just sat and focused on the felt resonance underlying these thoughts. After working with TPP for a long time, I’ve been able to experience that my emotional lens does color my thoughts, as well as generate them. However, I used to read, and believe, that our feelings were a response to our thinking, as well as to our unconscious value judgments. This would seem to imply that though the experience was in the feeling, the causal point of the feeling was in the thinking. I’ve also had experiences like this. Are there times thoughts or external situations are the causal point of what we are feeling, as opposed to more primal emotional imprinting?

A: According to my experience, no. According to your experience, yes. So now, a big dilemma: Is my experience your teacher, or is yours your teacher? Do we have the courage to accept our experience as valid even when it apparently contradicts what another implicitly states as being true?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do thought forms create bulimia? [Or anything?]

Q: What do you know are the thought forms that create bulimia?

A: Thought forms do not create anything. This is a misconception which comes about when we live in the mental plane. All thought forms initially are vibrations which, when passing through the emotional realm [energies in motion realm] become colored by the imprinted energetic conditions therein. When imprinted energetically during childhood through felt-experiences involving food intake - these imprints birth thought-forms, such as those exhibited within the mental body of people with eating disorders. Changing our thinking about our eating behavior has only temporary impact on the condition when we do not first impact the energetic signature through unconditional felt-perception which underlies such thinking. In this light, a thought-form and how it is made up, or what it is telling itself, is irrelevant. Let's be honest now: If thought truly had the capacity to create, most men would be having oral sex with barbie blonds who have large breasts. Most women would be walking around with 20 carrot diamonds on their hands and a crew of helpers to carry all their shopping packages. Most children would live exclusively on a diet of sweets and never attend a day of school after the age of about 10. All politicians would become president. All priests would become the Pope. All profiteers would be billionaires. This is because these are the thought-forms most commonly entertained in our programmed society. The fact that this is not the reality for most is evidence thought is impotent in manifesting reality - no matter how much we repeat them. Thought may reinforce certain experiences, but in of itself, thought has never and will never create anything. All of our personal creations are accomplished via the vibrational, and the distinctive forms of these creations are determined by the imprinted condition of our emotional realm. The finer details of their outer manifestation are then ironed our by thought-form, and finally solidified into solid form through matter. Only a mental/physical world-view dominated by a controlling masculine and a sedating feminine believes "though creates" or "I think therefore I am". The reality is, "I am, whether I think about it or not". "We are, before and after thought." Do not bow to thought as if it is God. God is not 'a thought'. Whatever God is, is vibrational - beyond all mental concept - a direct inner experience which is most efficiently, initially, approached through felt-perception. Therefore, the most creative manner of resolving bulimia and other such eating disorders is to consciously feel, without condition, the imprinted energetic state supporting the thinking associated with bulimia. It is the vibration radiating through being without condition while experiencing these imprinted felt-resonances which resolves. Thinking about the thoughts is to enter analysis. When we analyze, we are using our anal eyes.

Do I have to attend to the breathing practice on an empty stomach?

Q: I'm at Activating Our Process/Maintaining Our Momentum. Earlier in the book, I read to not do the Breathing Exercise on an empty stomach. Now I read, on p. 121to attend to the 15 minute breathing exercise, twice each day, as the FIRST THING WE DO AFTER WE ARE FULLY AWAKE and as the LAST THING WE DO BEFORE WE CLIMB INTO BED AT NIGHT. Does that mean eat right before?

A: Thank you for asking this question. This one of those recommendations I intend clarifying in the revised edition of TPP. I would say in hindsight that the opposite stands: Not to attempt any practice like what is offered in TPP on a full stomach - like right after a large meal. These types of exercises are most efficiently approached through a life of moderation. I breathe first thing in the morning. However, I also first get up, have a large glass of water, a quiet cup of coffee, play with my cats, read and answer a few emails to get myself mentally awake, and then attend to my breathing. So, it is not really "first thing in the morning". However, it is before I interact with humans and venture out of my front door into the activities of the world. I also breathe last thing at night. However, sometimes I may attend to the practice earlier in the evening, especially if I have had a strenuous day - because I know that when feeling worn, if I do it just before bed, I am only going to dissolve into nap city. This is where we are encourage to allow our experience to be our teacher. The recommendations in the book - in any of my writings - are simply guidelines - not rules. I recommend you try breathing under various different circumstances to discover what is most efficient for your experience. We are each a unique expressions of the vibrational, and so it is up to us to explore ourselves experientially to discover how we function most efficiently. We are our own laboratory in which we are to experiment. What works for me may not work for you, and vice verse. This is why it is crucial to integrate what is meant by: Allow your experience to become your teacher. Take action and observe the consequences. Then, learn from the consequences what is efficient action to take. Once we enter this approach to our human experience, we are freeing ourselves of all outer rules and heading fast into trusting our inner realizations to be the most efficient truths in fueling our momentum. This approach - of implicitly trusting what the consequences of our own activity reveal - is the pathway leading directly into authenticity, integrity, and intimacy. This is the pathway of self-mastery.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What happens when I am suddenly faced with a shift reflecting my imprinting?

