Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is my emotional signature only gone once I banish the physical symptoms?

Q: The basic question is this: do I need to keep working with an issue until the physical discomfort is gone? The story: I woke up sick one morning and assumed it was emotional. Learned some fascinating things, feel much better emotionally, but still feel somewhat physically sick. Can I do enough presence work to banish the physical symptom right away, or is that too much to expect (and I'll use other healing methods)?

A: The fact you use the word "banish" means you still are missing the point of this work. This work is not about "banishing" aspects of our experience as if there is something wrong - it is about embracing all aspects of our experience as if they are all required. This is why I no longer use the word "heal" or "healing" in my vocabulary. I no longer seek to heal any aspect of my experience - however, it is my intent to integrate it all.

When doing emotional integration work it is recommended we take care of any manifesting symptom. This is obvious. We take care of our body-vehicle. However, it is important we do not try to force any physical, mental, or emotional outcome we assume necessary - because then we cannot be functioning "without condition" - which is required for authentic integration.

When an emotional signature is integrated - its physical manifestation has no foundation and thus is neutralized. However, we cannot be the judge of this, as emotional signatures are multi-dimensional. Often their symptomatic manifestations return so as all dimensions of the imprint achieve full integration. Until we have developed full felt-perception capacity, we cannot absolutely know that an imprint is completely integrated. To use our physical experience as a barometer of whether an emotional signature is integrated is therefore not reliable. To take this approach is to become result-orientated, destination-conscious, and conditional.

To focus only on "getting rid of the physical symptom" causes us to subtly enter a manipulative stance - and then before we know it - we are again controlling or sedating our physical experience [with the best of intentions of course] in an attempt to "heal ourselves". Most self-professed "healers" are actually practicing "manipulation" - especially if they are in any way invested in the removal of physical symptoms as a barometer of their efficiency.

Emotional integration work is not about healing - or about feeling better. It is about engaging with our life experience in a responsive manner - one which gradually trains us to become responsible for the causality of the quality of our experience regardless of whether we are in physical discomfort or not.

This requires getting better at feeling, not focusing on feeling better. While we remain fixated by the physical manifestation of our emotional charges - this level of ongoing responsibility is seldom attained.

If having physical discomfort is the only reason we behave responsibly - then our behavior is not responsible at all - it is actually reactionary. We are responsible for how we feel whether we are physically uncomfortable or not.

My suggestion is you stop trying to "heal yourself" and rather focus on becoming integrative.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I cannot get through the tiredness, what do I do?

Q: I understand the essence of TPP to be: you feel your feelings fully, and also feel any resonance that comes up from earlier in your life; eventually, these feelings will integrate. As I wrote to you not so long ago, I have been experiencing periods of tiredness, even weakness, while doing TPP. The gist of your reply, as I understood it, was to feel the tiredness fully. I have tried to do that, and have gone through some definite shifts of consciousness, but still the tiredness and weakness persist -- so much so that I am having difficulty doing my jobs as well as doing my part for the family and the house. I talked this situation over the other day with a friend of mine who is an intuitive healer. She could see that my feelings were not getting released, so she recommended that I consciously release them. I did this (to the violet fire) and immediately felt better. But the tiredness came back the next day. Today I released again, and some of the tiredness went away, but I can feel that there's plenty more left. In your experience, can feelings ever be consciously released, or would you always recommend sitting with feelings and waiting until the periods of tiredness subside? Any other advice?

A: First of all, your tiredness is not tiredness, it is unconsciousness. It is deeply suppressed emotional content - which when surfacing - expresses itself in our waking state as tiredness. So, stop calling it tiredness, because this misrepresents what you are going through.

Everyone to some extent experiences this when processing unintegrated emotion - and as you are testimony to - some more than others. The only way out is through. Which means, keep doing your emotional integration work and calm down about it. It is going to take as long as it takes. Some of our emotional imprints are 1000's of years old, and we, in our impatient, fast-food-mentality, assume we can process them all in a couple of weeks. So, continue your work and be patient.

If you do wish to move more deeply at an accelerated pace - and sincerely feel this is what you require - then go to the link on the menu column of my website and click on "Personal Facilitation". Through this you can find a Transformational Breath Facilitator or one of their workshops where you can be facilitated through Breathwork into accelerated integration. They are an international organization and so will assist you to find someone nearby.

