Friday, August 21, 2009

I have thyroid cancer, does The Presence Process help with this specifically?

Q: Day 3 of the 1st week of the second time I’m doing the PP: I found out I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Shouldn’t be life-threatening, but will entail a lot of stuff – pain and discomfort, lost days of work that will not be compensated, etc. etc. I’m grateful that I’ve been doing this practice, and am clear that I am someone having this experience, and that it’s an opportunity to continue to integrate patterns and feelings and false belief stuff. I’m just wondering – is there anything in your writings that specifically addresses this kind of experience? I’m not seeing it… and that probably makes sense, in that it is just another experience that the practice can assist with. If there is anything, though, could you let me know? And if not, I’m not asking you to reply.

A: We do not address specific symptoms in this work because our attention is causality. However, it is important when manifesting symptoms to nurture oneself by lovingly attending to the body-vehicle. I am sure you can find lots of literature on the Internet about conscious treatment specifically for thyroid cancer. You ought read it and see what inspires you. But, in conjunction with this, take yourself to the moment of diagnosis - and the period unfolding shortly after that. What was your emotional response? Attached to this initial experience of realizing you have thyroid cancer there shall be an emotional signature. It may surface when you awake early in the morning and your mind wanders into the consequence of your condition. It is not even necessary to name this emotional signature - but simply to engage with it directly through felt-perception without any attachment to outcome.

By engaging with the felt-aspect of the emotional signature you relate to thyroid cancer without condition you are entering causality. By engaging with it every day for a few moments - and being present whenever it naturally arises within your awareness - this causal activity generates consequences. These consequences unfold as events, insights, chance meetings, realizations, etc. within your daily life experience - all deliberately designed to assist you to integrate the emotional charge related to this specific predicament. You don't know what these consequences will unfold as - so your task is to embrace your daily life experience - and all the unfolding events and encounters it contains - as being required - and therefore valid.

When approaching your thyroid cancer in this manner, you behave as if all of this is intended - is part of your current journey - and is designed to lead you into the next phase of your personal evolution. Then you are being truly integrative: You are taking care of the body-vehicle's symptoms - and you are tending to the causality of the surfacing condition. As such, you are being responsible for the quality of your experience.