Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the warm water hot enough?

Q: I am on my second experiential journey through The Presence Process, and am in Session 8. The first time around, I used warm water for the activation of the Sessions, and then, during the week that followed, took my regular hot baths. At that time I experienced the heat in my solar plexus that you described, in both the warm, and the hot baths. My question is, do you suggest to use warm water only so that someone won't get burned, and then blame it on you or The Presence Process, or is it actually the warm, and never hot water that facilitates the release of the negative emotional charge? Thank you for continuing your journey, and for taking the time to read this.

A: Yes. You have no idea how desperately desperate people behave! One has to protect such people from themselves and from ruining this procedure for others. In rebirthing one uses very warm water - almost uncomfortable to the skin. However, I have discovered one only requires water that is body temperature, or a degree or two over that. It is not just the heat of the water at work here - it is also the intensity of the accumulated intent acquired from having moved experientially from Session One to the water sessions in Seven, Eight, and Nine.
I get emails from people wanting to attend to the breathing practice four to six times a day, who have stayed on one of the Sessions for five weeks to "get it right". These are the people who require protection from themselves and who would scald themselves with the water just to feel something happening. So, warm water is all that is required.
In the end it is Presence which makes all possible, and these simple procedures are there to make us vulnerable to Presence. When we try to do it better, longer, harder, and hotter, we only do so because of lack of faith in Presence and the procedure as it is given us. Acting from this lack of faith does not improve anything.