Q: The inevitable has happened - the man I was going on a 3 week camper van trip with has told me he will not go now. He told me that I think too much, am too stressed out, am not centered, that I should leave this flat and suffer so as to connect with what is real (to get perspective). It is all true and painful. TPP is the only helper. I am responsible for my peace of mind. My child feels it all through her body but I am here with her now and I am taking care of her so she has a voice, is heard and is safe. I still can't answer the questions on physical/mental clarity. I can't meditate and calm my mind at all lately, the 5 minutes is the max and thoughts keep arising.

A: Now be with this unconditionally. Now the work offers the possibility of authenticity.

Should I do more breathing practices daily because...

Q: Michael, just prior to starting the process my business slowed, and since starting it, has been non-existent. I know you warn of this possibility in your book and re-assured us it will turn around. My question is what would be the consequence of increasing the amount of time in breathing process or adding another session each day.

A: What about considering the fact we are experiencing a world-wide recession - or translated - the dismantling of the outer structures of our collective economic imprinting manifest as financial manipulation of others to get what we want? Stay with the procedure as it is - or else you are simply doing the same thing: Manipulating your current experience to try and get what you want, as opposed to patiently opening yourself to effortlessly receive what is required.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am unable to restart the process.

Q: I completed The Presence Process about 9 months ago and have wanted to go through it gain but each attempt ends in the second week. I don't know if this is the same as being 'stuck' but I feel this immense weight of boredom. As if to accentuate this I have several physical problems which mean I cannot even talk the long walks I once so enjoyed.This feeling reminds me of my teens(I am in mid life), and I feel very guilty that when there is so much suffering I am wallowing in this. Also people can be very irritating to me, I feel bombarded by their lack of containment, maybe because I am starting to see my own? Thank you for the process and all your writings, although it sure feels like boot camp sometimes!

A: Just as I cannot be with these feelings unconditionally on your behalf, I too cannot breathe or turn the pages of the book for you. This is what "growing up" is about.

What do I do about feeling stuck and wanting it all to end?

Q: I am gazing with my self, but in the last few weeks my capacity of respond has almost disappear, I have return to feeling so trapped in my actual life all I can think is, "I want it to end". Should I start on my second time of TPP, and stop gazing?

A: Gazing is not a replacement for The Presence Process. So, it is not a case of doing one or the other. What about silence and stillness - have you given these qualities a chance while you move through your current experience? Realize that 'feeling trapped' and 'wanting to end it' is the medicine which is being administered for your healing. Feel these feelings as if you acute awareness of them is a gifts from God. Feel them without condition. What you are going through now is the felt-aspect of what is to be resolved within your emotional body. It is the surfacing of the emotional signature you have worked so hard to dislodge from in your awareness through doing the procedure. The only way out is through. Also, be aware that many in this world, whether they are processing consciously or not, are at present having feelings of 'being stuck' and 'wanting it to end'. This is a common experience for humanity right now. We have come to the edge of an ending paradigm whose ways no longer serve us. It feels like dying for us as it comes to completion. We who have developed some level of felt-perception feel this. Others who have not primarily are trapped in telling stories and reacting to these. We feel stuck because we cannot yet grasp the way of being beyond the shift we are in. This is why it is so important to return to the piece of writing called "Revelation Of Being", which is freely available on The Presence Portal Writings page. Do not lose hope, much Grace is pouring upon us, and what we are now all going through comes to pass. But the operative word now is 'through'. We must go through the death of what is no longer serving our journey - and as we do we feel as if a part of us is dying. This is because we still identify with that aspect of outer identity which we relied upon up to now to navigate through this tired and worn-out paradigm. While we rely on its frantic doings to take us from here onward, we also feel stuck. This is because that dying aspect of our experience does not have the capacity to take the next step. It is not within our 'doings' we move beyond this current circumstance of our human journey - it is within the radiance of our beingness - of being with without condition no matter what - that the shift takes place. Sink into silence and stillness as much as possible. This is key now. Yes, and I encourage you to enter the procedure again when you feel ready.

