Monday, June 15, 2009

What does "space is grace" mean?

Q: You say “space is grace” [on the recordings of the live teachings available on the website]. I am experiencing this statement on my loving relationship, but isn’t it (space) equal to I am afraid to let you into my day to day life? I am not ready to have you on all my planes, I am not ready to share this part of my life with you because I am afraid of letting you in (my heart)?

I would love to see into your eyes and feel the presence process live in you. Are you giving any conference in America soon?

A: You misinterpret the expression "space is grace" according to your personal unintegrated emotional signature. "Space is grace" refers to the space we allow each other so we may integrate the consequences of the experience of being close to each other. People driven into relationships via their unintegrated emotional signature do not wish to give the other all the space they require - for they fear that given space means the other is off somewhere doing things without them and maybe being exposed to others who may be more suitable, etc. With explorations into intimacy, the experience of "being together" becomes causal. When we chase and attempt to hold onto others because of our unintegrated needs and wants - and through this chasing and holding - pen them into what we call "a relationship with us" - we do not seek to give them space. Instead, we bind them, manipulate them, feed emotionally off them, become dependent upon them, and eventually addicted to them. This we mistakenly call "love". Under these circumstances our "doings together" are not causal - they are an effect of us not having taken care of the unintegrated emotional signature which drives us into these sticky circumstances in the first place. When we instead come together with another to "see deeper into ourselves" - to explore into-me-and-see [intimacy] alongside them - our 'being together' is causal. And, like all causal activity - we require time-out, space away, so we may digest the nutrition gained through our interaction with each other. This nutrition is digested alone. Accordingly, an exploration into intimacy with another expresses itself as a tidal experience - we flow into each others company - then we flow out. And, even this flowing in and out is not planned or scheduled, because it is a natural pulsating facilitated by our inner vibrational resonance. When we are mature enough to respond to this out-flowing - to this necessity for space between us - the consequential aloneness becomes the vessel into which grace of insight is poured. And so, space becomes grace.

As to your comment about seeking to look in my eyes - again - such a statement flows out of our lack of emotional development and from within our false religious/spiritual programming. When we believe we are able to see in another's eyes something which is not already available within our own - we are still lost to the truth of our own divine Inner Presence. When we seek and gain such an experience from another - we become addicted to finding it outside ourselves. Then, we are lost in great delusion. This is where many so-called "spiritual teachers" capitalize on the naivety of others. Such a relationship becomes parasitic, disempowering, and gradually robs us of the inner resources given specifically for our own progress. My recommendation is you create some space in which you sit before a mirror and gaze into your own eyes [as instructed in the mirror work writings on NAKED]. Such space becomes a vehicle for grace. Better still, sit quietly, close your physical eyes, and peer inwardly without condition. Be without condition within your own inner terrain, and be blessed by the grace of in-sight which comes with honoring such a divine space.

There are currently no teachings scheduled for anywhere any time in the future.