Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can The Presence Process cause harm when coupled with three hours of yoga a day?

Q: I would like to know if intensive yoga, 3 hours daily, could intervene with the presence process as in cause any potential mental, physical danger - or result/experience wise? And, if It couldn't cause any harm, would it be safe for me to do the yogic exercises, both physical ( Hatha ) and Tratak ( for concentration - one pointed focus )?

A: Only when we approach The Presence Process with desperation driving our intent - to try and "get somewhere as fast as possible" - can we become destructive toward ourselves through it. Because then we unnecessarily add things to it because we do not really believe it is efficient. We assume more hours and effort attain more and quicker results. The Presence Process is not about results - it is about consequence.

If I brush my teeth for three hours straight because I want to remove years of stains immediately - my gums bleed and I make them so raw that I am not able to eat, and I also open myself to unnecessary pain and infection.

If doing three hours of yoga a day is already part of my daily beingness, like brushing my teeth, then The Presence Process cannot possibly couple with it to cause harm. If I brush my teeth five minutes longer twice a day with the right tooth paste there are favorable consequences.