Sunday, August 2, 2009

What about belief systems?

Q: What of belief systems. I seem to have an emotional belief system that says something like this" if my women is not in my life I will struggle immensely". The feeling is one of being extremely scared. I have had these feelings with women I did not care much about. Simply I seem to be afraid of my partner being in her wounds... I feel like I'm so afraid to let go of my relationship although I do not want to. She has told me that she does want to be in this relationship anymore... I do not believe her however I'm afraid...... It seems I have had this fear my whole life...... At times I sit with this feeling without condition and know I'm in my head addicted to thinking....

A: It is not the belief system which is relevant, only the emotional signature supporting it. The Presence Process is designed to assist us to get in touch with the signature. Sometimes this may take a while as our felt-perception is severely calloused from too much mental activity and physical reactivity. All belief systems founded upon, and therefore breeding fear, anger, and grief, are drama. They are groups of words springing out of uncomfortable energetic circumstances - words we arrange into something making sense to us. They are not the issue - the uncomfortable felt-resonance - the imprint - which is their harbor, is. We do not require "making sense", we require pre-sence - Presence. Feeling without condition is Presence in action.