Monday, August 3, 2009

Can The Presence Process help applied to autoimune disorders?

Q: Do you have any experience that the presence process can help applied to autoimmune disorders?(e.g. MMN-multifocal motorical neuropathy)

A: I have not yet seen a symptomatic discomfort which cannot be integrated. There are many we cannot "heal" - because we require them - but they can all be "integrated". This because all perceived symptomatic discomfort arises out of charged emotion - and integration of the charge emotion is the same procedure for all symptomatic discomfort.

There is a difference in intent between "healing" an "integration". This is something I intend clarifying in the new edition of The Presence Process.

Healing generally perceives what is unfolding as "not supposed to be" - as "something wrong" - something to be fixed. Integration perceives all as "required". If it happens, it is required.

Healing tries to fix and get rid of it - while integration seeks to embrace the experience into the whole. Our attempt to heal something is for the most part "a reaction to" - while integration is "a response to". Healers live in a broken world they have to fix - and they can build very lucrative professions out of being the chosen ones supposed to do all the fixing.

Integrationists know they live in a world broken only because their perception of it is impaired by uninetgrated charged emotional content imprinted into their energy body during childhood. Healers try to fix the world - integrationists only intend to impact the causality of their own faulty perceptions of it.

The Presence Process is for integrationists, not healers. This is why there are no Presence Process practitioners. No one will pay you to integrate your experience, but plenty will pay you to "try and heal theirs".

But pay no mind to me - if this condition is something you are faced with - only your experience is valuable in knowing whether it can be integrated.