Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I feel angry since finishing the procedure - do I still use The Emotional Cleansing Procedure?

Q: I finished the Presence Process on Monday 22nd June. Since then I have felt so angry inside. Strangely enough, this feeling didn't come up at all during the process. Can I still use the emotional cleaning process now I've finished? I have tried it once, but I almost feel panicky. It's a strange experience. I would like to thank you for writing this book. It has been the hardest thing physically and emotionally, but also the most awesome I have ever done!

A: You obviously went through the procedure with commitment to bring this anger into awareness. The Emotional Cleansing Procedure's main intent is to open the The Pathway Of Awareness from the physical, through the mental, and into the emotional, so we have access to deeply suppressed emotional patterns. You have obviously accomplished this task well. Continue applying the Emotional Cleaning Procedure if this is what you feel you require. However, if the anger is now right beneath the surface, you require no other procedure other than "being with it without condition". Feel it fully and allow it to be. This felt-aspect you name "anger" is the time-trapped presence of you as a child coming to you as an adult for resolution. Hold this child with your compassionate attention whenever it shows up [through feelings of anger] without judging or making any demands upon it. It's anger is valid. Your anger is valid. Anger is valid. However, containing and integrating it is what is called for now - not our old addictive patterns of projecting it. "Being in anger" is what you now require for this blocked energy to once again enter healthy motion. If this is your first time through the The Presence Process procedure, my recommendation is you leave the book alone for about three weeks. Then dive back in as if you had not read it before. Beneath this anger awaits grief.