Monday, November 9, 2009

Can I make a list of what I want each time I start the procedure?

Q: I have just finished my 2nd time with the Presence Process and I'm going to wait for 3 weeks and finish my 3rd session! I have had such great success with releasing the negative emotional charge around many of my addictions. I listed as my intention when starting the 2nd release the negative emotional charge around my infertility, along with my food and sugar addiction. Does it usually take more than one time through the PP to heal a physical ailment (infertility)? When you say that our Inner Presence knows no order of difficulty, do you mean that we can ask for 2, 3, or 10 things that we want to heal each time we move through the procedure?

A: No, 'no order of difficulty' definitely does not mean you can ask for what you want and then you get it. This is not a shopping spree. It means we receive exactly what we require for our personal growth and development. Do you really believe you know what this is? How do you know having a child is even required for you? Or is this just what you want?

Inner Presence knows no order of difficulty in setting us up to perceive outwardly what is inwardly unintegrated, so that these inner blockages may be consciously cleared. This work is definitely not about making a shopping list and expecting all the items to be delivered, pronto. This is not The Secret or any Law of Attraction technology.

I suggest you contemplate what the difference is between the word 'want', and the word 'required'.

This work is about what is required, not what we think we want. Integration of any condition takes as long as is required. Do you tell your body exactly how long it has to digest a meal and exactly when to have the consequent bowl movement? You have just as much say over how your heart approaches and accomplishes integration. Doing The Presence Process is like the eating of the meal - which is our part in the process. The digestion and elimination - if we keep our heads out of the way - happen organically, according to the required pace.

Congratulations on having completed the journey twice. May your third time through open you to what is required for you. May you gain deeper insight into what it means to "get out of the way".