Secondly, there is a difference between release and resolution. Release assists us to feel better, while resolution requires we get better at feeling. Release is screaming into a pillow, while resolution is being with the feelings of anger without any outer projection of them. Release is a deliberate outer expression of suppressed emotional content, while resolution is the conscious containment of suppressed emotional content. Most of us begin with release-work - just to let off some steam and create some breathing room within our experience - and then we move on to resolution and the art of alchemy through containment.

You may still require release - so scream into a pillow once a day for about 15 minutes for about seven days - but do not get addicted to the high of it. It is only release, and although you may feel better afterwards - it will not assist you to get better at feeling.

In your entire question I saw no indication that you are yet aware of the emotional signature underlying your experience of unconsciousness. Tiredness is not an emotional signature. My sense is you are annoyed, which means you are angry. This is most likely because you are a mentally-transfixed individual new to emotional work. Intend to tap into and feel this anger as fully as possible. Underneath it is grief. What you require is a good sob for no reason at all - which will be hard for you as you will most likely currently also want to know how/when/where/what/who and why you are sobbing to allow it to happen. Be patient with yourself.

Also, make sure you have listened to the audios on the website of the breathing technique so that you are doing the consciously connected breathing correctly.

The more mentally-transfixed we are, the more likely we are to feel this unconsciousness as we attempt integration of emotional imprinting. Let go all the thinking about this work. This "violet fire" stuff you talk about, that your healer friend suggested, is called metaphysics - and all metaphysics is simply mental-physics. When it comes to emotional resolution [as opposed to release] it accomplishes nothing authentic, because the mental body is not the causal point of the human experience. It is a great tool to use for release - but nothing authentic comes about when using it in this manner. You can waste your time in the mental realm for 100's of years - or you can stop all the thinking, visualizing [pretending], and all other make-belief stuff the mental body loves and start feeling what is without condition.

The unconsciousness you feel is real. It has come to assist you with integration. Stop trying to get rid of it so as to arrive somewhere else. Be where you are now within your experience as fully as possible - this moment you are in, just as it is, is the portal to all else. While you still try to manipulate it to accomplish something you "want" - you remain stuck.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How do I integrate the experience of being gang raped and having been a heroin addict?

Q: My question is this : how would you frame abuse? In particular I've been gang raped, held against my will etc in my life as a heroin addict. I've been clean and sober now for 18 years. Still struggle some with those issues. I'm starting to see that the people (almost all men) who did these things were confused about how to get their own needs met. However, it still leaves me with an exaggerated sense of fear. I've been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

A: Firstly, extract your attention from the event and the story you tell about this. It only keeps you in victim and victor mentality - which although may for a while feel empowering - accomplishes nothing causal. You extract your attention from these aspects of the experience through entering unconditional felt-perception of the residue.

When entering Present Moment Awareness, what becomes clear to us, is that if something happened - it was required. Asking why at this point of the game is futile.

Whatever happened within our past is the consequence of previous experiences we had - experiences often occurring well before the perceptual borders of our current life experience.

If you only believe in "one life" - like some religious people do - then you are stuck in a world of meaningless and chaotic activity - one in which there is a vicious God who does things for absolutely no reason at all. However, when we realize we live forever - and that this current experience is one of countless - we also realize that this life experience is full of incidents which make no sense if this current life experience is the only barometer from which we measure "consequence".

However, realizing this experientially is not necessary in order to impact the causality of our experience. The fear you feel now is the causality. Underneath it is anger, and underneath this is grief. Your only task is to be with this fear without condition through direct felt-perception. Drop the event, and story about the event, as having any relevance within your intent to integrate this experience. We cannot integrate through understanding, blame, or revenge.

Consuming heroin and for being gang raped was 100% required. You simply cannot yet perceive the causal activity which unfolded, possibly over many life experiences, to eventually manifest such an event. In another experience you may well have been a heroin pusher and a gang raper. At this point in the game we have all been everything - this is why judgment is futile and ridiculous. We have moved through the darkness as willingly as we have moved through the light.

