Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Does being adopted affect my ability to do this work?

Q: The impact of ones parents appears to be of great significances in relation to emotional imprinting, both in the womb and after. I am adopted and have never known my biological parents, and from what I am told there was much turmoil during my mothers pregnancy. I was adopted immediately after my birth, and have never been in the presence of my natural father. Do you believe there is any significances to these facts in relation to the emotional processing work that is undergone in the process? Thank you.

A: No - because in the final analysis, this work has nothing to do with your parents or who was or was not around you as a child. It only has to do with how you respond to the imprinting you carry within you right now. You don't require any mental memory of your childhood situation to integrate imprinting - you require response, through unconditional felt-perception, to what you are experiencing in this moment. There really is no past - it is always all here now. Stay with THIS-HERE-NOW, not that-there-then.