Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blah, blah, blah. Now please correct me if I am wrong.

Q: I had a similar question as the one posted yesterday about how to tell whether or not a negative and unconscious energetic pattern is caused by emotional imprinting, or parasites. I was a bit concerned that I view something as a "parasite" because I don't want to own it--don't want to take responsibility for it. But it hit me that I have to take responsibility for everything -parasite or no. So if I yell at someone, or whatever, it doesn't matter whether it is "me" or a parasitical entity - I allowed it all the same. Either way, integration is what matters. So even though parasites are real, destructive behavior is destructive behavior, whatever the cause. Being with what is without condition will allow us to integrate our emotional signatures, and see and rid ourselves of parasites, both. We do not have to understand, we just have to integrate. Kindly correct me if I'm off.

A: Okay - you asked for it. You see, you are doing exactly what I said people do. You want to discuss and debate - are writing for the sake of interaction - rather than having direct-experience be your validation. You appear to be having a discussion with yourself that you insist I listen to. What does your experience tell you? You do not have to reply to me on this either - rather tell yourself. Your experience, whatever it is, is valid - whether I agree with you or not. This work is not about agreeing with each other - it is about doing the work and allowing the consequences to be the barometer of what is valid or not. Dogs have ticks and fleas. Do they sit around with each other discussing whether ticks and fleas are real? No. They do their best to get rid of them by rolling in the dust, scratching, and nibbling with their teeth. Honestly, now you are writing to me just for the sake of being read. This is not a question - this is cwaffee-twalk.