Monday, July 27, 2009

Does The Presence Process require rumination?

Q: I am one of those folks that doesn't have a 'skin' towards the outside world (empath?). I seem to feel all the suffering of everything around me and get quite overwhelmed with it all (even feeling paralyzed by it). I am always trying to make sense of ontology but seem to fall in the black hole of just generating endless questions with the philosophical approach. Therefore,long story short: Is The Presence Process likely to worsen my rumination,obsessing, and feeling overwhelmed 'or' is it more likely a sign that I have issues which this process might eventually help me with? On another note, I have a severe case of ocular hypertension and I think it might be related to my inner state.

A: The Presence Process has nothing to do with rumination. It is a practical approach to integration of the emotional charges imprinted during childhood which, while unresolved, drive our mental and physical experience in an uncomfortable way. It also teaches containment - something you appear to require. Your level of felt-perception is obviously well-developed - now your learning is about responding to this capacity. I suggest, if you would like to know what The Presence Process is about before engaging it, that you first read Alchemy Of The Heart. This book is short, simple, and provides a thorough overview of the work initiated by The Presence Process procedure. Rumination is not part of it. Thinking, understanding, and analysis are not part of it.