Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am having vibrational experiences that are scaring me, what do I do?

Q: Thank you for your first response in advising me to let my vibrational experiences and their consequences be my teaching. I am trying to do this, but I can't help but ask for guidance again as I am getting a little "freaked out" at the intense vibrational experiences I sometimes have while sleeping. Last night, this started happening to me before I went to bed and I felt that I would have a powerful experience once I slept, which is exactly what happened. The force of this experience is quite overwhelming. I am not so much afraid of it as I am confused although, when in the midst of the vibrations, I am a little frightened as it feels to be so much out of my control. If there is any insight you could give me.

A: What you are encountering is indeed vibrational experience. As you have also stated, this is "out of your control". We humans assume we can control everything, and when we discover we cannot, we become afraid, angry, and grief-struck. Out of our fear, anger, and grief we then construct stories. These stories are all our religions, spirituality, metaphysics, sciences, philosophies, and countless conceptualized "points of you". However, it is all very simple: We all contain within us something that is shared: Vibration. This vibration flows through us as does electric current through an electrical wire. However, through projection we are more enamored with the appliance this current fuels than with the current itself. If I am born in India I may call my approach to comprehending this inner current, Hinduism. If I am in Israel I may call it Judaism. If I am in Tibet I may call it Buddhism. If I am in Afghanistan I may call it Islam. If I am in America I may call it Christianity. If I am in Peru I may call it Shamanism. If I am a scientist I may choose to call my examination of it Quantum Physics. If I am a psychologist I may say my approach to comprehending it is Freudian or Jungian. Whatever I call it and however I approach it is determined by my religious and cultural imprinting. This imprinting keeps me feeling safe and secure - because it somehow convinces me "I am in control of it". However, none of what I call it is true. It is all story. The Presence Process is one tool useful in untelling these stories. We begin this untelling by resolving imprinting related to our childhood experiences. This leads us into becoming aware of imprinting related to our family relationships. This leads us into resolving imprinting related to how we approach intimacy with a lover. Eventually, we come face to face with the imprinting related to whatever story we have told to sedate and control our awareness of the vibrational. All of these levels of resolution strip away the energetic blockers we call grief, anger, and fear, which are imprinted within our energy field as we enter this experience. Once stripped away, we are left with a simple realization: We are vibration. This vibration enter what we regard as creation along a Pathway of Awareness. It initially becomes energy in motion which we encounter through felt-perception. This energy in motion is then translated into thought form, which we encounter through thinking. This form then manifests as solidified matter and tangible circumstances, which we encounter through our senses. All our emotional, mental, and physical encounters are therefore a graduated and accumulated expression of the vibrational. The only truth remaining unchanged within it all is the vibrational. What you are experiencing as you enter the relaxed and sometimes unguarded state of sleep is called 'you' or 'us'. Do not be afraid of yourself. Do not try to control or sedate this raw and primal encounter with what you/we are. Celebrate it. Do you know how many have told such intricate stories that it consequently takes them years and years of austere practice to have an encounter that you are describing? You are blessed in that you simply go to sleep to your waking story and naturally awaken to an encounter with what flows beneath all story. The fear you are feeling is the surfacing of your religious imprint related to your religious and cultural imprinting. As with all aspects of integrative processing, the ultimate approach to resolving this aspect of your imprinting is the same: Feel it without condition. In other words, "do nothing about it". Also, you may now intend to engage more consciously with the vibrational so as to diminish these seemingly unconscious encounters with it. I intend at some point to make such a practice available for those who seek to explore themselves in this manner. But for now, embrace your experience as valid, as grace, as a dose of the best medicine available.