Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I doing enough being?

Q: I began practicing the "approaching vibrational" practice. Thank you for that. Do you still recommend doing the practice from your writing on "landing out of the mental plane" as well? Spending a few moments in the beginning and the end of the day cradling upsets? How much is enough stillness practice?

A: Listen to your heart - it knows exactly what you require and how much. The vibrational practice is "all inclusive" - as in practicing it triggers experiences which unfold throughout the day. These experiences are then consciously engaged with as we are taught in this work - by being with them without condition as they arise.

Once using Consciously Approaching The Vibrational you don't need a time of day and practice for being present: All through the day you meet your unfolding experience through felt-perception without placing any conditions on doing so - you be with them as they arise. When we meet our experience through being present through felt-perception we are entering stillness - even when in the traffic.

Remember also, "stillness" and "silence" are not the thing - being is. Being is the most magical commodity in all creation. Remember, whatever God is is not "a being" - it is being - as in a verb. Whenever we apply being - we are causal - and therefore opening ourselves to receiving whatever we require.