Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Body Awareness and Parasites.

Q: Is there a similarity in consequence between the approaching the vibrational practice and the activating emotional body awareness practice with the salt baths? And, after doing the activating the emotional body awareness practice one time, is it possible to accumulate those parasitic presences back again?

A: The emotional body awareness practices in Being Our Companion open the way for increased awareness of what unfolds through the Consciously Approaching The Vibration practice.

When we learn how to energetically close a door to parasites - and so to contain the energy for our own vehicle's development - it does not mean we do not have the capacity to open that door again. This is why responsibility is one of the themes of this work.

Once we assume responsibility for our energy field - then we are responsible for it.

Relying on doing anything "one time" is destination-consciousness.