Our only choice now is drama, or dharma. To access the dharma, we feel without condition the arising emotional states within our life experience right now. There is no requirement for mentally investigating the past - such activity is useless to us now. The past is forever present within the felt-resonance of our current experience. We therefore engage with it not mentally, but through direct, unconditional, felt-resonance.

Any other path leads us out of the moment and into a time-based mentality - which is madness. Feel your fear unconditionally - it will transform into anger - feel your anger unconditionally - it will transform into grief - feel your grief unconditionally - and then you shall know the meaning of the teaching: "Blessed are those who mourn - for they shall be comforted."

Friday, August 21, 2009

This is not turning out the way I want it to - what now?

Q: I just completed the process for the second time. Although I had many insights, I am still missing a real sense of achievement/accomplishment/shift in my life.

A: Be with this feeling of "missing" - because if this is happening - it is required. You obviously have some agenda about what is supposed to happen, and being with this feeling of disappointment without condition will assist you to integrate the emotional charge related to this agenda. The intent of The Presence Process is to initiate an experience. Whatever experience it initiates is valid. The procedure then teaches you how to interact consciously, responsively, to the experience you are having. This conscious response integrates the charges within the emotional body. However, when you think you are supposed to have a specific experience, and keep perceptually aiming for that - you completely miss the experience you are having right now. So, be with the experience of feeling you have missed what you were expecting - and being with this unconditionally will assist you to integrate the charge driving you into false expectation.

Q: I have two questions to you: 1. I was not sure how to handle my noisy mind during the breathing sessions. Is it necessary to fix my attention on my breathing, or is this not important?

A: Reread the instructions in the book - they are clear. The mind within the context of The Presence Process constitutes all our physical, mental, and emotional experiences. The physical, mental, and emotional are the trinity which makes up the mind. What you are inquiring is whether your mental body should be controlled while breathing. No. All manipulation is futile. As recently suggested on the website - it is recommended we use the conscious response - "I AM HERE NOW" for all our breathing sessions. And yes, of course the focus is on keeping our breathing connected - the book is very clear about this. However, there is no instruction to control what the mental body is doing.

When we connect our breathing we accomplish causal impact. When we are still mentally transfixed, this causal impact arises into our awareness as increased mental activity. If we are physically transfixed, it arises into our awareness as physical sensation. When we have developed some level of felt-perception - it arises into our awareness as emotional states. This arising of either physical, mental, or emotional consequences is simply a sign there is now movement within the emotional body. To now try and stop this physical, mental, or emotional activity in any way is self-defeating. Be with the mental body activity you are experiencing while breathing without condition. If it gets too busy in there - to the point you cannot focus on connecting the breathing - which is our primary responsibility while doing the breathing practice - then use the conscious mental response - I AM HERE NOW.

Q: I feel my energies and determination running low at this point. Do you have any advice for a third go?

A: Yes, reread my first answer and apply it to this feeling too. Your experience is valid. No matter how it unfolds, it is valid. This means it is required. You do not have to understand why. You do not have to fix it or change it or perceptually aim yourself toward another experience you assume you ought to be having. Your only choice is response, or reaction. In my first answer to you I describe response. Reaction is behaving as if what is happening to you is not supposed to be happening, and then doing something to change your current experience into something you think should be happening. This is pointless and leads to drama. Reaction is manipulation. Response is embrace. So, my suggestion as you enter this procedure again - have no agenda, no assumption, no point of perceptual reference toward which to aim yourself. Just be with whatever happens and engage it as valid, and therefore required. By responding this way you receive and achieve whatever is required.

I have thyroid cancer, does The Presence Process help with this specifically?

Q: Day 3 of the 1st week of the second time I’m doing the PP: I found out I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Shouldn’t be life-threatening, but will entail a lot of stuff – pain and discomfort, lost days of work that will not be compensated, etc. etc. I’m grateful that I’ve been doing this practice, and am clear that I am someone having this experience, and that it’s an opportunity to continue to integrate patterns and feelings and false belief stuff. I’m just wondering – is there anything in your writings that specifically addresses this kind of experience? I’m not seeing it… and that probably makes sense, in that it is just another experience that the practice can assist with. If there is anything, though, could you let me know? And if not, I’m not asking you to reply.