Seeking someone to do the procedure with.

Q: I read the book, and I want to enter this process experientially. As you have stated, it would be better if we could have someone else on this process as witness. So, as I live in Belgium; would you know contacts in Belgium with whom I could contact to share in this process?

A: Do not seek someone out so you may begin the procedure, as it is not necessary. The rule of thumb is this: If no one is around you to journey alongside - then this is not what is required for you. If you feel the need to search someone out before you can begin - then it is more beneficial for you to dive in immediately and attend to this alone, and rather to use the procedure to assist you to resolve this neediness [fear]. I do not say 'it is better' to have someone - this is not my language as far as I recall - it is your misinterpretation of the text. It may be useful to be around others doing it - but 'it is better to do it alone!' Do not be afraid of entering this work. All the confirmation you require as you take this journey is available on The Presence Portal website. And, this is essentially the only significant role having someone else around you doing this procedure serves: To confirm that what you are happening to you is valid by your perceiving similar occurrences also unfolding within their experience. Your experience of The Presence Process, no matter how it unfolds for you, is valid. Dive in now and do not allow this issue to become a delay tactic. That being said, as per your request, I place your email address here so that if anyone in Belgium would like to contact you, they may: pierre.twagirayezu@skynet.be

Am I doing the breathing properly?

Q: Would you be able to put up on YouTube a short video showing how the breathing exercises supposed to be carried out? Cause I've started the Process 3 days ago and I'm still not sure if I'm doing it correctly. If you can't put up the video, can you, please, explain to me again the pauses between inhale and exhale? I believe I'm not pausing at all, but if I listen intently, I notice there is a tiny fraction-of-a-second pause in between. And no matter how much I try to close that gap, it's still there. Maybe it's how it supposed to be. It'd be good to be able to see someone experienced doing it.

A: My intent is to place a new audio on the website demonstrating this breathing technique, because many people make the mistake of assuming that 'not pausing' means 'absolutely no gaps of time at all between the in-breath and the out-breath'. This continual query arises out of language use misunderstanding, and not lack of comprehension of the mechanics of the breathing. No pausing means 'no elongated gaps in which one remains completely in a breathless between the in-breath and out-breath'. This is going to be a short hiatus as we change over from in-breath to out-breath. This brief gap is natural and should not be eliminated, or else one is now again controlling the breathing. However, do not pause within this change-over - breath in and breath out normally, naturally, like any breathing creature does. Just breathe without stopping or remaining breathless for an elongated period between the in-breath and out-breath. I am not sure how I am able to explain it more clearly than this? I am sure the audio will help.

Are you going to talk about entity possession in the revised edition of TPP?

Q: Regarding The ICU Part I & II [article on the Writings page of the website] and vampiric entities...will you be incorporating this in the revised edition of TPP?

A: No. This level of the work and the explanations around it disturb those who have not yet developed the capacity to take responsibility for the quality of their life experience. The ICU Part I & II is freely available for all on the website, and those ready for it find it.

Q: Again, regarding vampiric entities...would you say these constitute what Eckhart Tolle calls "the pain body"? (Assuming you have read some of his work.)

A: I was exposed to some of Eckhart's teachings in about 2004, so am familiar with this terminology. I would say yes. 'The pain body' appears to me to be directly related to the subject matter discussed in the ICU writings. It is my opinion that Eckhart's take on it is marvellous, as he is able to introduce others to entity possession in a very neutral, non-threatening way. Being a Leo I tend to go for the jugular, to be a little less gentle about it. Even Eckhart says something like, "the pain body needs to feed". This language hints at the reality that this energetic experience - whether it is 'alive' as we consider living things to be from a human world point of view - has a life of its own and must sustain itself in order to continue its experience. Our work is not to fight it or get rid of it, but to transform it into an ally by receiving the teaching inherent within such an encounter.

