Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How does one discern between the feelings of emotional imprinting and the feeling of a parasitic energetic entity?

Q: How does one discern between the feelings of emotional imprinting and the feeling of a parasitic energetic entity? Both energetic experiences drive us to tell negative mental stories and to act “reactively”. Whereas emotional imprinting is best handled by being with it compassionately without condition, you’ve advised to deal with alien presences by using the ICU method and with “spinning”. The latter form of “not doing” seems to be something a bit different in intent from “being with the feeling without condition”.

A: It is my experience that we are more interested in understanding and discussing parasites than in actually delousing ourselves of them. This fascination serves and feeds the parasite and is more often than not being deliberately triggered by parasites. For example, discussions about 911 avoid paying any attention to the causal nature of such events - which is the continual vulnerability of humanity because of our unresolved, imprinted fear, anger, and grief. We still seek a physical causal point for these outer setups. How many papers have been written, websites created, talk shows hosted, or organizations formed to inspire others to resolve the collective emotional imprinting which leaves humanity vulnerable to this deliberately staged mass-milking by parasites? None that I have seen. Instead, all discussions about 911 breed fearful, angry, and heartbreaking resonance around this topic - which in turn continues to feed the energetic entities responsible for such events.

Parasites are no different than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not "good" or "bad" - they are mosquitoes - and it is their nature to pierce protective human skin and drink blood. They must feed to survive. Sometimes their feeding is simply annoying - causing little red bumps which we scratch. Sometimes their feeding is devastating, causing malaria which leads to a life of weakened organs or physical death. Sometimes they feed as individuals and sometimes in groups [swarms].

Parasites feeding on us humans prey on our imprinted emotional charges. They prod these unintegrated energetic states using well-calculated stories and perfectly reflected physical events. Whereas we make up stories as a means to move our awareness away from the discomfort of our emotional imprinting, parasites deliberately tell us stories to trigger this awareness within our field. We prefer to suppress our inner discomfort - they require us becoming aware of it so they may feed off the energetic emanations arising through our felt-encounters of the arising fear, anger, and grief. These parasites work in groups and as individuals. They are as complex within their organized activity as humanity is in its. They have leaders and followers. They skillfully herd us into family structures, political organizations, religious groups, all levels of social status, sporting sides - whatever it takes to maintain a 'them and us' mentality designed to trigger and inspire conflict.

Parasites treat us exactly how we treat livestock. Sometimes we farm, sometimes we go hunting - sometimes for food - sometimes for sport. As above, so below. As below, so above. If you seek to understand parasites - go to a dairy farm and see how we deliberately arrange cows so we can suck off them indefinitely. Just like us, parasites justify their parasitic behavior because they perceive no other possible paradigm in which to sustain themselves. They have lived this way for millions and millions of years. So have we. This well established parasitic paradigm is what we challenge when we declare, "I am choosing to take responsibility for the quality of my experience". Easier said than accomplished.

When we are preyed upon by parasites, we too become parasitic in nature. We are all parasites now in one form or another. Our daily drama - whether it be accident, injury, illness, or basic emotional outburst - is bait used to suck in emotional sustenance [energy] from others because we do not have the capacity to give it to ourselves. Some of the emails I get are from people not actually wanting to know the answer to a question [by exploring their own experience], but rather who are just trying to get some attention. They do not even know they are doing this. Even if my reply is just short of rude - they still say, "Thank you Michael". Why, because by replying I give them some attention - now they feel better instead of having gained the capacity to get better at feeling. Then, having juiced up, they think up another question so as to keep the food flowing. Most of the time I have the compassion to respond, and in the process, do my best to gradually bring their awareness to their parasitic intent. However, sometimes I wish I had a fly-swatter that reached across the globe so I could splatter a few mosquitoes. [I am only human after all.]

I have also discovered that the more I provide insight into parasitic behavior, the more detailed questions I receive on the subject. This is why I stopped the Actuality Fiction Series. Also, there is no real point alerting people to parasites if they have not yet at least committed to the task of taking responsibility for the quality of their experience. There is no point exploring this subject when all it accomplishes is making others fearful.

Yet, the bottom line remains obvious and simple: We are only susceptible to parasites because we are emotionally imprinted. Integrate the emotional imprint and the source of food is eliminated.

