Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My distrubing family encounter...

Q: Having had a family reunion of sorts, sisters and niece and some of my children and grand children....it was very strange to say the least. Some of my children (all adults) had very negative reactions to me, mostly after I left and I am feeling like being done with them. I went inside and embraced the part of me they were reflecting (the addict, the liar, the gossiper) and would love there to be more harmony, and yet I feel like I have reached my limit with those behaviors. Even with my boyfriend there was no physical attraction there. I feel clear and empowered , and yet was hoping for this wonderful deep bonding with them. Emotionally I am good, feeling more and connecting to Spirit more...I appreciate any insights. I love all the children that have come through me very much and yet feel we are not resonating.. and am a bit shocked at the stories their minds are telling about me.

A: It is important you take these reflections to heart - in that they are offerings to you from all the family you encountered. The only valid aspect of the experience is your direct felt-experience of it. Understand that your family bring you this salad of felt-discomfort [dismiss all story] because you are the only one among them who has the training, capacity, integrity, and willingness to render them into the fire of alchemy. You are the family alchemist. The peace is already spoken for. However, right now, as our human journey enters the portal of our becoming, time is short. We are here now. We are at the door. Much is to be integrated in a short space of time before the door handle moves and the light of The Kingdom radiates through. We are now integrating more in a day than our grandparents did in an entire lifetime. Do not view this uncomfortable encounter with your family as a failure - but as a barometer of how successful you are at your work. They bring to you what only you have the capacity to integrate. They do not bring peace and harmony - because this is already given - they bring you the last bits of laundry that require washing before the adornment of our collective divine destiny. Feel it all with as much desire to change it as you would when watching a bird in a tree: We see the bird, but we do not try to pin it down or direct its movement with our attention. We watch it in a manner that allows it to fly free - without any interference - no entering fear about it. Your current encounter with your family is a set up to show you intimately what of the collective family imprint still requires bathing in the alchemical fire of unconditional love. Now you are clear about this residue. You feel it intimately within your own body. Be with it as if it is the current of love itself - awakening from the long sleep of time - and so shall it reveal itself to be. Within the intimacy of your own felt-experience you bless it with your unconditional felt-awareness. Nothing to do - everything to be.

Be patient. All is as it is required to be. You have not been brought this far to be let down - only to be raised up. By feeling all this discomfort within yourself you now have the experiential capacity to stand at the door and speak for your family with the love you feel for them in your heart. And so they are also taken through.