Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When I really relax I start shaking, what is this?

Q: Whenever I really relax, my body shakes. I can stop it any time, so I am not worried about it, but I am curious to know what causes it. Is it stored physical stress being released? Is it my emotional body trying to communicate to my mind? Is it my unconscious reacting against the introduction of presence? Thank you.

A: Your experience is valid and, because it is happening, required. It is an intimate teaching for you coming from within your direct experience. What you are likely encountering is a primal communication coming from within what I call "our indigenous self". This "shaking" is wonderful, integrating, and well worth exploring. Surrender to it and allow it to lead you.

Not being any authority on "shaking medicine", I recommend you explore the profound work of Bradford Keeney at Many individuals coming to The Presence Process discover it awakens this primal aspect of their experience. My insight is if The Presence Process naturally initiates this, then be curious and explore it. Bradford Keeney is impeccable in his approach and teaching about this aspect of our humanity. He is an Elder of Shaking Medicine, and acknowledged as such by the its keepers across the planet.