A: We do not address specific symptoms in this work because our attention is causality. However, it is important when manifesting symptoms to nurture oneself by lovingly attending to the body-vehicle. I am sure you can find lots of literature on the Internet about conscious treatment specifically for thyroid cancer. You ought read it and see what inspires you. But, in conjunction with this, take yourself to the moment of diagnosis - and the period unfolding shortly after that. What was your emotional response? Attached to this initial experience of realizing you have thyroid cancer there shall be an emotional signature. It may surface when you awake early in the morning and your mind wanders into the consequence of your condition. It is not even necessary to name this emotional signature - but simply to engage with it directly through felt-perception without any attachment to outcome.

By engaging with the felt-aspect of the emotional signature you relate to thyroid cancer without condition you are entering causality. By engaging with it every day for a few moments - and being present whenever it naturally arises within your awareness - this causal activity generates consequences. These consequences unfold as events, insights, chance meetings, realizations, etc. within your daily life experience - all deliberately designed to assist you to integrate the emotional charge related to this specific predicament. You don't know what these consequences will unfold as - so your task is to embrace your daily life experience - and all the unfolding events and encounters it contains - as being required - and therefore valid.

When approaching your thyroid cancer in this manner, you behave as if all of this is intended - is part of your current journey - and is designed to lead you into the next phase of your personal evolution. Then you are being truly integrative: You are taking care of the body-vehicle's symptoms - and you are tending to the causality of the surfacing condition. As such, you are being responsible for the quality of your experience.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will The Presence Process help my angry son?

Q: I have been through The Presence Process once and it has made my life more peaceful and clear. My 16 year old son has Asperger and is very angry and unhappy. Our life is very stressful living together. Will my continued work help heal my son? He is unwilling to make any changes at this point.

A: As long as you find where this anger of his is felt within yourself, and be with it without condition. If his behavior triggers you emotionally in any way - it is because it is reflecting your unresolved emotional charge. How were you feeling at 16?

It is not up to your son to make changes - it is up to you to integrate what he is reflecting. It only takes one in the family to integrate the family imprint. However, we do not enter any of this work in hopes it assists another. Then we cannot be unconditional toward own discomfort.

You are to enter this work as a responsibility to your own process - and when you are authentic about this intent - then it energetically impacts him. If you do it for him - you are using this work to manipulate him. That would anger anyone. Where are you feeling frustrated at the moment? Are you brushing these feelings aside - or attending to them?

Let him have his own experience - you rather be responsible for yours. Where are you feeling angry right now? Are you feeling this anger within your body-vehicle without condition?

Careful not to polish the mirror in an attempt to rid what its reflection reveals. Honor your son's experience by realizing that if he is angry right now - it is valid and therefore required. By responding to him [feeling what he triggers within you without condition], rather than reacting [telling him, or behaving as if he should be feeling something other than what he is], you reveal to him how best to integrate such experiences.

Telling others what to do in relation to this work is fatal. It simply manifests resistance. Revealing through example is the way - it takes longer - but its impact is causal.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is this happening to anyone else?

Q: I am in emotional pain (sometimes quite deep pain). As long as I can remember I have felt a ball of anxiety at the pit of my stomach to one degree or another (like a constant underlying nervous energy). I have recently begun taking 15-20min a day to be with my 10 things. I have noticed that I mainly feel them at the pit of my stomach, or in my chest area. They also seem to intermingle at times and they turn into one big lump of emotions making it hard to decipher one from the other. Also, during the day "negative" emotions (mainly anxiety or feelings of loneliness) will arise for no reason. My body immediately reacts to them and my mind will try and attach a bad or sad "story" to them. My question is this: Are my experiences common?? And is it important to try and untangle the emotions in order to digest them individually? Thank you.

A: Your experience is valid because you are having it - not because others may be having it too. Feel what arises, when it arises, without telling any stories about it, or having agendas about what is supposed to happen. This is all that is required. Whatever happens as a consequence of engaging with your own experience this way is also required. Validating your ongoing experience by engaging with it this way is all that is required.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What happens when emotion arises during the breathing practice?

