Monday, September 28, 2009

My thoughts seem to come before the emtional signatures attached to them...

Q: I've had many questions percolating as I repeat TPP. I'm on the second round, week 7. It seems that I can be feeling rather 'neutral.'

A: Then be with this feeling. It is valid.

Q: A disturbing thought comes to me. Then I feel the negative charge associated with it. I know the emotional body is causal but often the thoughts seem to 'cause' the disharmony. Any insight into that? One example is upon awaking in the morning. I'll often feel pretty good. Rested. I'll lie in bed for a few seconds and BAM - a thought of a person who I'm sad about. Then my heart aches. It seems that it happens in that order.

A: Yes, when we occupy primarily a mental frequency, we perceive the story and our addictive analysis of it way before we engage the emotional signature driving it. And, for most of us, unless self-trained in this work, we miss the emotional signature altogether - because when we believe the story encasing it - we are driven into projective behaviors which take our attention outward toward physical reactivity.

This is because The Pathway of Awareness, as it moves toward causality, goes from physical, to mental, to emotional, to vibrational. We naturally engage with our imprinting from where our awareness is currently anchored. Most of us are still mentally anchored - so we get the story first - then we act it out. Consequently, by acting it out, we are moving along The Pathway of Awareness in a direction away from causality.

What is causal to there being discomfort within our human experience only becomes evident when we respond to our experience - when instead of allowing the story to drive us toward physical projection - we allow it to awaken us to emotional integration.

We can keep changing the story forever - and analysing it to death - and then nothing ever changes. The story is not causal to the quality of our experience - it is a mental expression of an energetic predicament which at its core is to be "felt" for its causality to be realized.

This realization of what is authentically causal does not come through discussion, debate, or any understanding arising from such mental activity. It comes from in-sight - seeing within through the eyes of felt-perception. This insight is a direct consequence of experiencing integration through the alchemy of felt-perception.