Monday, July 20, 2009

Does The Presence Process make my symptoms worse?

Q: This is the third time I am going through the PP, and it's much more intense this time. My question is: I have had moderate to severe stomach discomfort and pain for several months now. It seems to worsen with stress and anxiety. I am concerned that the processing might worsen the physical condition, but I'm also doing the PP again to help bring underlying emotional issues to light. Is there a danger in those with stress ulcers or stress-aggravated physical conditions in undergoing the PP, or is it nevertheless beneficial to push through despite these aggravations?

A: The Presence Process cannot worsen what already is - it only brings a greater felt-experience of what already is into our awareness. This increase in awareness is often mistakenly perceived as 'worsening'. Many people are having stomach ailments at this time because we are all being faced with unresolved aspects of our past which we cannot stomach, and therefore cannot digest. The idea that we need to "push on through" shows how constipated we feel because of this.
The intent, as you correctly state, is to seek the awareness of the emotional signature flowing beneath these surfacing symptoms. To accomplish this we as ask ourselves: "What is it I cannot stomach and therefore experience as indigestible?" However, do not answer the question mentally - do not even seek an answer actively in any way. The answer arises as unexpected emotional states which are uncomfortable - often triggered by unexpected events or encounters with others. As these surface - we are to be with them without condition. This has a laxative effect: Our "being with them without condition" integrates them gradually and organically. This integration may also be perceived as "digestion".