Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is it okay if I cannot help moving about during the breathing practice?

Q: While I am doing the breathing I often experience fear, anger, grief, or some mixture of these three. At times my hands clench, arms reach out or want to hide under my legs or behind my back, my legs start to clench together or stretch and writhe and kick out. A friend (who introduced me to the PP book) and who has done the PP twice through, told me that one isn't supposed to move during the breathing but rather contain all of the energy that is arising. The movement that I experience is spontaneous and is not initiated consciously on my part, but if I try to prevent it, I feel like I am manipulating my body with my mind. Is the movement okay and will it resolve itself as I continue to do this work? Is it meant to be done sitting perfectly still right from the start?

A: Good question. Your movement is valid. Allow it. The capacity to sit still while breathing comes as we integrate the emotional charges underlying the drive to move - whether this drive feels spontaneous or not. You will however discover, as you proceed, that by not moving - you fast enter into felt-contact with the emotional charge underlying your inability to sit still. But do not force stillness. Movement is release. Stillness promotes resolution. Often, some release work is required before approaching resolution is possible. So, be with your experience as it is, and allow it to unfold from movement into stillness. It will do so as required. Be patient.