Monday, June 29, 2009

Have others had success in integrating sexual abuse through TPP?

Q: Have sent email to you before about being hesitant on starting The Presence Process because of being abused sexually as a child, wondering what might be relived... Well, I started on it anyway... The first day of the second session, while walking into a coffee shop, a guy rams right into me and keeps on walking as I repeat ''I Acknowledge my reflection in the world'' Does the sexual abuse issue get worked on with this work? What have other victim's gone through?

A: Yes. And, it is not required to relive any childhood memory - only to consciously engage with the related charged emotion through unconditional felt-perception. Do not be concerned about "what others have accomplished". This is a mentally-driven avoidance and distraction tactic. Only your experience is your teacher. Only yours is valid for you. Only yours contains exactly what you require for causal integration of your discomfort. Only yours is customized for your personal evolution.

Until we embrace our experience as valid - all of it - as our teacher, as deliberately custom-designed for our evolution - progress is slow and and staggered. Embracing our experience as valid neutralizes the victim and victor mentality which eats us from inside out. The Presence Process is designed to assist accomplishing this. However, it is our unfolding experience, exactly as it is revealing itself to us in each moment - which contains all the ingredients, insights, and capacities for liberation from past trauma. Engaging with our experience from this "point of you" is what The Presence Process teaches.