Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can I get rid of 5 years of chronic pain in one week?

Q: Hi, I have had chronic pain and discomfort for 5 years. The pain covers the entire side of my body and switches from side to side. It is only on one side at a time and is there all the time. The sensations are different on each side; left side a pressure and pulling type pain and discomfort and the right side a prickly burning type pain. I also get migraines which feel to cover the entire side of my body. I am on the part of the process where you have to sit and be aware of your pain and emotions. I read an answer you gave in Q & A and I just wanted to know if at the end of that week the symptoms you have should be gone? Or might that occur later on in the process? I am actually struggling with this part of the process.

A: Until you are connecting with the emotional signature underlying the pain - you are not yet at the level of integrating the causality. Accomplishing integration of 5 years of chronic pain in one week is unrealistic. I see no evidence in your email that you are even slightly aware of your authentic emotional condition. You are still fixated upon symptoms - which is a natural place to enter this work when in chronic pain. However, it is recommended you elevate your intent so as to rise above being physically and mentally transfixed. Being physically-transfixed is all about manipulating our physical circumstances to feel better. Being mentally-transfixed is all about tying our experience to schedules, agendas, plans, and time allotments. None of this relevant to emotional body integration. Symptom-mentality is destination-consciousness. This work is not for fast-food mentality - it is a journey into personal responsibility. When "personal responsibility" becomes the color of our intent - then we becoming increasingly vulnerable to integration of symptoms.

I know you have pain now, but, in spite of this, do your best to focus on "personal responsibility as a way of life" - rather than symptom eradication as a planned agenda. Comprehending the word "current" may assist you to realign your intent:

When we focus on symptoms we are a tin can regarding the can opener as our enemy. Our pain is the can opener - it is occurring within our experience to open us up to the possibilities of "being a conscious vibrational presence currently residing in the physical, mental, and emotional realm".

Once we connect with the causality of pain - which is the emotional felt-experience underlying it - and are able to be with this unconditionally - we are in training for accomplishing a profound level of personal responsibility. Once we truly accept this responsibility - regardless of the experience which is currently unfolding - acute symptomatic conditions no longer have foundation for manifestation.

We cannot fool the body. The body is a manifestation of what is current - and until our imprints are integrated - it is a manifestation of what is resisting what is current. Nor can we fake the resonance of authentic personal responsibility. In this light, symptoms are our honest teachers. They remain steadfast until the insight is fully received and consciously digested. The insight is not about the tin can getting rid of the can opener, or about the tin can perceiving the can opener as an enemy. In this light, pain is our friend. Because it only occurs in the moment, it keeps us in the present moment. Pain is always current.

Examine the word "current". It has a double meaning: It means "now" as much as it means "vibrational flow". When our awareness is current - our awareness is aligned vibrationally. This is what the pain comes to teach you - to consciously become current.

Showing up in what is current does not take a week. It is an art form. "Though ART in heaven." We were taught that, "Heaven is now at hand" - or, translated into updated vocabulary, "The Vibrational Realm is accessed through being current". Vibrational awareness is not accomplished because we grasp the necessity mentally. It, like any art form, takes consistent application. It takes learning and practicing the procedures which hook us into what is current until we become masterful. We only become masterful when we no longer require these deliberate procedures - when we are being current as a way of life.

We live upon a planet where our awareness of current is exponentially increasing toward a crescendo. Like a birthing. Unless we remain current within the focus of our awareness, we are likely experiencing this exponential increase in awareness of current as chaos, conflict, upset, a sense of dismantling of our safety measures, symptomatic pain, fear, anger, and grief. When consciously riding the current - by keeping our attention unconditionally aligned with our felt-perception of what is - we experience this unfolding journey as waves - as inflows of energy arising cyclically within our experience like tides rolling in - then moments of emptiness/nothingness which allow space for integration - which when integrated deliver deepening insights about what is - and then more waves rolling in again. And so it shall continue for the next few years. If we cannot contain what is current - we cannot hold onto our physical vehicle. Accordingly, The Final Judgement is not a religious thing at all - it is determined purely by our capacity for conscious, unconditional containment of what is.

You are experiencing these increasing waves as pain. Your pain is current calling you to become current. The current does not want you to fix or understand it - it seeks your unconditional embrace of it so it may deliver you from The Boredom into The Kingdom.

The more we develop our capacity for containment - for being unconditionally within the flow of current without turning the experience into a mental story - the more ease there is within the experience.

The can opener is a gift of current - it opens us up to what is current. When our intent is aligned accordingly - and when we choose not perfection - but full-participation - our major symptomatic indicators integrate. All pain is current being perceived through the perceptual matrix of our ancient emotional imprints. There is only current - and current is love.

Intend to love your pain without condition. Become current.