Is my doing this procedure harming another?

Q: I am now in week nine of the Presence Process, and it has been a profound – and intense – journey. Many things have arisen over the past several weeks (various aches and pains, situations in my life, lots of feelings to integrate) but now something is happening and I’m having a hard time knowing what to do with it. Someone in my life (my ex husband) is acting out in a really scary, angry way towards me, in a way that feels threatening. This is a mirror of something inside me coming up, yes?

A: Yes. If you are feeling the impact internally, then it is mirroring your own suppressed fear and rage.

Q: I am trying to breathe through the fear, but I don’t know what to do externally to mitigate this situation.

A: Do not try to 'breathe through the fear' - as in 'trying to use the breathing to make it go away'. Rather be with the fear unconditionally, as it is arising in your experience, whether you are experiencing this fear during your 15 minute breathing sessions or outside of the practice. Whenever this fear arises within your awareness, be with it unconditionally through pure felt-perception. Feel it as it is and allow it to be with you as it is. Do not try to manipulate the experience by attempting to turn the feeling into something else - into what you would rather be feeling.

Q: You say in the book that people who are connected to us from the past are, in some way, going through this process with us. Is that what is happening here?

A: Possibly.

Q: Could I be harming him by being in this process if it’s stirring up so much anger and upset in him?

A: Absolutely not - this process is about you, not him. You are telling 'a story'. The only way you may harm him is if you react on the reflection you are receiving from him by attacking him emotionally, mentally or physically. You are not stirring up anything in him - his own imprinting stirs him - just as yours stirs you. You are responsible for the quality of your experience and he for his. Careful of mistakenly cleaning the mirror because of the reflection. However, all this being said: Be responsible for your well being. If you perceive you are really in physical danger, respond by removing yourself physically from this predicament in whatever way is efficient. However, even when removing yourself, if indeed you feel it necessary, you are still not excused from taking responsibility for the fear this encounter is bringing up within you. The feel you fear is yours. You are afraid of your own unintegrated rage.

Q: By week 9 in the process is it still to be expected that this big issues would be arising to be cleared?

A: Do you really expect you are able to clear generations of imprinting in nine weeks of any procedure? Do not be unrealistic. The first time through The Presence Process introduces us to the tools required to take responsibility for the quality of our experience. I now suggest to everyone that we move through this procedure at least three times. This teaches us the dynamics of living responsively. This responsibility to respond to our life experience then continues as long as we are alive. While we are in this world we are facing our imprinted condition - which is deep and many layered. This is one of the reasons why we are here. Responding is a way of life we embrace ongoing - not simply something we do for ten weeks. Long after we have completed this procedure we shall still be faced with challenging felt-encounters. However, once training ourselves into perceptual response, and behaving accordingly, the quality of our encounters, whether challenging or not, take on a different resonance. They are imbued with awareness. The challenging experiences of life as a human being continue - but when we embrace them through responsive awareness - our suffering through them gradually decreases until we no longer suffer no matter how bumpy the ride. Everyone has challenges in this life - however, those who respond instead of react do not suffer these - they, as challenging as the experience may be, embrace them as divinely given growth-points.

Q: Or maybe there’s something going wrong here?

A: No. You are receiving exactly what you require in this moment to bring your awareness face to face with what is deeply suppressed within your own emotional body. Your experience is valid - now validate it by responding instead of telling fearful stories and reacting to these.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why am I having such a hard time with The Presence Process?

Q: I've been through your book once (too fast probably) and now I'm beginning again. Almost as soon as I started the book, all kinds of intense "opportunities" began to happen. They have kept on coming with more experiences and more intense experiences than I have ever had before in 12 years of meditation and 16 years of sobriety. What's bothering me is that I'm doing things like having fender benders, I wrecked my knee in a bike accident. All kinds of upheaval and growth in my marriage and some stuff that seems like I'm totally checked out! But believe me I feel awake. I'm not missing a thing!!Ok any comments would help right now. I'm doing al-anon a lot which helps but I feel totally kind of blasted out.

