Friday, July 17, 2009

Am I using the Presence Activation Statements correctly?

Q: Do I repeat the presence activation statements constantly throughout the breathing exercises, or just periodically during that exercise?

A: Do what works best for you. In the new created edition of The Presence Process [still busy working on] I have recommended using the statement "I AM HERE NOW" for all breathing sessions - and then the other weekly given statements for daily mental repetition when not mentally engaged. You may wish to try this too as it works well in sync with the breathing - and it is very powerful when you receive the insights it contains.

Q: Do I say it in my mind in English, although this is not my native language? But I'm comfortable with it, since I lived during the last 6 years abroad with English as main language. But since I want to address the emotional body, and you were mentioning the seven year cycle, I feel very often the need to also translate the statement into my language. Is it better to keep it in one language or is it OK if my mind is serving it in different ones? And if I stay with one, do I stay with yours or with mine?

A: Do it both ways. But remember - your child self is not English, right? So, make sure it receives attention too, in its mother tongue. But again, do what works best for you - always use your experience as a barometer for what is most efficient.