Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am in excruciating pain - any suggestions?

Q: I am not sure if I have a question. I am in excruciating pain. I have never had pain that I could not tolerate before. I am completing week 7 tonight. It feels like all my past pain and hurts have accumulated in my right quadriceps. To find comfort I have to lay on my stomach. I feel embarrassment and shame for even writing this for crying out for help. I have been very mental having to understand everything. I know that that is not required. I am finding the process very transforming and it is perfect for me right now. I have moments when I sit with the pain and it goes away but also returns. The pain has been present for over a week but has intensified today. Very challenging to feel better at feeling when you are in severe pain. Any suggestions?

A: Yes, continue. You are obviously on the right track. You will get through to the other side as long as you continue - and stop all the thinking about it. You may benefit from reading the article called "Gifts" on the Writings page of the website. Also, make sure you are tuning into the emotional state surfacing along with the pain. It will be there in amidst the physical discomfort. It is this emotional signature which is causal. Makes sure you are giving it attention - being with it without condition. Often, when we do this work, we feel as if our pain is worsening - it is my experience that this is not necessarily the case. It is our awareness which is improving. Many of us have great discomfort being in the body because of built-up and unattended emotional charges. When we do this work we reenter the body and start to feel aspects of our experience not available to our awareness when adrift in the mental plane. The way out is through.