A: No matter how I stress that this procedure is real - that the impacts of placing one's attention [even just through reading text] upon our unintegrated emotional predicament impacts our life experience, still, we do not listen. Maybe this is because we have no point of reference in this world for what the word 'real' really implies... We hurry through the book thinking it is yet another quick-fix, despite all the guidance and recommendation to behave responsibly as we approach this work. This is not a game. This is not another New Age toy for metaphysical entertainment. This procedure is something real which has a real impact. It does not serve us to allow our neediness to cause us to crash about unconsciously in our life. Your unfolding experience when picking up this book, no matter how it unfolds, is your teaching. Where else are you dashing through life as a means to an end? Ask yourself this allow yourself to be shown. Where else are you unconsciously crashing into experiences because of needy [knee-die]desperation? Ask yourself this and allow yourself to be shown. When we follow the instructions of The Presence Process as are clearly given in the book [as in "do not hurry through this text" - "allow time for integration", etc.], our experience is much smoother than if we barge through it, ignoring the clear guidance not to do so, and trying to get everything resolved in the time it takes to speed-read the book. Just about everyone I have spoken to who becomes overwhelmed after entering the procedure - or even from just reading the text - have one thing in common: An intent to resolve everything as soon as possible. Such intent denies us of gentleness, manageable rhythm, and is a testament to our lack of responsibility for our overall experience. Yet, the consequence of such behavior and intent is in itself "our teaching". Our experience as we move through The Presence Process is a microcosm directly reflecting the macrocosm of our entire life experience. Initially, none of us go through The Presence Process differently than the way we are currently approaching our overall life experience. An impatient person does not go through this procedure patiently. Accordingly, the manner in which we make our journey through The Presence Process becomes in itself a teaching - a clear mirror showing us exactly how we are living our day-to-day lives. Learn from these lessons and the unconsciousness gradually dissolves. Ignore these lessons and we continue banging our head against the wall. This is pure physics! It does not serve us when we allow desperation to drive our healing - because then the outcome is desperate. How could it be any other way?
Now, stop, take a breath, and continue as if you are on a journey that has no end. How differently would you approach this procedure if you knew you would be applying what it reveals for the rest of your life? Because you will. It changes us forever. Would you still hurry if you took the word 'forever' seriously? This does not mean the procedure caused these incidence you speak of. The procedure is neutral. Blaming the procedure for accidents within our life is like blaming guns for crime. We always receive exactly what we require to slap us into wakefulness - especially if it is a slap which most serves us. The universe is extremely generous and graciously abundant in this matter. I used to barge through everything too, using every experience as "a means to an end". But there is no end - so where do we think we are rushing to? Relax. Take care of what is right in front of your right now with as much care and gentleness as possible. This is all we require mastering. The rest takes care of itself.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Should I force myself to stop addictive behavior?

Q: I will do the process again, sooner rather than later, though I will give the time “off” a chance. Someone I know said the second time through she stopped eating “comfort foods” and it made the experience much more intense. Food is my addiction, and I didn’t see much movement in that area in these past 10 weeks. I know you tell people not to give up addictions when they go through, but is that true the second time, or might there be benefit in doing this?

A: This is a good question and points to one of the adjustments to be made in the revised text of The Presence Process. When we move through TPP for the first time, it does not serve us to try and forcibly stop all our addictive behavior. This is because extremist behavior causes the deeply unconscious imprinting underlying these behaviors to surface all at once, when we are not yet ready to consciously facilitate ourselves through such an experience. Such 'forcing' invariably leads to sudden eruptions of fear, anger, and grief - in doses that may be overwhelming, and so drive us into resistance. Then, we may turn away from TPP - the very thing designed to assist us. However, as we enter it for the second and third time [I now recommend moving through it at least three times] we are already perceptually trained to recognize what processing is, and how to facilitate ourselves through the surfacing of our emotional imprinting. For this reason, we are now equipped to deliberately place some space between us and our addictions so that we intentionally initiate an awareness of what underlies them. Then, it pays to resist the urge to splurge. However, no matter what level of the work we are in, it is important we retain 'gentleness' as a key frequency. No authentic healing comes from unnecessarily imposed suffering. This means it is up to us to find the balance - to avoid overly extreme changes inevitably knocking us into overwhelming reactivity. There is no hurry. There is no salvation in anything we eat or do not eat - there is only salvation in realizing what is eating away at us. And, we are to be gentle in glimpsing at this, so we allow ourselves the time and space to digest these imprints.