Q: While I am doing the breathing, especially in the evening before retiring, I experience waves of emotional material coming up. Sometimes it is mild and breathing settles back into regular rhythm rather quickly and sometimes the waves- tears,sobbing, writhing and holding myself ebb and flow for the entire 15 minutes. Should I be stopping to experience the full arising of the fear, anger and grief as they come- often all mixed together and then resume the breathing or do I do it all as one continuous process? I am on day 10 and things are really moving but I am unclear on how to work with the emotional content while I am doing the 15 minute breathing sessions.

A: Be with your experience as it is. Manipulating it in any way does not help. Be with the emotional content as it arises. If the surfacing emotion stops your ability to breathe - then be with this. The intent of the breathing practice is to bring this emotional content into your awareness so you may be with it without condition. So do not force the emotion aside so you may carry on breathing - this then defeats the intent.

Dreaming through The Presence Process...

Q: I am now entering week five of the Presence Process and my dreams are becoming very vivid. At first I did not understand what the meaning of these dreams were, after reading The Art of Integration they have become very clear.
My Agreement with the Universe is this, whatever feelings arise in the dreams, I will accept and be with that feeling unconditionally.
I don’t always understand the symbolism, or persons in the dream, however the feelings are unmistakable.
Does this make sense to you?

A: "By gosh I thinks he's got it!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I doing enough being?

Q: I began practicing the "approaching vibrational" practice. Thank you for that. Do you still recommend doing the practice from your writing on "landing out of the mental plane" as well? Spending a few moments in the beginning and the end of the day cradling upsets? How much is enough stillness practice?

A: Listen to your heart - it knows exactly what you require and how much. The vibrational practice is "all inclusive" - as in practicing it triggers experiences which unfold throughout the day. These experiences are then consciously engaged with as we are taught in this work - by being with them without condition as they arise.

Once using Consciously Approaching The Vibrational you don't need a time of day and practice for being present: All through the day you meet your unfolding experience through felt-perception without placing any conditions on doing so - you be with them as they arise. When we meet our experience through being present through felt-perception we are entering stillness - even when in the traffic.

Remember also, "stillness" and "silence" are not the thing - being is. Being is the most magical commodity in all creation. Remember, whatever God is is not "a being" - it is being - as in a verb. Whenever we apply being - we are causal - and therefore opening ourselves to receiving whatever we require.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How do I recignize "the enlightened ego"?

Q: I look forward to the updated Presence Process. I have a question for you regarding all this law of attraction material that is making the rounds. Also the return of material like Charles F Hanaal 12 keys. Which sounds similar to all the ego is to blame stuff except that it states mind created everything and thought is the ultimate creator. Lots of truth with a little twist seems to be a deliberate plan by the ego to maintain it's control. Reminds me of something that Aurobindo said is his book synthesis of yoga when he warns of the enlightening sense slipping into an even worse sense of 'enlightened' ego. Almost similar to what happened in Egypt a couple thousand years ago. Any recommendations for vigilance and discernment would be appreciated.

A: There is quite a simple gauge for discernment: Is emphasis being placed upon the teaching - or the teacher. The ego is only interested in the teacher.

For example - when it comes to Christianity - there are the teachings about Jesus - and there are the teachings of Jesus. Churchianity - the egos empire - focuses primarily on the teachings about Jesus. The events of his birth, rise, miracles, and crucifixion, are far more important than anything he uttered. Anything he uttered is used primarily as evidence to substantiate the telling of events. This is because of the projected self-importance of the priesthood.

If we do not have a capacity to comprehend the teaching - we then focus on the teacher.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Does being adopted affect my ability to do this work?

Q: The impact of ones parents appears to be of great significances in relation to emotional imprinting, both in the womb and after. I am adopted and have never known my biological parents, and from what I am told there was much turmoil during my mothers pregnancy. I was adopted immediately after my birth, and have never been in the presence of my natural father. Do you believe there is any significances to these facts in relation to the emotional processing work that is undergone in the process? Thank you.

A: No - because in the final analysis, this work has nothing to do with your parents or who was or was not around you as a child. It only has to do with how you respond to the imprinting you carry within you right now. You don't require any mental memory of your childhood situation to integrate imprinting - you require response, through unconditional felt-perception, to what you are experiencing in this moment. There really is no past - it is always all here now. Stay with THIS-HERE-NOW, not that-there-then.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Can The Presence Process help applied to autoimune disorders?

