Thursday, July 23, 2009

My beer-drinking gets in the way of my breathing - what do you suggest?

Q: I keep trying to do the process, but my beer drinking gets in the way. I drink beer most days (very admittedly for sedation purposes) and thus am not able to do the breathing at night as suggested. I keep trying to stop drinking and do it right, but as you have pointed out, that is monkeying with effects, not the cause, and is unsustainable. Do you think it would be beneficial to still do the program but do second breath session in afternoon? If not, how else then to eliminate cause, so I can do the program. Feel like I am chasing my tail. Thank you soooo much for being available and for the wonderful things on your website. The breathing audio has allowed me to do the breathing session with so much less distress. Before I kept thinking "I can't keep this up, I can't keep this up", but with the audio I am doing it.

A: I suggest you do your second breathing practice of the day in the afternoon - as you have already intuited - before having your first beer. As you have quite rightly stated - your beer drinking is not the issue. Do not even be concerned about it. Continue to apply yourself to The Presence Process in spite of it. Continue to attend to the breathing practice twice a day. Most importantly, when faced with uncomfortable emotional states during your pre-drinking hours - be with them without condition. If upsets arise while drinking - then beer with them without condition.

I have absolutely no doubt I will at some point receive an email from you telling me you have not had a beer for days - if not for weeks. You are definitely a candidate for repeating The Presence Process once completing it. So, take three weeks off when you are finished this round, and during that time off apply the practice for Consciously Approaching The Vibrational. Then re-enter and continue. Well done for keeping at it.