Monday, June 29, 2009

Why do I get a headache during the vibrational practice?

Q: Why is it that when I put my attention on my eye center [during the vibrational practice offered on the website] I get an intense headache? Well this go away after I’ve done this technique consistently for a while?

A: Make sure you are not "doing something" - as in forcing your attention to be there. There is no trying or effort or tension when we rest at the eye center. Trying takes us away and causes tension. We be there - not do something to get there. When we close our eyes and are present - we are already at our eye center. No tension is involved at all. If you are getting an intense headache - it is most likely your attention has become "at tension". Make sure your physical eyes are relaxed when your awareness rests at the eye center. The physical eyes have nothing at all to do with the eye center and are to remain completely at ease. Being at the eye center is not about a physical location of the forehead as much as it is about remaining in presence awareness while having our eyes closed.