Q: Do you have any experience that the presence process can help applied to autoimmune disorders?(e.g. MMN-multifocal motorical neuropathy)

A: I have not yet seen a symptomatic discomfort which cannot be integrated. There are many we cannot "heal" - because we require them - but they can all be "integrated". This because all perceived symptomatic discomfort arises out of charged emotion - and integration of the charge emotion is the same procedure for all symptomatic discomfort.

There is a difference in intent between "healing" an "integration". This is something I intend clarifying in the new edition of The Presence Process.

Healing generally perceives what is unfolding as "not supposed to be" - as "something wrong" - something to be fixed. Integration perceives all as "required". If it happens, it is required.

Healing tries to fix and get rid of it - while integration seeks to embrace the experience into the whole. Our attempt to heal something is for the most part "a reaction to" - while integration is "a response to". Healers live in a broken world they have to fix - and they can build very lucrative professions out of being the chosen ones supposed to do all the fixing.

Integrationists know they live in a world broken only because their perception of it is impaired by uninetgrated charged emotional content imprinted into their energy body during childhood. Healers try to fix the world - integrationists only intend to impact the causality of their own faulty perceptions of it.

The Presence Process is for integrationists, not healers. This is why there are no Presence Process practitioners. No one will pay you to integrate your experience, but plenty will pay you to "try and heal theirs".

But pay no mind to me - if this condition is something you are faced with - only your experience is valuable in knowing whether it can be integrated.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What about belief systems?

Q: What of belief systems. I seem to have an emotional belief system that says something like this" if my women is not in my life I will struggle immensely". The feeling is one of being extremely scared. I have had these feelings with women I did not care much about. Simply I seem to be afraid of my partner being in her wounds... I feel like I'm so afraid to let go of my relationship although I do not want to. She has told me that she does want to be in this relationship anymore... I do not believe her however I'm afraid...... It seems I have had this fear my whole life...... At times I sit with this feeling without condition and know I'm in my head addicted to thinking....

A: It is not the belief system which is relevant, only the emotional signature supporting it. The Presence Process is designed to assist us to get in touch with the signature. Sometimes this may take a while as our felt-perception is severely calloused from too much mental activity and physical reactivity. All belief systems founded upon, and therefore breeding fear, anger, and grief, are drama. They are groups of words springing out of uncomfortable energetic circumstances - words we arrange into something making sense to us. They are not the issue - the uncomfortable felt-resonance - the imprint - which is their harbor, is. We do not require "making sense", we require pre-sence - Presence. Feeling without condition is Presence in action.

What is the difference between feeling and emotion?

Q: You use the term 'felt perception' frequently and I would like to be sure that I know what you mean by this. I'd be grateful if you could de-confuse me by clarifying the difference between 'felt perception' and 'emotion'.

A: Great question! An emotion is an energetic circumstance within our emotional body - or our "energy-in-motion body". An emotion is therefore "energy in motion" = e-motion.

When mentally-transfixed, we interact with these emotional circumstances mainly by mentally describing them, such as calling them names like "fear, anger, grief, happiness, excitement, depression, melancholy", etc.

We are also able to engage with them directly through "felt-perception" - through feeling them.

Sometimes they feel very dense - as something solid we can literally touch - like physical pain. Any symptom which appears as physical discomfort in the body-vehicle - like a severe throb - is simply energy in motion no longer freely in motion, and now in such resistance to movement that it appears as solid physical presence.

So, "an emotion" is one thing, and "feeling it" another. The confusion comes in when we use the word "feeling" and "emotion" interchangeably. "Feeling" is the perceptual capacity we use to engage directly with emotion . "Feeling" is a perceptual capacity emanating directly from within the heart.

In talking of the heart, we are not talking about the physical organ in our chest - although this organ is a metaphoric physical representation of our heart. The heart we talk of is The Sacred Heart, and it is way too mysterious to define, and way beyond the capacity of the mental body to understand. The Sacred Heart feels, and what it feels are states of energy in motion, different ranges of thought form, and physical sensation. It also feels vibrational resonances, such as peace and love.

When we are physically-transfixed by our human experience, we assume it is the body which feels - because we press upon our flesh and feel ourselves doing so. However, as our awareness moves closer to the point of causality of our entire human experience - the vibrational - we realize that all feeling capacity - all felt-perception - whether we perceive it interacting sensationally through the body-vehicle - or energetically by engaging directly with felt emotional states - is emanating from The Sacred Heart.

