Saturday, August 8, 2009

How do I recignize "the enlightened ego"?

Q: I look forward to the updated Presence Process. I have a question for you regarding all this law of attraction material that is making the rounds. Also the return of material like Charles F Hanaal 12 keys. Which sounds similar to all the ego is to blame stuff except that it states mind created everything and thought is the ultimate creator. Lots of truth with a little twist seems to be a deliberate plan by the ego to maintain it's control. Reminds me of something that Aurobindo said is his book synthesis of yoga when he warns of the enlightening sense slipping into an even worse sense of 'enlightened' ego. Almost similar to what happened in Egypt a couple thousand years ago. Any recommendations for vigilance and discernment would be appreciated.

A: There is quite a simple gauge for discernment: Is emphasis being placed upon the teaching - or the teacher. The ego is only interested in the teacher.

For example - when it comes to Christianity - there are the teachings about Jesus - and there are the teachings of Jesus. Churchianity - the egos empire - focuses primarily on the teachings about Jesus. The events of his birth, rise, miracles, and crucifixion, are far more important than anything he uttered. Anything he uttered is used primarily as evidence to substantiate the telling of events. This is because of the projected self-importance of the priesthood.

If we do not have a capacity to comprehend the teaching - we then focus on the teacher.