Sunday, August 2, 2009

What is the difference between feeling and emotion?

Q: You use the term 'felt perception' frequently and I would like to be sure that I know what you mean by this. I'd be grateful if you could de-confuse me by clarifying the difference between 'felt perception' and 'emotion'.

A: Great question! An emotion is an energetic circumstance within our emotional body - or our "energy-in-motion body". An emotion is therefore "energy in motion" = e-motion.

When mentally-transfixed, we interact with these emotional circumstances mainly by mentally describing them, such as calling them names like "fear, anger, grief, happiness, excitement, depression, melancholy", etc.

We are also able to engage with them directly through "felt-perception" - through feeling them.

Sometimes they feel very dense - as something solid we can literally touch - like physical pain. Any symptom which appears as physical discomfort in the body-vehicle - like a severe throb - is simply energy in motion no longer freely in motion, and now in such resistance to movement that it appears as solid physical presence.

So, "an emotion" is one thing, and "feeling it" another. The confusion comes in when we use the word "feeling" and "emotion" interchangeably. "Feeling" is the perceptual capacity we use to engage directly with emotion . "Feeling" is a perceptual capacity emanating directly from within the heart.

In talking of the heart, we are not talking about the physical organ in our chest - although this organ is a metaphoric physical representation of our heart. The heart we talk of is The Sacred Heart, and it is way too mysterious to define, and way beyond the capacity of the mental body to understand. The Sacred Heart feels, and what it feels are states of energy in motion, different ranges of thought form, and physical sensation. It also feels vibrational resonances, such as peace and love.

When we are physically-transfixed by our human experience, we assume it is the body which feels - because we press upon our flesh and feel ourselves doing so. However, as our awareness moves closer to the point of causality of our entire human experience - the vibrational - we realize that all feeling capacity - all felt-perception - whether we perceive it interacting sensationally through the body-vehicle - or energetically by engaging directly with felt emotional states - is emanating from The Sacred Heart.

This is why feeling what is without condition - whether it be a throb within the body, a thought form within our mentality, or an emotional state within our energy-in-motion body - develops "felt-perception". The Sacred Heart has three main perceptual capacities: Feeling, hearing, and seeing. These hearing and seeing capacities have nothing to do with the ears and eyes we use to navigate our experiences while transfixed within the physical realm. Like the organ we have in our chest, our physical eyes and ears are simply metaphoric representations of the seeing and hearing capacities of The Sacred Heart, which awaken through the development of felt-perception.

Hearing our inner guidance and having in-sight about things are the first stages of developing our inner seeing and hearing. Once we fully develop these three capacities of The Sacred Heart, we are awakened fully into our vibrational self. Only the vibrational self has the capacity to enter the gates of what a teacher like Jesus called The Kingdom of Heaven - or what we also refer to as The Garden.

We all live in The Kingdom and in The Garden - however - we cannot perceive this because our Sacred Heart is functioning on idle. Developing felt-perception is part of the journey into developing the seeing and hearing capacity to realize [real eyes] what and where we really are.

The Presence Process, Alchemy Of The Heart, and the work of The Presence Portal navigate us through experiences deliberately designed to awaken into what The Sacred Heart is so we may consciously return into The Kingdom/The Garden - not through death or accumulating self-sufficiency skills - but through lifting the perceptual veil which allows us to believe it is possible to "be" anything or anywhere else.

This is what Jesus was trying to communicate when saying: "The Kingdom is now at hand". The Kingdom is this-here-now [as opposed to that-there-then], and we are already within it - but we have to die to the reality we manufactured out of our imprinted emotional charges to realize it.

This too is what is eluded to when people whom Jesus "healed" claimed: "I was blind but now I can see" - or - "I was deaf but now I can hear" - or "He was raised from the dead". These so-called miracles have nothing to do with our physical experience - they are about reentry into vibrational awareness through "being fully alive now" - not through dying and going somewhere.

When one realizes "sin" and "imprint" are the same word, and that "forgiveness" and "integration" are the same word - a whole new perceptual realm opens its doors - and a text such as The Bible is no longer dead words on paper. In this light, religion hides the doorway into The Kingdom just as environmental groups obscure the reentry into The Garden because of literal, physically-transfixed interpretation.

That is why people who try to save the planet "so we may return to The Garden", or who try to save us from our sins "so we can enter Heaven when we die", are hysterically funny. Church steeples are not "the finger of God", they are "giving God the finger".

2012 is an opening of the portal into the vibrational reality. A teacher like Jesus came to prepare us to enter as these doors open. A thankless job because hardly anyone heard what he and his crew communicated. All religion sends us away from the portal doorway [our own inner access to The Sacred Heart] by making us feel guilty about the very thing given to us to develop our capacity to enter - our imprint. It is only through feeling our imprint fully, without condition [judgment], that we develop the capacity to enter.

An altar in a church cannot alter an imprint within our heart. It is only through responding to imprinting through integrating [appearing meek] instead of reacting to our manifestation of these imprints in the world, that we develop the capacity to consciously contain vibrational awareness. That why we are told, "Blessed are those who mourn - for they shall be comforted". Blessed are those who feel their grief without condition, for they shall develop the felt-perception required to feel their way into what truly is, always has been, and shall forever be.

Well, it is Sunday here in South Africa. Guess we just had a sermon. My grandmother said I would end up a preacher! Fortunately I am a member of the same church Jesus attended - the Church Of The Body Temple. We do not only worship on a Sunday. We go to our altar consistently by feeling what is whenever energetic states arise to be felt. Our altar is The Sacred Heart - for only The Sacred Heart, through its capacity to feel, alters.

In this light, Jesus is the most profound teacher of conscious vibrational entry through the medium of life. When we enter our own experiences directly as they are given to us, through felt-perception [not understanding], and when we perceive them as valid - as required - as given to us as our Daily Bread - the Teaching of The Sacred Heart is personally revealed. And so it is groovy, and shall be groovy in The Kingdom/The Garden, always ... in all ways. Sermon over!