Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to breathe for The Presence Process.

Q: I have been doing connected breathing for about 3 weeks. During few sessions I went into very deep relaxation, in that state my inhales and exhales become very slow, very short and the gap between my exhale and inhale becomes very large. What am I suppose to do in this situation? Should I just let it be or should I do something about it.

A: When you enter deep relaxation breathing you are no longer breathing efficiently for the purpose of emotional integration - for The Presence Process intent. The intent for the breathing practice within The Presence Process is not necessarily the same as for rebirthing, breathwork, various yoga breathing, or meditative breathings. The intent of The Presence Process is emotional integration. This requires alert breathing, breathing loud enough to hear one's breath, and remaining within a brisk breathing pattern throughout the 15 minute practice. I intend communicating this in a clearer manner in the new edition of The Presence Process. For now I have placed on The Presence Portal three different audio examples, 5 minutes each, of how I recommend breathing be practiced for The Presence Process. http://www.thepresenceportal.com/how_we_breathe.htm This is not how we are taught to breathe through breathwork or rebirthing or yoga practice - which is deeper, more relaxed, etc. When we breathe in this way - as demonstrated by these audios - pausing between breaths is not an issue. These three 5 minute audios [beginner, intermediary, and pro] enable you to breathe in time with me for the first 5 minutes of your practice - and then to continue on your own.

NOTE: Sometimes these audios do not open in Windows. I do not know why, so please do not write and ask me what to do if you are having this problem. It is best to ask someone who is computer literate - which I am not.