Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Presence Activating Statement do I use in between experiential journeys through TPP?

Q: I've completed the process ten days ago and feel pretty much just like the person asking "Should I do the procedure again?" in the q&a section of your portal. Mainly, I feel fear all the time I'm awake. I'm doing the best I can to be aware of it and not to sedate or suppress it. Although I finished the process, I kept doing breathing exercises and I feel a bit confused and lost during breathing: Since I lack the statements from exercises, I find myself playing mental ping-pong - saying "I appreciate myself, choose to experience the moment, restore balance" etc. all at the same moment, while trying to focus only on breathing. I feel I should do the process again right now, but at the same time intuition tells me no to dive in again immediately. Can you point me to how long should the pause between entering the process be? Can I use the ICU technique in this "I don't know where I am and what to do" fear driven moment?

A: This fear-driven moment you are currently moving through is the face of the emotional imprinting which you have been deliberately unearthing through The Presence Process procedure. Engage with it by feeling it without condition so it may organically unfold to a point of integration and resolution. This takes as long as it takes. This fearfulness is also evidence you attended well to the procedure. This fearfulness has been with you since childhood and now you have successfully excavated that imprinting so it is now available, moment to moment, right at the surface of your awareness. This empowers you to consciously participate in integrating it through being without condition. This conscious response is all you require to keep yourself vulnerable to integration.

My recommendation is you give yourself at least three weeks break from the book before re-entering it experientially. This space is grace and allows for digestion of your experience to commence. My recommendation is also that while moving through this intermediary stage, you use the following mental Presence Activation Statement, not only during your breathing practice - which you are to continue attending to twice a day for at least 15 minutes: "I AM HERE NOW." Use it in this manner: In-breath on "I", out-breath on "AM", in-breath on "HERE", out-breath on "NOW, in-breath on "I", and so on. Synchronize your breathing with this Presence Activating statement so both your breath and mental statement move in harmonious rhythm with each other. Then, as you go about during the day, when not mentally active, repeat this same Presence Activation Statement and connect your breathing as you do. This is one of the instructions and tools to be added to the revised edition of The Presence Process.

Also, after each 15 minute consciously connected breathing session, make sure you allow yourself some time and space to simply sit quietly, feel what is - whether it be bodily sensations of emotional states - and also to simply listen to what is - whether it be outer world sounds or inner world vibrational frequencies. This intentional 'feeling' and 'listening' are both means for developing the necessary 'felt-perception' required for us to become explorers of our vibrational authenticity.

You are welcome to use the ICU procedure from the website while not journeying through TPP procedure - and even while journeying through it. It definitely supports this work.