Thursday, July 23, 2009

Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? Am I missing something?

Q: Funny about this latest question. In regards to the felt-perception, feelings, vibrational, etc. It's been bothering me for a while and keeps coming up so I am writing to you. Most of this is due to the "Approaching the Vibrational" which I've been "doing". In Part I, you don't mention staying with the eye center. I have so much trouble with that in Part II and III, that I try to do it in Part I also. I know these are guidelines but is there a reason you did not put it as part of Part l? Also, it's really hard to stay in the eye center, my naturally lazy eye always seems to look down. Any input for me there? The real confusion for me has always been differentiating the feelings,emotions, felt perceptions, vibrational and pulsing. They all seem to actually be (once I drop the stories)in the physical sensations in the body. All these, including the "feeling the vibrational" seem to be internal physical pulsating movements. I can't hear or see them but attempt to with the closed eyes at the center and it all seems to be the internal physical body pulsating. I really don't know the difference between an emotion and a feeling. Are you using these word interchangeably? Am I missing something? I do enjoy this physical stuff wouldn't want to be missing the point.

A: Yes, you are correct - you are completely missing the point. From your email it is obvious you are diligent, trying very hard, and holding this work as being very, very, very important to you. It is for this reason I recommend you immediately stop doing the practice for Consciously Approaching The Vibrational, that you stop doing any emotional integration work, and that you stop reading anything I write - whether on this Q & A - on the website - or any of the books I have written. In fact - please throw my books away.

Your eagerness, your "trying", and your diligence to this work, are completely annihilating your capacity to approach it in a manner in which accomplishes any valid progress. Such enthusiasm transforms what is intended to be "a state of being" into "an important doing" - and as such - neutralizes any of the possible benefits. I suggest you immediately cease conscious involvement in any aspect of "Michael Brown's writings or practices" until it has all become completely irrelevant and inconsequential to you.

While you try so hard and continue to behave like "a diligent student", you cannot receive the basic instructions given for the vibrational or any other of the practices. It is obvious from your email you cannot hear me. You are not even listening - you are thinking. It is impossible to listen and think at the same time. You are completely mental about all of this. You are not only anal eyes-ing each word I write, but you are also anal eye-sing every moment of your unfolding experience. Accordingly, there is no prospect of you achieving anything from this work which may benefit you.

I suggest you throw away all your "spiritual books", and immediately stop doing anything you consider to be "spiritual". In fact, do an immediate spring-cleaning from your current life experience of anything you define as spiritual, metaphysical, mystical, religious, etc. This includes all pictures, crystals, CD's, DVD's - the lot. Pretend spirituality does not exist. Pretend this is your only life experience and that what you do in this world matters more than anything that may possibly happen "afterwards" or "elsewhere". From this point onward behave as if there is no "afterwards" or "elsewhere" and that Michael Brown is a stinking liar who has completely betrayed you. Have absolutely nothing to do with him. Actively dislike him for having led you astray and wasted your time.

I suggest you approach your life as if you are already fully evolved, and that there is nothing more to accomplish or understand or experience than what you have already. Only when you arrive at a point where you realize you have not thought about "the vibrational" or "emotional body cleansing" or "breathing" for weeks - then I suggest you - only at that point - you sit down - close your eyes - and be with your experience just as it is. Not to accomplish anything, not to understand anything, not to get anything right or to do it correctly, but simply because you happen to be here, sitting, like a tree in the ground, being where you are because you are where you are and for no other reason.

You have clearly lost your way and it is because you approach this work as if it is somehow more important and more significant than brushing your teeth, putting your hand in front of your mouth when you cough, saying "Bless you" when someone sneezes, or wiping your butt properly after a good bowl movement. It is not, nor am I, and nor is anything I write. Please now treat it all like crap and whip it away diligently.

Only when approached in the same manner of necessity and non-analysis as these above listed activities is any progress possible for you. You have clearly turned all of this into "an important doing", and accordingly isolated these activities from the rest of your life as somehow being of more importance. For this reason you have zero chance of reaping any useful benefits. Please immediately stop all such practices you have learnt from my writings and drop all insights received. Go build a kite, and fly it. This will serve you far more than reading another word I write or attending to another practice I have recommended.

As you suggest, you are indeed missing something - your life! Be free of this work - be free of me - it is causing you to "head" away from the "heart" of what is truly important - living.

Now go. Go fly a kite.

[Thank you for being the vehicle for the reply to your email which ended up on the Q & A. I am wondering if you were able to absorb it. I hope so. What I attempted to communicate to you is crucial: "Trying to understand" as a means to move forward is "Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". It only serves to keep you thrown out of Eden-consciousness and at a distance from a direct experience with the vibrational. Your experience is your teaching - not your understanding of it - but your navigating each step by watching the consequences of what unfolds when acting upon anything. However, trying to understand what cannot be understood by us is not only arrogant [we all suffer from this], but it is to except the misguided invitation of an enemy [the mental body playing God]. When we do not insist on "understanding" as a means to approach what God is for us - there is no enemy in the way - because then there is no enemy. We were told right in the beginning - "Live joyfully in The Garden - but do not try to figure God out - for to do so is to step onto a pathway leading out of The Kingdom [mental projection] into the mental realm." I know I was harsh with you - but my intent was to stop you in your tracks - because you are "heading" in the wrong direction. Trust your experience as it reveals itself to you. It is given you intimately by the Vibrational. Read it and receive it by feeling it unconditionally. Feeling it unconditionally brings in-sight - as opposed to understanding. Insight delivers to us whole [holy] and complete awareness's that understanding only ever promises - but can never deliver. Insight through the felt-capacity of the heart is direct communication [communion] from and with God - understanding is to mistakenly bow to the mental body as being God. Contemplate this deeply so you may move forward with renewed strength - not because of my writings or recommended procedures - but because your experience is given you to be as your Teacher. Trying to understand my words is futile. Use them only to receive from your experience what is already given to you. The heart has all the required insight - the head has only understanding - and understanding is as the word reveals - we end up "standing under" something!]