Yes, I have prescribed various techniques in The ICU writings and in BEING OUR COMPANION. Yet, these do not in of themselves remove parasites - they simply piss them off so as their cover is blown and our awareness of them awakened. This awareness is a necessary step, because we have lived with parasites since childhood. All families are herded by a group of parasites from generation to generation. A family is like a little dairy farm - the milk provided comes from the shared family imprinting. We have been preyed on by these entities for so long we now mistakenly identify their presence as being what we are. All self-hatred arises from identification with parasitic energy. So, the first step is to be able to discern their presence around us. I don't care what "the oneness folk" say: Parasites are real. Usually, those who deny such a reality do so because they themselves have found a way to feed through such denial. Every so-called spiritual teacher who likes the idea of having followers or students or disciples is a parasite in a pretty white disguise. They are the worst kind of parasite because they prey on others in the guise of somehow "feeding" them. All celebrity spirituality is parasitic.

Parasites are seamless in their presence. It is an acquired skill to perceive them. We can commence this ability by first observing the nature of our own parasitic behavior and our own parasitic thinking. Yet, to perceive the parasite itself requires developing felt-perception. They live in the human blind spot: the dismissed felt-aspect of our experience. We see them by feeling them. So, the various practices such as ICU are provided to assist us to perceive them. When we are able to perceive them, we simultaneoulsy commence disempowering them. We then piss them off by depriving them of a comfortable food source - and predictably they become rattled. Just like removing an addicts fix causes their behavior to become increasingly erratic.

However, when we seek to remove them completely from our field, we are to apply "being without condition". We are to identify their presence through felt-perception, then to "watch them" [as opposed to being unconsciously driven by them] with this felt-perception without any agenda other than to reveal to them they are clearly seen. The challenge is as they become annoyed by this deprivation, we then intimately feel their reaction [because they are nested within our field]. The challenge then becomes to not react to their reaction. Just like our priests, politicians, and profiteers - nothing causes parasites to increase their attempts at manipulation than sudden transparency [the trance becoming apparent]. However, when we stand our ground and refuse to be herded into reactivity, their hunger grows to a point they have to detach in search of another food source. When a chicken escapes from a cage the hungry farmer is only prepared to expend a certain amount of energy trying to catch it. The farmer eventually throws their hands in the air and goes off to slaughter another.

The biggest parasitic attack on humanity currently is called "swine flu". Millions have now been terrified and are now considering making themselves available to being injected with parasitic Nano Technology called vaccine. Once this vaccine is ingested we may then actually have "the great pandemic" we are all being scared through. The trick in all of this is personal responsibility, and a large dose of grace. Parasitic delousing is one of the most complex subjects and predicaments facing humanity. It is the blind spot out of which all humanities misery flows. Yet, the causal approach to delousing ourselves remains unchanged. We are to use whatever activity efficient to awaken to the unintegrated emotional imprints which these parasites skillfully prod to provoke the reactive behavior which emanates the energetic states of fear, anger, and grief upon which they feed. As we bring these unintegrated emotional states into our awareness and commence radiating the love-light of being without condition upon them, we regain an awareness of our authenticity and integrity, and gradually cease behaving as a food source for others. As we cleanse vampiric experience from within, we cleanse ourselves of behaving towards others outwardly in this manner. There is nothing easy about this. This is the nature of "the battle for the soul".

Some of the greatest parasites currently preying upon humanity are adored by us. They have convinced us they are our saviors and we have accepted the invitation to their banquet. Except, our unintegrated emotional states are what is on the menu.

I am glad you asked this question. Everything required to integrate this predicament and to empower ourselves by doing so is already available on The Presence Portal. Integrating the emotional imprinting which makes us energetically milked livestock is the journey we commence through The Presence Process. If we require more understanding on the subject than this - we are simply feeding into the parasitic tactic which leads us to believe liberation comes through "understanding, talking, discussing, etc". We have been discussing 911 for 8 years and no one has yet stood up and directed our attention toward the causal point of such deliberate parasitic setups.

Become aware of the unintegrated emotional signature being triggered by parasitic activity - be with the energetic pattern without condition. This is the only approach which is efficient. In other words, love the mosquitoes - love them to death.

A simple indicator of whether we are hosting parasites within our field is our incapacity to say "no" when we mean "no" and "yes" when we mean "yes". Our inability to energetically stand our ground and to communicate honestly with others is evidence of parasitic infestation and alliance. Yes, it is "an alliance". Allowing ourselves to continue being hosts to parasites is a way of validating our justifications for our continuing to behave this way towards other life forms. We humans are parasites. What we are gradually realizing is that the natural world is endowed with very efficient fly-swatters. Delouse or duck, if you have the will...