Sunday, September 20, 2009

When will I achieve clarity?

Q: At some point do things become more clear? I no longer trust my emotions (what I thought was love is more like fear/anxiety etc.) and my thoughts & beliefs are equally dodgy as they're based on the past. I don't trust myself to make decisions; does clarity come at some point? And if so, how would I recognise it, and know what to trust? Things are what they are, but when I am required to make a choice what do I base it on?

A: Clarity is not a destination.

When we are aware of the felt-aspect of each experience we move through - and are committed to responding to each felt-experience as it arrises by being with it without condition - then we continually birth activity from within this attitude of response.

In each moment our arising responsive activity reflects the requirments of the unique unfolding moment we are currently in. Therefore, when we commit to responding to the causal point of the quality of our experience - through unconditionally feeling the felt-aspect of the moment we are currently in - we are achieving clarity.

The present moment contains all there is, was, and shall ever be. Responding to it unconditionally through felt-perception taps into this fountain of enernity and radiates into our entire experience accordingly.

Activity arising out of response is imbedded with insight - and thus resonantes as "clarity".