Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If we stop at some point in the procedure, do we restart from the beginning?

Q: My question is what if you take a break from the process for whatever reasons and then want to come back to it is it recommended to start from the beginning again or continue where we left off. I am asking because I have started it earlier and then took a 15 week break due to work related issues (not sure if it was my ego fasciliating this or nor although I guess there are good chances that yes). Anyway I have now started again from the beginning and just wanted to ask if you think that is a good idea. (I previously only got up to session 5.)

A: Many of us start this procedure and then stop around Session 5, 6, and 7. This is because this is the point at which we are approaching deep-seated emotional imprinting. Sometimes we are not ready, and under these circumstances, any excuse will do for walking away. In actuality, we are simply not ready to face certain aspects of our imprinted condition. However, what we have accomplished up to this point is significant and it is likely we return to the book at some point. My recommendation is that if we have taken a break for more than two weeks - we start from the beginning of the book.

Q: Also one more question: Is it normal that while breathing and trying to just concentrate on it to start thinking about other (past) things. I always thought this was meant to happen unconsciously, but I find myself quite consciously reliving past experiences or revisiting important questions.

A: Yes, it is perfectly normal. Our experience is always valid as we move through this procedure. Our story about "why" we are experiencing what we are experiencing may at times be suspect.