This is why feeling what is without condition - whether it be a throb within the body, a thought form within our mentality, or an emotional state within our energy-in-motion body - develops "felt-perception". The Sacred Heart has three main perceptual capacities: Feeling, hearing, and seeing. These hearing and seeing capacities have nothing to do with the ears and eyes we use to navigate our experiences while transfixed within the physical realm. Like the organ we have in our chest, our physical eyes and ears are simply metaphoric representations of the seeing and hearing capacities of The Sacred Heart, which awaken through the development of felt-perception.

Hearing our inner guidance and having in-sight about things are the first stages of developing our inner seeing and hearing. Once we fully develop these three capacities of The Sacred Heart, we are awakened fully into our vibrational self. Only the vibrational self has the capacity to enter the gates of what a teacher like Jesus called The Kingdom of Heaven - or what we also refer to as The Garden.

We all live in The Kingdom and in The Garden - however - we cannot perceive this because our Sacred Heart is functioning on idle. Developing felt-perception is part of the journey into developing the seeing and hearing capacity to realize [real eyes] what and where we really are.

The Presence Process, Alchemy Of The Heart, and the work of The Presence Portal navigate us through experiences deliberately designed to awaken into what The Sacred Heart is so we may consciously return into The Kingdom/The Garden - not through death or accumulating self-sufficiency skills - but through lifting the perceptual veil which allows us to believe it is possible to "be" anything or anywhere else.

This is what Jesus was trying to communicate when saying: "The Kingdom is now at hand". The Kingdom is this-here-now [as opposed to that-there-then], and we are already within it - but we have to die to the reality we manufactured out of our imprinted emotional charges to realize it.

This too is what is eluded to when people whom Jesus "healed" claimed: "I was blind but now I can see" - or - "I was deaf but now I can hear" - or "He was raised from the dead". These so-called miracles have nothing to do with our physical experience - they are about reentry into vibrational awareness through "being fully alive now" - not through dying and going somewhere.

When one realizes "sin" and "imprint" are the same word, and that "forgiveness" and "integration" are the same word - a whole new perceptual realm opens its doors - and a text such as The Bible is no longer dead words on paper. In this light, religion hides the doorway into The Kingdom just as environmental groups obscure the reentry into The Garden because of literal, physically-transfixed interpretation.

That is why people who try to save the planet "so we may return to The Garden", or who try to save us from our sins "so we can enter Heaven when we die", are hysterically funny. Church steeples are not "the finger of God", they are "giving God the finger".

2012 is an opening of the portal into the vibrational reality. A teacher like Jesus came to prepare us to enter as these doors open. A thankless job because hardly anyone heard what he and his crew communicated. All religion sends us away from the portal doorway [our own inner access to The Sacred Heart] by making us feel guilty about the very thing given to us to develop our capacity to enter - our imprint. It is only through feeling our imprint fully, without condition [judgment], that we develop the capacity to enter.

An altar in a church cannot alter an imprint within our heart. It is only through responding to imprinting through integrating [appearing meek] instead of reacting to our manifestation of these imprints in the world, that we develop the capacity to consciously contain vibrational awareness. That why we are told, "Blessed are those who mourn - for they shall be comforted". Blessed are those who feel their grief without condition, for they shall develop the felt-perception required to feel their way into what truly is, always has been, and shall forever be.

Well, it is Sunday here in South Africa. Guess we just had a sermon. My grandmother said I would end up a preacher! Fortunately I am a member of the same church Jesus attended - the Church Of The Body Temple. We do not only worship on a Sunday. We go to our altar consistently by feeling what is whenever energetic states arise to be felt. Our altar is The Sacred Heart - for only The Sacred Heart, through its capacity to feel, alters.

In this light, Jesus is the most profound teacher of conscious vibrational entry through the medium of life. When we enter our own experiences directly as they are given to us, through felt-perception [not understanding], and when we perceive them as valid - as required - as given to us as our Daily Bread - the Teaching of The Sacred Heart is personally revealed. And so it is groovy, and shall be groovy in The Kingdom/The Garden, always ... in all ways. Sermon over!