Saturday, June 20, 2009

What about making a recorded audio to support us during our 15 minute breathing practice?

Q: I would love to have an audio tool to share with our students to practice the Process with. To have each weekly activation statement, with 15 minutes of breathing built in and perhaps some good breathing music in the background. It would be amazing to have the developer of the process lead the sessions. I would love to have these available as soon as possible as I feel the Cd's will support folks stay focused and follow through.

A: You are welcome to go ahead and make such a CD for your students. I am however not in favor of such a tool as it actually goes against the intent of The Presence Process - which is to not rely on outer tools during the actual practice - but instead to gradually develop specific inner emotional muscles [capacities] through self-discipline and self-reliance. In all the resource materials I have compiled, I have deliberately stopped short of making such a tool as you have described. Gaining the emotional capacity to do the breathing practice without outer support is necessary for the next stage of the journey: our conscious approach and entry into vibrational awareness. When we rely on an outer tool during our breathing practice, we simultaneously deprive ourselves of the capacity to develop the muscles of intent and attention which are required to hold us fast upon the vibrational current which becomes evident once a certain amount of emotional processing is accomplished. It's like giving people credit cards when they have not yet learnt about managing resources based on what they have, not on what they want: It robs them of a capacity to manage their own financial state and ends in tragedy - the consequences of which we are now collectively confronted through unfolding world recession.

I prefer that people coming to this work are challenged by their lack of intent and attention, rather than artificially supported because of it. You may have a different point of view, which I respect, and so may require different tools for your students.

There is a great CD already available to support this work called A Walk Through The Presence Process - available form Namaste Publishing. It deliberately stops short of being an actual tool susceptible to outer reliance. It also demonstrates the breathing practice in an efficient way.