Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do I need more than The Presence Process while doing it?

Q: Hi I wanted to ask your opinion about the process itself. As we know there will be a lot of emotion arising, and it could be quite hard. All those horrible memories coming up. Now a friend of mine suggested the sedona method in combination with the presence process. The Sedona Method can show you and your organization how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought, feeling or belief in the moment. This will free you to have, be or do whatever is best for you now. The Sedona Method liberates you without you needing to feel more pain and without having to figure out why.

A: First of all, I know nothing about The Sedona Method - so no comment there. Secondly, the assumption that doing The Presence Process means you have to "relive all your horrible memories" is something you made up - a story - one which you will not found told in the text of the book. The only aspect of resurfacing memory necessary to experientially encounter is "the felt-resonance of the memory". The stories we associate with these felt-imprints are irrelevant and do not assist in integration - other than bringing our attention to the feeling. Also, if you are looking for "an easier way" - then you are way off track in your assumptions about what this work requires. Seeking "easy" is fear-based avoidance and resistance. Our task is to fully feel each surfacing felt-expression of memories requiring integration, without condition. We integrate them by feeling our way consciously through them - not by trying to find methods to get around, over, or under them. As we feel our way through them, we are simultaneously developing felt-perception. Once our felt-perception is sufficiently developed, we become experientially qualified to consciously approach the vibrational - which we initially accomplish by "feeling the vibrations". Feeling is the initial sight and hearing mechanism of the heart. The integration of our unresolved emotional content is therefore a journey which fuels our capacities to consciously enter and contain vibrational awareness. The Presence Process is self-sufficient and requires no additives in assisting us to make this approach. Everything required to support the procedure is on the website.