Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I don't understand the question...

Q: Sorry, but I didn't understand your question. Can you explain please?

A: It is a simple question: "Do you recognize your ongoing experience as being valid - or do you unconsciously dismiss it because you are searching for an experience you assume you are supposed to be having?"

Our experience, exactly as it is in each moment, is what is required for us individually. If we in any way dismiss it, like saying, "I have been doing The Presence Process, but nothing is happening...", then we are stuck. To be able to say, "nothing is happening" requires an intensity of felt-numbness. It means our capacity for felt-perception is severely subdued. This condition is exaggerated by "thinking", because we cannot think and feel at the same time.

If we are doing this process and also thinking about it intensely - we are not experiencing it at its causality - which is on the level of felt-perception. If we are doing this process in hopes of having specific experiences we have though about - then we are immune to feeling what is currently unfolding. We leap-frog over this moment into our future expectations. This is the side-effect of destination-consciousness.

We are so fixated on having an experience sold to us by others that we miss the one we are currently having. In my rewriting of The Presence Process I have removed all language that invalidates the moment. We do ourselves a great disservice when we dismiss the moment we are in as being invalid.

So, the question is very simple: "Are we aiming for an experience - at a specific thought-out outcome - to the point we are unable to recognize the one we are already in?" Because the experience we are already in, exactly as it is, is the portal into everything we seek. It is what is required of us. It is the door. When we embrace it accordingly, we are the door.

It is not that we cannot intend having a greater awareness of peace than we are experiencing right now - or an experience of more love in our lives. These are healthy intents, as long as they do not cause us to dismiss the experience we are currently in.

It is only by integrating what is happening to us now - not by dismissing it - that we evolve into the capacity to feel subtler vibrations like peace and love. If we feel "nothing is going on" - it is not our experience that is at fault - it is our capacity for felt-perception which is lacking.

This human experience is so saturated with vibration that to let it all in may be overwhelming. We say we want to know God, but cannot yet stand sitting in a room with people who appear completely different to us. Imagine sitting in a room with everything, and feeling it all at once.

Don't be in a hurry on any level with this work. Trust the process - not just in terms of The presence Process - but in the process of life itself. First we intend to become open to consciously containing the experience we are in right now - exactly as it is. If it is nothing we feel - then we develop the capacity to be at peace with the numbness of nothing. Feel the nothing without condition. Accordingly, what initially appears to you as numbness is allowed to move freely and so reveals itself as full of vibrating life.